Food Stories – Buckeyes

My mother received this recipe from her mother, but she received it from a friend she met while they lived in Columbus, Ohio. When they first moved there, my grandmother needed the recipe to make the buckeyes for a school function, because everyone in Ohio knows buckeyes. These treats remind my mom of high school and Ohio. It reminds my mom of her mom, because she wasn’t a good cook, but she was a good baker.

A Little Bit About It:

Ohio is the buckeye state. Buckeyes are nuts that come out of trees. These treats contain peanut butter and chocolate. They are formed to look like the buckeye nuts that come from the trees.

A Story Behind it:

My grandma would make multiple batches of the peanut butter balls at a time, to have them ready for guests. So when my mom’s friend from high school would come over, Sara Wilson, they would eat the peanut butter part, without the dipped chocolate. Instead they would eat the frozen peanut butter balls with chocolate chips and call them, chips and balls.



2 lbs Peanut Butter
1 lb.  Melted Butter
3 lbs Powder Sugar


Put Peanutbutter, melted butter and powdered sugar in a mixing bowl and mix until a paste.

image (2)  image (1) image

Roll the peanut butter paste into balls, and put in freezer until hard.

image (5)

Dip 3/4 of the peanut butter balls into the melted chocolate and refrigerate to your liking.

image (3)


My Mister’s Eyes


My Mister’s eyes are darker than the night (Sonnet 1)

by Morgan Silcox


My Mister’s eyes are darker than the night,

Yet when I gaze at them they glow and gleam.

His voice so loud it gives you quite a fright,

But his song be a beautiful dream.

His temper may be short, but I don’t mind,

For his love for me is as clear as day.

His gorgeous smile be oh-so sweet and kind,

When he runs to meet me in the hallway.

The way he loves me makes me feel like rain,

Falling so slowly, then all too quickly.

Loving me is as stressful as a plane,

Bumping and swooping through the air thickly.

I know my love for him is more true than,

Any love a girl could have for a man.


Mandarin Story


今天Rapunzel去外面。她的妈妈去睡觉了。Rapunzel上了锁她的吗吗在她们的家。Rapunzel去餐馆。因为她饿了和她要吃巧克力蛋糕。在餐馆,Rapunzel 点采巧克力蛋糕。服务员带她的蛋糕。Rapunzel吃她的蛋糕很快乐。她有了胃痛。Rapunzel去医院。


Once Upon A Time in a faraway town, a young girl lived in this small town. She was very smart and very pretty. Her mother was a witch. The young girl’s name was Rapunzel. Rapunzel didn’t like her mother. Because, her mother locked her away in their house. Rapunzel wanted to go outside, but her hair was too long. Many people wanted Rapunzel’s hair. Many people say her hair way magic. Her mother believed her hair was aging medicine.

Today Rapunzel goes outside. Her mother is sleeping. Rapunzel locked her mother away in their house. Rapunzel went to a restaurant. Because she was hungry and she wants chocolate cake. At the restaurant, Rapunzel ordered chocolate cake. The waiter brought her cake. Rapunzel ate her cake very quickly. She got a stomach ache. Rapunzel went to the hospital.

At the hospital, Rapunzel met a very handsome doctor. Rapunzel and the Doctor fell in love. On a sunny day Rapunzel and her doctor married. Rapunzel’s mother was very angry. She doesn’t want Rapunzel and the Doctor to marry. Her mother wants her to marry the docor. Her mother made clouds. The doctor fought her mother. Rapunzel’s mother ran away. Rapunzel and the doctor lived happily ever after.

Cóngqián zài yīgè yáoyuǎn de jiāxiāng, yīgè yòuxiǎo de nǚhái zhù zài nàgè jiāxiāng. Tā hěn cōngmíng hé hěn piàoliang. Tā de māmā shì wūpó. Xiǎo nǚhái de míngzì shì Rapunzel. Tā shì shíliù suì. Rapunzel bù xǐhuan tā de māmā. Yīnwèi, tā māmā zài tāmen de jiā shàngle suǒ. Rapunzel xiǎng yào qù wàimiàn, dànshì tā de tóufǎ hěn zhǎng. Xǔduō de rén yào Rapunzel de tóufǎ. Hěnduō rén shuō tā de tóufǎ yǒu mófǎ. Tā de māmā rènwéi tā de tóufǎ shì chángshēng bùlǎo.

Jīntiān Rapunzel qù wàimiàn. Tā de māmā qù shuìjiàole. Rapunzel shàngle suǒ tā de ma ma zài tāmen de jiā. Rapunzel qù cānguǎn. Yīnwèi tā èle hé tā yào chī qiǎokèlì dàngāo. Zài cānguǎn,Rapunzel diǎn cǎi qiǎokèlì dàngāo. Fúwùyuán dài tā de dàngāo. Rapunzel chī tā de dàngāo hěn kuàilè. Tā yǒu yīgè wèitòng. Rapunzel qù yīyuàn.

Zài yīyuàn,Rapunzel jiànmiàn yīgè yīngjùn de yīshēng. Rapunzel hé yīshēng xiàng liàn. Zài yīgè qīn tiān de tiān Rapunzel hé tā de yīshēng jiéhūn. Rapunzel de māmā hěn shēngqì. Tā bùyào Rapunzel jiéhūn yīshēng. Māmā yào jiéhūn yīshēng. Māmā zuò duōyún. Yīshēng dǎ tā de māmā. Rapunzel de māmā pǎole. Rapunzel hé yīshēng cóngcǐguò shàng xìngfú shēnghuó


Bento Box

Lately in class we have been working on the American my plate and my pyramid system. We have been looking into what is healthy, and what is not. So I took all of my knowledge of what is good to eat, and put it into a box, a bento box. This is an easy-peasy recipie that can be eaten any time of the day and it gives you all the food you need to keep you ready for the day



– 1 large egg                                                  (2,000 VND)

– Medium block of cheddar cheese              (22,000 VND)

– 1 cup black beans                                     (13,000 VND)

– 3 cups precooked rice                                (5,000 VND)

– half an apple                                                (35,000 VND)

– 8-10 grapes                                                 (8,000 VND)

– 1 kiwi                                                           (25,000 VND)

– 5 leaves of lettuce                                       (2,000 VND)

Total: Around 112,000 VND

To start out, prepare a box to be used as your bento box.
1. Start to scramble the egg.
2. Crack the large egg into a small separate bowl, remove any parts of the shell that falls in.
3. Pour onto a small pan at medium heat with a little bit of oil on the pan.
4. Start by cutting up the egg with a spatula. Cut up egg in a “scramble” fashion.
5. Scramble until cooked.
6. When done, put scrambled egg aside.


7. Now to start with the layout of the bento box. Place the five lettuce leaves along the outside of the larger side of the box, similar to a border, follow the diagram.BENTO BOX 1


8. Place the precooked rice on the inside of the lettuce, filling the large side of the box in.BENTO BOX 2


Take your scrambled egg and mix it in with the rice.BENOT BOX 3


Take the medium block of cheese, and cut it to fit into the penguin stencil. Leave enough to fill one stencil. There will be two penguins in total. Place the penguins on top of the rice, towards the bottom. Follow the diagram.BENTO BOX 4



Take your black beans an scatter them on the top of your bento box. Try to spread them out, follow the picture.BENTO BOX 5


Slice the apple into small wedges, fill half of the small side of the container.BENTO BOX 6
Add your 8-10 grapes, filling up the rest of the small side of the container. BENTO BOX 7

Take your kiwi and cut it in half, slice the kiwi in 1 cm thick slices. Keep the skin on.
Using your flowers stencils, cut out different sized flowers out of the kiwis.
Place the kiwi flowers on top of the apple slices and grapes, make sure there is enough space to close the box’s lid. And Ta-da! You’re done, enjoy you’re bento box!BENTO BOX 8

40 Book Challenge End of the Year Reflection

During this seventh grade year I read 30 books. I really enjoyed reading SCI-FI novels. I’ve always enjoyed reading them ever since a young age and I read a lot of them this year. I think the idea of meeting aliens, or living in a futuristic society is thrilling. I like to escape the problems of this world, and try to solve the problems of another. The easiest books to read were the realistic fiction books. There are so many of them out there, that it was easier to find and read them. Realistic fiction books can be very exciting, but sometimes a little bit dull. But I do like reading them, and picturing what would it be like to be that person. I did not enjoy reading Informational books, In fact, I didn’t read any. I find them boring and unnecessary with the internet nowadays. Last year I read lots of books, but mostly for school. On occasion I read books for pleasure, but not often. My English teacher made us read lots of books that were boring, and plot-less. This year I have read many more than I anticipated.

I love reading. I always have and I always will, reading is a hobby of mine. I enjoy reading because I like the fact of reading about someone else’s thoughts (fictional or existent).Sometimes it really helps me solve my personal problems and issues. Although I love reading, I did not love the 40 Book Challenge. In reality, I really disliked it. I thought that having to read certain genres was annoying and pointless. If a student enjoys to read Historical Fiction, but hates informational, why have to read them? If the student reads plenty of other genres, they’re reading plenty.Having to add on more books to read that they dislike, is redundant. I think students should read at their own pace, and not try to obtain a goal they may not be able to achieve. Students should set their own realistic goals so they can achieve those, not someone else’s. Even though I didn’t like the 40 Book Challenge, my outlook on reading has not changed. I will still read for pleasure and I will continue to enjoy reading.IMG_9996

Last Free Write (I will absolutely, positively will not…)

I absolutely, positively will not give up on becoming a better person. I am a little bit crazy, and I have a huge temper issue. I get mad very easily at stupid things, that usually wouldn’t make any normal person upset. I’m not normal, so therefore, these things make me agitated. Like if somebody says something to me, that wouldn’t really make anybody else mad, makes me furious. Once I’m angry, I find it really hard to stop being angry. I have to blow off steam by punching a wall, or yelling about stuff that makes no sense. That’s my way of calming myself down, but obviously that is not as efficient as it could be. I should probably go see a therapist.

There is one issue with that though, I don’t want to be the crazy kid who goes to see her therapist once a week, ’cause she can’t calm down over stupid things. But I also don’t want to be the girl who punches her locker when somebody tells her to get out of the way with too much attitude. Cause I’ve done that before, and that freaked people out. I thought writing about my problems may have allowed me to find a way to solve them, but no, that didn’t work. It turned out to be a diary, and instead of stuff that makes me angry, it was more of a ‘what I did today’ journal. I’m trying to talk to people about my problems but I really have no interest on letting any more people think I’m crazy. There are plenty of people who think that anyways, don’t need a whole new group.

Currently I’m stuck. I don’t know whether I should try and find a therapist, if I should try to talk to people, or give another go at writing about it. In the end I really hope I become a more calm, conservative person. Though that is probably not going to happen.

40 Book Challenge – Self – Assessment

Currently this year I have read 30 books. I have finished all my Historical Fiction, SCI-FI, Realistic Fiction, and Free Choice genre requirements. My favorite genre is SCI-FI, because Iike the way some authors make it feel so realistic and know how to make me think about the future and all of these possibilities. My favorite SCI-FI novel was ‘Uglies’ by Scott Westerfeld. The idea of this ‘perfect’ world is intriguing and I highly enjoyed it. I lack genres such as, Informational, Autobiography, Biography, and Mystery. I personally enjoy mystery books, though I haven’t been able to find one that really keeps me on the edge of my seat. I don’t find any pleasure in reading informational books, but I will have to in order to achieve my goal.

My goal for the next two weeks is to reach 35 books. I will have to read five books in two weeks. I believe this is an attainable goal for myself. I may be able to read more if I put dedication and energy into the idea, but that may not be realistic, since these two weeks are the last weeks of the school year. I will achieve this goal by reading the genres I lack in. Maybe I can indulge myself in books that I wouldn’t normally read. I want to achieve this goal because I would like to at least come close to obtaining the rank of completing the 40 Book Challenge.