Art project🎨

I finally, finished my shading pice. I am surprised by how it looks. It does not look half bad, I would rate myself a 3/5. I thought I would do really bad on the nose but, it’s not bad. If I did it again I would make the neck less long.

my art project


hey guys, I want to tell you something fun that happened. When I was at home last weekend I was really bored so, I asked my mom if I could go to my friend’s house. I was really happy that my mom said yes and when I came to her house. When I came there she asked what I was doing so I said that we are going to make slime We really liked it. The slime was soft ,glittery, and pink and blue. I have a question for you guys “do you like slime?”. So thats all for today.



Back To School!!!WHAT??? 📓

Hey guys,Summer was good but now, it’s a new school year. I am in 5th grade. I love dogs so much that I have my own dog. My favorite color is purple. I really love dancing and playing with my BFFs. I also love P.E and Art how about you guys? I am felling good about this up coming year in 5th grade because two of my BFFs are in this class. I have a question for you guys “are you happy for this new school year?”.   

Explorers Play

On Monday, May 31/2017 Grade 4 SSIS did our explores play. Me and my group did our explorers play. Our play was about Macro Polo. It took a quiet a long time making our scrips we add a good amount of facts our script had a lot of humor. My groups members are Me (Veronica), SK, Miso. I am very proud of myself because I did a good job acting. I think the play would have been better if I did not laugh that much. I would rate myself 3 1/2 out 4. I really liked Chelsea, An, Christine, Manabi’s play

HS Dance

I thought that the dance was fun and I liked it. My favorite part about the dance was the DAB!!!. I thought that the High Schoolers taught this dace very well and they gave as specific instructions such as how many beats or how many times. We practiced a lot of times and then we did a dance of! I think that the dance was very creative. I also liked it when we did Just Dance because I like dancing and it is very fun. Here’s the link:


Unit 5?️‍?

In Unit 5 I leaned a lot of things, such as 8/10=0.8 and how fractions and decimals are related.This unit was not too hard.this unit was about decimals and fractions.Before this unit I did not know the relationship between decimals and fractions.I also did not know that how to add a decimal to another decimal.

The Film Festival

Yesterday, was the Film Festival it was really exciting and FUN.In this unit Viable Vietnam I learned a lot of things such as what the name of the different shots are.I also learned a lot about the country Vietnam it’s self.Me and my group’s documentary was about the Traditional Medicine of Vietnam.After the Film Festival me and my friends went to eat ice cream.

me and my group

me and my friends dabbing

me and friends giving the cards


my reflection