Super Computer

For our final super unit we talk about how to save energy and my group decided to make a computer that turns on and music plays and LED light turn on to but  when your go away from it and turns off when. It saves energy because when your away it turns of like the whole computer sleeps.  Watch my video 👇🏻


Viable Vietnam

Viable Vietnam was definitely one of the best unit ever! We had to make a documentary about a topic about or related to Vietnam. We had teams of 4 to make a documentary and take our own footage to put in the documentary. My topic is Vietnamese Traditional Coffee. We had to film the interview and we had to carry a microphone for the good quality sounds and we aslo had to carry a tripod to hold the I-Pad so it’s not shaky. We also had a film festival where all the documentary’s from all the classes where shown on the big screen. All the parents where there, we also had some Vietnamese food when half of the documentary’s where done and when we came back we watched the last half. Then some classes got to play Vietnamese songs my class got to play “Inh la oi”  that is a Vietnamese traditional song.


Fraction Cookies

Tuesday 27th of February, Me and my class made cookies for math time. We had to figure out how much of each ingredient we needed for 4 people. It was so fun when we got to eat them. They were so good. We had to write a Recipe. We needed 8 ingredients like: Unsalted butter granulated sugar brown sugar vanilla extract all-                                        purpose four salt plain apple sauce chocolate chips.

My Winter Break

For winter break I stayed at home and for New Year I stayed up for the count down and I saw a lot of fireworks. And for Christmas I have been a good girl last year so I got lots of presents. My favourite presents was the trampoline me and my sister love the trampoline a lot, and I think this was the best New Year EVER because it was so cool and fun, and the fireworks were so colourful and me and my friend were shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone but it was so loud that my hole compound can hear it.

Thinking About Literacy

Today we did partnerships. Partnerships are partners you have and you read a book. I read “The Sign Of  The Beaver” My partner was “Nghi”. We had to read the same book and do a reading responds we also had to put sticky notes in our book to help us remember what happens in the book or any question we have then we had to get together and have a meeting about the book. I learned that when you writ the reading responds you need to edit to make sure it makes sense because when I wrote my reading responds I had to edit it a lot. My writing improved because befor I did not know what commas where so I just put them everywhere on my writing. And I use colours to help me edit or read my writing again and again and again so I can edit my writing myself.            

The Heart Of Exploring

I did a Service Expo, a Service Expo is when your Mom and Dad come to your class and then you show them what you have been learning about in school. I went to Drama, and we did our plays. My one was “RUN AWAY FROM THE COPS” that was really fun I was a robber. Then I went to Music, and we made Wacky interments and we played them to our Mom and Dad. Then we did Art, my Mom did jelly printing. You have to paint on this jelly thing and then you print it with paper. 

Math Unit 2

 In this math unit I learned multiplication and division and prime and composite numbers. I did an Ice cream challenge and if you get your multiples you can earn your ice cream bowl spoon and toppings and even a cookie and you had 1 month to learn them and for bonus you can also do division. I had a lot of fun with prime and composite numbers and finding a secret number that was challenging and fun.

Living wax museum

I researched about Ferdinand Magellan. I enjoyed the living wax museum because I had to dress up like my explorer.  My explorer had a positive impact on the world because he sailed around the world to sell spices but he didn’t make is so far. Magellan also was the first European to sail around the world in his ship called the “Victoria”.

Figure Drawing

This is my figure drawing I did in art.

I learned that when you draw a figure you have to do boss lines and you need to make the lines equal like if you do an arm you have to do the other arm the same size.

I want to improve by drawing quickly and making my boss lines more even to help with proportion.