If I could change something in SSIS, it would be our school dress code. I think this school dress code sucks. Scientists stated that letting students dress freely can improve their individuality. It will bring more impact to children's minds than wearing uniforms. Also, Parents have already paid a lot to get in a school,  so they don't need to spend more on student uniforms. More than that, this school now baned hoodies that have words on it. I can't possibly understand why these hoodies are banned. They were only for fashion. I think us students should have a day every week that can wear whatever we want.

On January, people they had traveled to the “The ” Coffee of off Death” to experience what happened there every day. People from all around the world come to this beautiful Japan just for one reason, and that is to experience the death and by experiencing it, they can fully appreciate how lucky it is to live once to recognize how lucky it is to live. the death coffee, which was made by Mrs. LeEgamoshi, is open to all age and had open since 2005. This coffee is a unique coffee for people to experience what they want. Sometimes, it is also for people to not commit suicide but just try this.


Limakoshi, who is Mrs.LEgamoshi special customer, who always come here to experience this because of her life at home. She said,” This coffee is most of the time for people like me, who have a very sad life and usually wanna die, but because of this place every week, I know I am happy to be alive.” From another perspective, Lina, who is  Mrs.Legamoshi daughter, she said:” I am happy my dad open this cafe, everytime people feel down, they come here.” About 150 people every day, and all of them when came in got a very depression face but when they went out, they look happy.

When you enter the coffee, you would need to sign in because for this to happen, you need to sign up 1 week before this happened. Then you will have to take a picture so later it can be an important part for you. Up next you, you will go into a bathroom with cloth and stuff you have o out on. You will take a bath and put on those things. Then you would go into a room where they will fake your death. You will go into a room, which was filled with coffins that people be using later.  Then a person wearing the church clothes go in, he will say that you are dead and now is your last word. You will write your note to your family and then read it out. Then you will have to go into the coffin and sleep for a day.


When you come out, you will feel the possibility to be alive, most of the customer comes home, appreciate their family and some just have fun. This is what we aim for though all theses year Said the owner. The coffee fee is about 100 won a person. The coffee is a perfect place for relaxing also because at the front they have a normal coffee with a skull make it look awesome.

What I am scarred of


I had a very creepy child hood with my friend Misty(fake name).SHe was my best friend since we were in kindergarten. However, on the way to buy our own uniform, she got into a crash by a car and past away right in front of me. I was so depress, sad and scared because of what happened.I didn’t go on a car after that.Till one day, my family was visiting my grandma and I was so bored of that so I stay home. I was on my bed surfing through facebook. Suddenly, someone knock on the door.I walk to the door and see who is it.What I see is a girl wearing a white dress with something on her hand. I got so terrified that i ran back to my room and lock the door.Just a moment next, footstep sound stated in my house. It sound like it started from living room.I jump on my bed and put the blanket on and wait. Somehow i felt a clod hand touching on the blanket.The blanket slowly open and it was my mom. She was home soon because she was worried for me.Something that creeps me out is that my mom fund a bag of candy that me and Misty use to eat and also the door was open.. From that they till now, i never wanted to stay home alone and go to misty grave every-year.

Fun Fact: Misty mom told me that misty grave was dug up for no reason.

My goal is to make less mistake on  my gramma (5)by May 2018.

school should be responsible for punishing cyberbullies by taking away students’ cell phones because when they have their phones, they can send message and take embarrassing pictures. Lucas chen stated,  “Most students send messages on their phones”   The evidence suggests that some schools can scan students’ phones, they can’t send messages because you will know what are the messages about. This example illustrates that  some students send image of that person doing something that they shouldn’t be doing troll message. This student keep sending it until one day, he post it on social media. The victim is expose by the image and feel ashame to her friend . Without telling her parent, She commit suicide because she fell that she doesn’t belong. The bullying student don’t know and just take it as a joke. Therefore, … students’ phones should not be allow in school because the student s may bully other student by texting or taking picture.

Our crickets died after 1 and a half day. It died because it was too hot inside the bowl and we had nothing to cover it from the sun. We were planning to cover the sun with leaves, but it didn’t work out really well.  From our observation, we found out that the leaf changed it color because the sun was too hot, which means that it was too hot for crickets to live in. Next time we’re going to place the cup for crickets to go in, so they can go inside the shade and rest. From the research the good amount of temperature for cricket is 21 to 23Cº. Crickets should not be kept directly to the sun or cold air.





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This is our first ecodome

we decided to make an ecodome with a rectangular box with a lot of things in side. And we made a chart.

This is our chart.

Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Rocks 2 layers of rock in  the box To make the surface stabled the soil level stayed the same and didn't move
Black soil/dirt 3 cm Soft place so the crickets can dig inside the soil was able to keep the cricket stable
Plants 22 To give the crickets oxygen The plant was still alive after.
Clean water Two bottle caps For the crickets to rehydrate The water as i saw it drink a bit of it
Carrots 20 strings of carrot For eating It eat about 2 string of carrot.
Corn 50 piece of corns For eating The criket didn’t eat the corn as well.
Dead grass A hand For crickets to sleep on and for soil healthiness The grass was actually not needed.
Dead leafs A hand For covering sunlight They stay there but it is actually not needed
Water for plants 5ml