Wearable Art

This art is very crazy. I struggled with putting the wires through the hat because the knitting of the hat is very tight. It has a lot of repetition. While putting the wires through is very uncomfortable, but while wearing it, is comfortable.

Reflection Baking In Math

We wanted to make cookie dough cookies. The recipe only served 3 people and we had to convert the recipe to serve 6 people. We used our knowledge of operations with fractions to help solve the problem. For the unsalted butter, before we did everything to the butter, it was 1/8 cups. Since 1/8 cups only served 3 people, I thought to double the amount because 3×2=6. when I doubled 1/8 it turned into 2/8. 2/8 cups reduced is 1/4 cups. We did the same for the other ingredients. How we use this in real life is using measuring cups to bake in real life.Also, in real life maybe the recipe serves less people than you want to serve, then you multiply the ingredients so, we can serve the amount of people that we want to serve.




Unit 3 Launch

We started our unit 3 launch yesterday. Yesterday I got to taste fish sauce and that was my favorite station. There were other stations like áo dài, Vietnamese musical instruments, rice farming, nón lá and Vietnamese games. I love Vietnam because the beautiful nature and the tradition they have.