We all know there are many fictional characters who we all can connect to because there are so many worlds and fictional universes. Not all are very relatable but a lot are relatable and a bond or a connection is created though they are fictional characters. A fictional character I see myself in is Rick Sanchez from the greatly hyped and intellectually funny show Rick and Morty. How am I like this character? Like him I am quite nihilistic and do think some people can be replaced. I am also often bored and walk away or abandon things when I lose interest or if i have to put alot of effort into it. I also don't really care for the rules and sometimes lack moral judgement.



I also relate to Hiccup a character from How to train your dragon because I am kind of witty and i have empathy and I am also kind of sarcastic.

I can see myself in Arya Stark because she can be pretty emotionless and cold-blooded at times and can put on an act when she wants to, she also sometimes provokes people and is complicated as a fictional human being.

Magma first rises to the surface and creates one rock strata. More magma rises up and creates more and more rock strata. Overtime weathering erodes/breaks down some of the rocks on the surface into sediment which deposits into the river/sea/desert.  Over time the shells, lobsters, sand, mud, clams deposits into the sea/river/desert which compacts the sediment and turns it into Sedimentary Rocks. Metamorphic and Igneous Rocks can be turned into Sedimentary Rocks through the process of weathering. Sedimentary Rocks and Igneous Rocks can be turned into Metamorphic Rocks through heat and pressure. Rocks normally formed into Metamorphic rocks when it is close to molten magma which would heat it up and the rock would change its form. When melted Sedimentary Rocks, Igneous Rocks, and Metamorphic Rocks would turn into magma. When the magma cools it gets turned into Igneous Rocks.

Sometimes rock strata may have folds in them, folds occur when rocks crumble or break under pressure and strain. Folds can make it hard to tell which rock is older and which is younger because sometimes the rock curves under the older rock making it hard to know which is older. New rocks can also form on folds making a new layer of rocks that are not bent/curved.

Faults also sometimes occur in rock strata. Faults can also be found in rock strata. Faults are cracks in the earth, they are formed when two plates are moving in opposite directions which are called a strike-slip fault, they are created at a transform plate which is where the crust pieces slide across from each other.


  • What I liked about this artifact is that it took many tries to get the get the beat correctly. I did not like the fact that there are many people also doing it at the same time making it very hard.
  • Before I made this artifact I thought it was easy to keep a rhythm but it is quite hard to when others are also trying to keep their beat.
  • If I had more time would try to keep the rhythm more steady.


  • I liked that the mind craft had made me more organized. I did not like that it is stressful to bring my planner to advisory all the time.
  • If I had more time I would have finished the mind craft.
  • Before there was the mind craft I was not very organized. I was less organized.

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  • I liked that quizlet teaches the Spanish words and definition and has games to go along with it.
  • I chose this artifact because it shows how I learn new words and vocabulary.
  • If I was stuck and could not remember the vocabulary I would repeat the words

Quizlet Page


  • Aleks is a math program and when I am stuck in the program I either asked for help or look at the explanation to understand the equation better.
  • I chose this artifact because there are not that many math artifacts available and because it shows my progress in math and what I learned.
  • I like that the artifact could show you how to solve the equation and improves my math skills. I do not like the fact that the artifact does not show 2-3 ways to solve the equation and I do not like the knowledge check because you would normally forget some topics at the end.

Aleks Link


Talking notes:

  • I had chosen this artifact for science because I found it interesting that the cup with the vinegar and baking soda and lid was less hot then the cup with the water and lid after been put in the sun for 20 minutes.
  • Before I did this I had thought that the cup with the baking soda and vinegar would be hotter because I had thought that vinegar and baking soda would create a gas and would absorb the heat making it hotter but it was actually the opposite.
  • Some of the weaknesses about the artifact are that the artifact had a big hole on the top where the thermometer goes in and so some fo the air that was supposed to be trapped inside got out.

Talking points: 

  • You can see that I had made a poster annotation on google drawing if I could redo this I would find better posters to annotate.
  • This annotation helped me improve my skills on annotation and identifying a good advertising poster technique.
  • I liked the fact that the poster teaches me about poster advertising techniques that I can later on use in life if I choose to go into the advertising campaign.