Cookie making reflection

Yesterday, we made cookie dough cookies. The problem was that the cookie only serves 3 people. But we had to serve 6 people. So we had to double the ingredients. Then we will serve 6 people. I learned that used multiplication in the real world to make food, like cookies. 1/8 of chocolate chips are needed to make enough cookies to serve 3 people. That means we have to do 1/8 times 2. 1/8 times 2 is 2/8 which is equal to 1/4.                                

Viable veitnam

Yesterday, we had a new lunch we ate pork and fish sos. Mmmm… it was really tasty. I like Vietnam in two reasons. The first reason is because in Vietnam has a lot of rice. And I like rice. The second reason is because Vietnam has pho. And pho is really good.

Local to Global

Our unit is called The heart of exploring.

We learned that helping the community will help others because they will share their knowledge to others.

Something I did is I did my community partners. We went to the high school building to see the projects that the high schoolers are doing.

Something in my life that this reminded me of is helping people donating money, building houses, and healing them.

Something in the world that this reminded me of is helping people will make you really happy! It can help you have a good heart!