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In this project on Human Rights, we focused on improving/learning service learning and how to talking to a bigger audience. This is an important skill because it is very good and important to learn to talk to a lot of people when giving a presentation because your point get across clearer .  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to plan out a script with a team and I also learned to how to communicate with an audience and answer some of their questions. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

What did you learn from visiting other exhibits? 

I learned that you can show and explain something not just through words but through visuals as well and it was really interesting seeing all these examples of issues about human rights explain with art and other visual representations. While looking at other exhibits I also saw a lot of people who really got to know their organization and how they met with a lot of the people of their organizations to get clarification and other things, and I just found it interesting and smart to do something like that because you can really get a lot of questions answered.

How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?

A lot of my teammates were very smart and knew a lot more about house design then I did but they helped me out and taught me a lot about our project and that really helped me open up and put my full effort into this project along with actually really enjoying it as well. My teammates also allowed me to put my ideas into the project and that encouraged me to give my opinion and focus on my ideas and the teams.


What challenged you in this unit? I think the one thing that was difficult this unit was my knowledge of poetry. I didn't have a lot of knowledge of poetry at all going into this unit and that definitely made it really difficult to make some of the poems I made, but in the end I did learn quite a bit about poetry and I also did actually enjoy the unit despite my difficulties. What did you enjoy/not enjoy about writing poetry? I think one thing that I really didn't enjoy was the "pattern" that we had to follow in our poetry. Although I don't know a lot about poetry I know that I is very artistic and freedom of expression definitely plays a major role in the genre and the fact that it our poetry had have a lot of boundaries did upset me at time but I still no problem complete the task at all.

In social studies class this year, we decided to help different organizations in their fight for human rights. We wanted our human right issue to be known so more awareness could be spread. Some people created google presentations while others made amazing short films talking about their issue. Our group decided to make a small little prototype of a housed for people who might not be able to afford it.

Did anything surprise you? If so, what? While making the design for the house a lot of us thought that it would be very easy and not really that difficult but as we all went through the process of creating multiple drafts and countless measurements we all started to realize that this was a lot harder than we thought and that came to a surprise to to all of us, but in the end we enjoyed working on this project and we are glad that we can be apart of such a great project.

Did anything happen that made you feel uncomfortable? If so what, and why do you think it made you feel this way? As a group we all had a lot of trouble with agreeing with each other at times and that definitely made a lot of people uncomfortable because as a group working on a project like this we all have to work together so when something goes wrong or someone doesn't agree with someone else it can make the whole group feel uncomfortable or uneasy. Although this is an issue that we come across a lot we still band together and use our teamwork skills to get through the bumpy parts of the project.


The KKK was founded between 1865 and 1866 by sic soldiers who had been in the Confederate army during the civil war -The Civil Rights Marches - Melanie A. Howard 

Captured African were often force to walk many miles before they reached a slave ship - The Slave Trade in Early America - Kristin Thonnes Keller 



A strength I showed was my ability to use good evidence and background. I feel like I really worked hard on getting a lot of good data and I also feel like this time around I analyzed my documents a lot more and really got all the good stuff from there. I also feel like my writing style has also change in a very positive way. It changed by me now added a lot more evidence to back up my data and thoughts.

Something I should work on in my future essay writing is really getting a good conclusion and using it to give my readers thought. A lot of the time the conclusion is not really my main focus when writing essays and I usually leave it to last moment making it come out really bad and not well made. I feel like if I worked on this skill a bit more I would be able to write something that readers can really think about


Fuel of Pain

European imperialism has gone down in history as the worst treatment of human beings ever. Between the 1500s and the 1800s Europeans traded slaves, gold and ivory along the west coast of Africa. But it wasn't until the 1800s that European explorers explored western and central Africa. But before that Africa was nothing but a gold mine for slaves and resources to fuel European furnaces. The primary driving force behind European imperialism in Africa was gaining national pride, because at the time Europe was in a race to see who could get the most land of Africa and who ever did won the “race to Africa”. When germany Noticed that Britain started to colonise Africa Germany wanted to still be the number one country in Europe and decided they would also go to Africa. Friedrich Fabri who has been called the “Father of the German colonial movement” states in his book, Does Germany Need Colonies?  That Germany could learn about colonial skills from the British and wanted to begin “a friendly competition to strive after them” (Doc b). What this information says is the British started to colonise and then their neighbors, the Germans wanted to have more power than their friends so  then they engaged in a friendly competition for land. Germany did this wanting to be the winner of the race hoping to gain the title of winner automatically making them better than the British and other European countries earning them Nation Pride. In 1870 John Ruskin gave a lecture at Oxford University stating the following, “[Will the] youths of England, make your country again a royal throne of kings; … for all the world a source of light, a center of peace?... (T)his is what [England] must either do or perish: she must found colonies as fast and as far as she is able, formed of her most energetic and worthiest men ; - seizing every piece of fruitful waste ground she can set foot on and teach her colonists…”. Given the evidence, it is logical that Britain was in favor of colonising in order to make their country a royal throne of kings and a source of light and a center piece. This shows that the passage is really about National pride for Britain and to, “Make their country great again”. Based on the evidence presented so far, it is clear that both countries, Germany and Britain both presumed to colonising Africa for national pride and glory for their own countries.  Now, some may say that the economic gain was more important than national pride because looking at the resources exported like cotton, palm oil, coffee, sugar, and even gold and diamonds from European Colonizers was huge and the European countries even earning Great Britain 21 million pounds by the 1900 in exports (Doc D & E). This example illustrates that the economic gain was very high with Great Britain earning millions upon millions of British pounds. Those resources gained from Africa also helped fuel many new inventions like, the steam engine, the electric telegraph, and the bessemer process. Although economics played a very important role later in the colonization of Africa it was not the main reason that Europeans went to Africa. This is because 54 years after the first colonization of Africa occurred only four  million pounds worth of imports were taken from Africa  and only 3 million pounds worth of exports went to africa compared to the 8 million in imports and 21 million in exports all in the 1900s. The evidence indicates that big money wasn't being transported to Europe until the 1900s years after the first colonization of Africa occurred. Based on the evidence presented it is obvious to see that national pride was the main reason that Europe decided to colonise europe not for the economical gain. Although it came later. Africa was colonised by the Europeans because of the gain in National pride. National pride was the leading force behind the colonization of Africa because of the Germans wanting to be number one in Europe again and decided to engage in a friendly competition against the British when they first colonized.


I am not a very good writer at all. I think its a long hard process that I just don't have the time for. I find it difficult to put down my ideas into words on a pice of paper. But sometimes ill get "lucky" and write an ok essay every once and a while. Because i'm not the best at writing I ran into a lot of issues with this class. For example my persuasive writing essay  was quite difficult for me to complete because of my lack of knowledge not only for my topic but of the writing style too. The hardest part of the writing was getting a lot of the information and putting it into writing. Like I said before, not my best quality. I also found it really hard to explain to the reader how my topic worked, for it sounded right in my head but then didn't sound quite right on paper or written down in any way. But in the end I actually did kind of good on the writing pice and I think its because I finally realized that I don't have to give my information in a specific way and explaining it how it sounds in my head isn't always the worst. Definitely one skill I need to work on is getting peer help and how to use it to its maximum. During the persuasive writing pice I actually did not get an in class peer editor, making things extremely difficult. Eventually I got a peer editor out of class and fixed a lot of my issues but still didn't use that to my advantage and instead brushed off a lot of the important feed back like, stating sources. If I were to re-do this essay I think that I would have write my drafts earlier. While I was writing I accidentally wrote my draft way to late making it so I had to write my finally draft and even my finally paper quite late. But all in all I think that I am doing ok in writing this year, so far and believe that if I keep up what I am doing now I can really succeed quite well this year.

In this project on Toy Story, we focused on improving/learning our understanding of enlightenment philosophers and their teachings. This is an important skill because alot of what they taught and showed is what we use today.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to use my time equally with quality and speed. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

How did time impact my work?

I think that time made it so we had to move really really fast making the quality of our video and script not as good as it could have been. It was really hard to move fast but also try our best to make the video the best quality. It was also really hard to edit the script and then try to record on the same day, especially since we had a lot of work to do on our script.

Introduce and explain your role in the soccer unit.

During the soccer unit I really didn't have a main role. But what I did do was just help around my team for anybody who needed help. I helped clean up after some training exercises and sometimes I would help write some passages about our team meetings and I would try my best to help out mange and ref other teams. 

Explain what you did well in that role and what were your challenges.

I think I did well helping anyone who really needed help and I think I did a good job on making myself useful to my team because not only did I try really hard on the field but I would always try my best to help around the team as much as possible. I think some of the challenges were actually asking for help because a lot of the time sometimes people wouldn't say when they needed help so it make things really quite difficult 

Discuss your running results Did you improve? Why or why not?

My running results were very very confusing. Some days my running would be really good and other days it would be really bad but I think that in the end it really just depended on if I was in the mood to run or maybe even what time of day it was. For example if it was really early then I wouldn't run as well but if it was 2nd block or 4th then I would run quite well.

Discuss your fair play points (effort and attitude). Did you try your best? If you went off task, why did you go off task? Did you talk kindly and positively to your teammates and the other teams?

I think that I stayed on task very well and tried my best. On the field I tired my best to push up, score goals, and pass the ball. I also tried my best to be positive to teammates and encouraged them to keep playing and try their hardest. All in all I stayed positive and tried my best and had a lot of fun on the way 

What did you think of this kind of unit? How can Ms C improve it? Would you recommend it to others?

I think this unit was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed how the leader role worked and the fun little tournament but I think that the teams could be a little more balanced and we could have played more games than just a couple because it feels like it just ended really quite fast, but besides that I really enjoyed this unit and it was a lot of fun.