3 Fictional Characters

We all know there are many fictional characters who we all can connect to because there are so many worlds and fictional universes. Not all are very relatable but a lot are relatable and a bond or a connection is created though they are fictional characters. A fictional character I see myself in is Rick Sanchez from the greatly hyped and intellectually funny show Rick and Morty. How am I like this character? Like him I am quite nihilistic and do think some people can be replaced. I am also often bored and walk away or abandon things when I lose interest or if i have to put alot of effort into it. I also don’t really care for the rules and sometimes lack moral judgement.



I also relate to Hiccup a character from How to train your dragon because I am kind of witty and i have empathy and I am also kind of sarcastic.

I can see myself in Arya Stark because she can be pretty emotionless and cold-blooded at times and can put on an act when she wants to, she also sometimes provokes people and is complicated as a fictional human being.

Gummy bear government

We had just finished learning about the types of government in ancient Greece and so we did a gummy bear project. We did scenes that represented each type of government by using gummy bears and some props.




and Democracy






At the beginning of the unit, we had to write down what we had already known about the government before the unit started and I wrote that I government’s rule over people. What is so important about government, and why is learning about the different forms of government so important so important you might ask? well to answer you. I would say that when you learn about it, you learn more about what type of government is the person/people who are ruling the country and you also learn your role and responsible for it.  I think that the best form of government is the democracy. I think this because everyone gets a fair chance to vote for a matter, have a voice and in some countries vote for a representative to represent them.



Graphics Interchange Format. You can animate it.



Joint Photographic Experts Group. A format for compressing image files.



Portable Network Graphics/It’s Portable/It was made as an open format to replace GIF. TO transfer an image. It has more colors than GIF.  The patent for GIF was owned by a company. SInce no one wanted  pay licensing fees.

Math: No bake chocolate chip cookie dough “cookies”

Hi guys my teacher gave us a fun No bake chocolate chip cookie dough “cookies” recipe for math. The recipe was for 12 people and we had to divide it so that it is for 3 people. So we had to bring the tools and the teacher would bring the ingredients and extra tools. We really had fun making the cookies and needed lots of skills. We needed to be patient and we also needed to be careful and follow the intructions. I enjoyed making the chocolate chip cookie dough the most. I did’nt like washing the dishes and tools.25911891773_e79729e6e0_q 26241887220_4b172c0aa6_q 26241916300_35f4d31d9b_q 26422399052_f59cb96e32_q 26422399992_b59d4da848_q 26448654141_1cc2e5b3dd_q 26448654161_8b42ea49b6_q 26514723145_3fdee32faf_q 26514723265_7f186baa98_q