This art section was about wearable art and I liked it because it was a hat and It was really cool because we could actually wear it. If I could do it again I would do more patterns. When I first got the idea I was not that into it but when I finished it it was very good.

We went to the Caravelle Hotel to learn how they save energy, and hoe they use energy and how much they spend on each thing. In the two above two photo. Mr. Timmy did a presentation about how much the electricity and heater costs for the hole hotel.This picture above is a picture that we tried to generate electricity.The picture above is a picture where we went inside the heating system and it was very cold.The picture above is a picture of the cooling system that uses reclaimed water.The picture above is a picture of us looking at the cooling system.The picture above is a picture where we are looking at the nice view on top of the hotel.The picture above is a picture of the class photo. ( silly )The picture above is a picture of the class photo.The picture above is a picture of us looking at the waste treatment area.

What I liked learning journeys was the stream table station because it was the most fun and interesting to do. I felt nervous because I usually get nervous before a presentation. I could have wrote a script before the learning journeys because it was a little confusing coming up with what to say. What I did not like about the learning journeys is that it was too short. I liked the learning journeys because we could go to other specials like PE.

Today we had a rotation called the Cultural Fair. Cultural Fair is when we got to rotate around station, each station had a topic related to Vietnam and we learned about each one.  I think the reason we had the Cultural Fair to learn about the history of Vietnam. Every station has a poster that explains the history of the topic we are in and we need to arrange the photos from first to last on the board. Our teams first station was the fish sauce station, in that station we got to taste 3 kinds of fish sauce with meat. The second station was the Ao Day station, we got to watch a video about the history of the Vietnamese traditional clothes called Ao Day. The third station was the station where we got to try the Vietnamese traditional flute. On the forth station we played a board game called O An Quan. On the fifth station we learned the history of making rice and we ate some rice also. On the last station we learned about the non la. What I learned during the rotation that were interesting was: fish sauce is only made out of fish and salt, the silk of the Ao Day is made from caterpillars, they make the holes of the flute very exactly on where they need to put it, Vietnam in the second largest rice maker of the world, they make the non la so tightly that it is waterproof, farmers only used rocks and pebbles to play O An Quan. my favorite part of the cultural fair was the fish sauce station. It was my favorite station because we got to eat meat and fish sauce together.

Today we went to the pottery making place in Panorama for the field trip. Three things that I learned was, I learned how to make pottery, I learned how to sculpture with tools and only clay with no engine to spin it, and lastly I learned that if you are making the bowl, you have to do it on 5 o' clock's position on the clock if you are right handed. But if you are left handed like me you have to do it on 9 o' clock's position on the clock. My favorite thing was when we made the bowl with the engine that spun the bowl around because it felt smooth on my hand.

Today we did our exploration stations. My favorite part about the stations was the classroom because we got to show the project that we are doing. I liked the part where we got to present our project because I like raising money and giving it to poor people. I am proud of my work because I think it is possible to help people by helping them learn but, I did kind of not like the music station because, it was too loud.