Unit 1 : Math

In the fist part of the year we made up are math game we called it Joker poker. What I am proud with my expanded form what I still need to work on is my math skill. When I first came to 4 grade I did not like math but know I love math. We got some tips on the way like x10 chart that help me get past times tables. The rounding elevator helped me round faster then normal when I did not know what a rounding elevator was It took me like 1 min to know 1 know it takes me only like 3 sec to do it so I think I improved my math skill.


This is all of the Unit 1 for math rounding big numbers,I can compare 2 large numbers by using symbols , I can understand 2 large numbers a digit in one place is 10 times the place to the right , I can add and subtract large numbers , I can read and right in expanded form.


This is are number talk and these are the words that we did not know.

G4 made history

This year is a lucky year we got to have a sleep over at school I went out side to play and I was side for an hour. After that I ate dinner at Osaka restaurant with Ms Laura. After that I went into Ms Sylvester to do yoga and drawing the next rotation I did 7 corners and wink murder. After that I went down to shower and I went into the girls bathroom to take a shower. and then we all got to do a quit free time for a half hour in tell we have to go to bed. After a half hour we all went to bed and I could not go to sleep the floor was hard. the next day we all went to breakfast and I ate eggs.




Body System

I was learning about body systems here are 5 thing I liked about it.

An important fact I learned was your heart pumps blood all around your body.

The most interesting activity was Musculo skeletal system.


I would still like to learn more about our brain.

I think it’s important for me to learn about body systems because we need to learn what is in our body.

Unit 1 – Understanding Ourselves ‘s Post on Friday, December 9, 2016

We have been learning about simple machines and how that make work easier. Just for fun we have built Rube – Goldberg machines. Rube – Goldberg machines are the opposite of a simple machine. They are complicated machines that do a simple task. My Rube – Goldberg machine is made up of two simple machines Pulley and an Inclined plane , lever. Here it is in action!

Unit 1 – Understanding Ourselves ‘s Post on Friday, November 11, 2016

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Reflection-Area of rectangles
We had to draw as many rectangles as we could think of that had on area of 12 square unit. I drew 5 square. Then we had to answer a question-could we draw a square that had that area ?
The answer is no because the factors are not equal. If the factors are equal it would be a square like 4×4=16.