My IB Art Buddy is Jee In Kim. She does a closure technique of a violin its when you make a outline of the shape and you don't fill the shape in, you let in be the same with the background. She makes the white color more interesting by putting some bright colors on top of the white. Lastly, when she drew her face, it wasn't attached. It went of the canvas and it finished on the bottom, Its like a spinning thingy and if you fold the paper into a cylinder it would connect.

What did Amelia Earhart explore?

She explored the airplanes and the world.

What motivated her to explore?

She had a passion to fly in airplanes and she wanted to prove that women can be do whatever men do.

What characteristics did she show?

Amelia Earhart was brave and not afraid to take risks.

How did she go about exploring?

She explored by flying in airplanes.

Link for her mini bio: Link


I remembered went I went off stage I felt relieved and realizing that I messed up and I want to do it again. One of the biggest thing I learned by doing this project is that its okay to mess up because no one knew your lines. Also I learned to remember your lines.

Tomorrow is our G4 talk. My G4 talk is called Sugar + Sugar = The Not So Sweet Truth about Sugar. Today I am feeling nervouxited about tomorrow. Tonight I need to practice in front of a camera and try to smile and talk loudly and remember my gestures to further improve my speech.

We have started the year with our unit, Independent Me.
So far, an important fact I learned was in the respirartory system there are parts like the alveoli is where the O2 go in to our blood and the C02 go to our bronchioles and then our trachea and after that to our nose and we breath out.
The most interesting activity was disecting the animal parts beacuse the show us what is going on in our body.
I had a hard time time with the heart because there too many tubes and I was kind of confused.
I would still like to learn about all the body systems.
I think it's important for me to learn about body systems because it helps us too know if you do this, this will happen. I love the unit so far

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Topic: Buddies

Today we went to buddies to help them learn about graphs. We had M&Ms, a color sorting mat, a graph and a question sheet. The first step is to sort the color of M&Ms and it was quick as a flash, second we had to fill the graph, third we had to answer the questions on the questions sheet. But the best part of all is we got to eat M&Ms! Some buddy's had trouble writing but I helped them so we could finish the sheet.