My second ever book club adventure!!!©opyright

In my second book club, we had a book written by Jerry Spinelli which was also the writer who wrote the book ‘Maniac Magee’ and ‘Who put the hair in my toothbrush’. It was called ‘Love, Stargirl’ and in the beginning I thought the title was kinda weird since it sounded like part of a letter. This book was about a girl who had just moved and she used to have a boyfriend back in where she used to live. But after she moved she started writing a letter about her daily life and that is where the real story begins. This book was different from any other books I have ever read and I recommend it to anybody over 8 years old. I give this book  a 5 out of 5 because it was an amazing book with courageous, brave ,unpredictable characters. This book included a little girl, Stargirls boyfriend, Stargirl, Stargirl’s parents and a lot more. I think one of my favourite part is when Stargirl tries to help her neighbours and when everybody looks at her surprised when they learn her name is Stargirl.

This was a good book and I know there is also a diary about her and I am guessing it will be the same thing but it is in a diary which maybe means we get to see her secret life. My group was Danbee, Ryan, Davy and me. I think Jerry Spinelli’s books are great fun to read and it has Happy and sometimes Sad endings. He shows family or group stories and it always is a great story. In this story he has separated all of the writing into month and date parts which I believe is pretty cool since I have never seen that type of book. I think the book has some weird but still pretty awesome parts. I have actually never seen a book written the way ‘Love Stargirl’ was written. This might be more appropriate for older ages because it has some different stuff. Jerry Spinelli is an american author and I really like the way he writes. All of his books are different some ways but it is always fantastic to read. This book will show you and awesome adventure through the adventure of them. I wish you read this book and I really hope you enjoy it. It includes moments you might have in real life, and finally, I hope you read it!


Explorer skit!!!

For my skit and explorer, me and my group worked on building swords so we can do our script sword fighting but I think next time we should work on our costumes more so we can have a better and realistic play . My team was Alex, Riku, Davy and me, it was a good group and we made a lot of progress this time. Our skit was about the explorer Ferdinand Magellan and in the skit I was Magellan, Riku was Elcano, Davy was Juan de cartagena and Alex was Juan de Santandrés. I was proud of working hard on our model ship so it looks like the real one and making our script a good and realistic conversation. I think we could have worked harder on our skit props and costumes. For my performance I will put a 3 out of 4 stars because it was not that funny and the good thing is that we made an realistic and possible conversation between all the characters. I liked Son’s script because he was a one man script but he still made a funny script and a funny skit, he also performed like there were five people in the script. This was an awesome awesome unit and it was super fun. ©opyright

My explorer ship

These past months, we have been making a ship of our explorer we are studying about. I was studying about Ferdinand magellan and we made the ship ‘Victoria’ because Trinidad broke(We used the real size of victoria and made it in centimeters and made it twice the size so if you think it twice smaller, it will be the real size in big. Magellan was born in Portugal and he went and battled for Portugal. They did not pay him well  for what he did so he went to help spain to find a route way to the spice islands through the Spain seas. He was born in 1480 in Spain, and he died in 1521, April 27. He died in Philippines, Mactan.

!!!Book club review¡¡¡

The book club book I have been reading over the weeks was ‘Who put that hair in my toothbrush’.

I give the book a 4 1/2 out of 5 because it had some inappropriate things in it such as kinda bad words and body things. In the book some of my favourite characters passed away and I liked that character. Some of the parts where close to what I do with my sister. I thought in this book how I can make up with my sister sometimes and not always fight with her. This book will be a super good book if it didn’t have to much inappropriate places. I think there should be a second novel for the book. It had feelings and talking expressed in the book and I like those kinds of books. I also like how it expressed how a real family works and how it is hard for everyone in a family to work together.My favourite character was Emily, the grandma. I recommend this book to 13 year olds because I think that is more appropriate for them.

Our awesome film festival of fourth grade Documentaries!!!!

Over the past school weeks, we were working on our viable vietnam documentaries. Our driving questions were “How can we teach others about sustainability? What is Sustainability? What is culture? How are sustainability and culture connected? How do geographic features interact with culture? What makes a documentary effective?” In our documentaries we showed all of that. I liked the part where we were starting to put all our things into the documentary. I also liked when we had meetings on the weekends. I am proud of our final product but I know it still has some weaknesses. Next time I wish we were more cooperative and make better audio recordings. I think this unit was awesome.My teammates were Me,Bo,Riku and Nam.
Under here is our Documentary, Please enjoy the doc!!!!

The awesome day of rainbow bridge! (field trip)

In the morning we started walking to the rainbow bridge in Crecent mall. We were walking on the pavements and roads and it was kind of dangerous so we had to have partners and my partner was Bo.

After we arrived we put a bucket into the river and took the river water. It was cleaner than I thought but it was not clean enough to drink. After that we went sketching nature pictures and then when we were done we ate lunch and we wrote poems and the sketch.

After that we went dipping cloth into the river and then we took the cloth out of the river and sw the cloth was stained. It was the result of the pollution in the river. Then we dipped one more cloth into the river. After that we went back to the school. In this field trip I learned Sustainability(Having habitats that restore our environment. The artist who helped and taught us was Lee Tracy.

Our awesome viable vietnam field trip!!!(Water Puppet show.)

In the morning at 8:15 we went to the puppet show in district one. It was a long ride to there by bus but when we arrived it was awesome. I went there more than two times but I was still happy about it. There we watched the short performance of the water puppet show and learned lots of facts.

◊The water puppet show has started 1000 years ago and used to be a game instead of a show.

◊Woman aren’t aloud to act in the puppet show because if there was a good show and the woman who was acting got married and the man was from another village, then the woman might tell and other villages will learn the secret.

◊We also learned how to control the puppets but it is a secret so we can’t tell.

After the puppet show we went to the park Tao Dan and we rested. After about 10-15 minutes we started interviewing people around the park. Then we went to the Ben thanh street food and ate food. I ate a pork with some meat and rice dish. I also had a mixed berry smoothie.

After eating we went on the bus and came back to SSIS. That was our whole field trip.

Our awesome fantasy stories!!!

When we were making our fantasy story, we did 7 things in order to finish the fantasy story. In the beginning we had to create and draw a map of our fantasy world that is for our book.Then we filled in a sheet called elements of fantasy checklist which helped us to have an idea of what to write for our fantasy story. After that we made a story arch or mountain which helped us to have an idea to strengthen the plan and idea of our stories, it gave us an idea of the beginning,middle,end,struggle and climax. Then we started writing our fantasy stories.After we were done (which took a while.) ,we revised and edited our fantasy story. Then we made an about the author page which was pretty cool because I got to put my photos there,Lastly we made a bookcover for our books and printed out our whole story.It was an awesome and amazing time!!!

The showcase of thinking out of the box!!!

When we finally were don with our projects we started to tell them what we have done in the unit. Together we explained to all the visitors what our classroom tool does. It was a tiring and hard job, but we enjoyed it. We thought our project was successful and we even showed them that our classroom tool was made of 3D PRINTING!!! After that we went to our classroom to show them our fantasy book and fantasy story. first I showed them my fantasy story, then the game. After we were done I felt as if I had a metal weight taken out of me. I enjoyed this unit and wish to do it again.