My Drawing!

This is a drawing and I drew Bambi. I used shading to make him look more realistic. I used shading because I want to make my drawing look more 3d and I love to draw 2d. I changed my drawing by making the background realistic. I would do more shading  on Bambi



First week of school has been…..Exciting?

Hello world! I am now in fifth grade now! Time does fly by. This is my last year of elementary school. Many people find it exciting to go to middle school, but no. Not me. I like being young. So as you can guess, I wasn’t excited for 5th grade. But after 2 weeks of school, I guess it is still like elementary school, although we are in the middle school building.My teacher, Ms. Roxanne and Ms.Kim is nice so I guess this will be a happy year! Do you think the same thing or not? Bye!

Book club No.2

We did book clubs before and we did it again with a new book. In book clubs we read some part of the book and we are assigned jobs like summariser, Highlighter, and discussion director. We had three meetings and I was the summariser, illustrator, and the discussion director. We read a book called ‘ BaseBall In April And Other Stories’ It is not one story. It is a lot of stories in one. My Favorite story is ‘ No Guitar Blues’

It is about a boy who wants a guitar and his mother doesn’t want to spend money on a guitar. One day he was eating an orange and he found a dog who was on loose. He found the owner and lied that the dog was lost and hungry and he had saved him. The owner was so grateful they gave the boy 20$. But the boy was guilty he lied as soon as he took the money. So he went to church and placed the 20$ in the money basket.

I like this story because the boy does something bad ( lie) and he tries to make his mistake better.

I like this book because it shows emotion. I recommend it to young people because you might have something to connect with.

The Book Cover:

Explorer Play

I think I told you we started learning about explorers. Right? I’ll check right now. ( Checking files)

Yes I did. It’s the one that says ‘Explorer unit ( Sacagawea )’ So yeah we started learning about explorers and we made plays about them. We made a script with fun facts but it was also funny. Me and my group memorized all of our lines so we didn’t need to look at the script all the time. We also acted it out. It was kind of embarrassing acting in front of 56 people, but I managed. I would give myself a 2/4 because :I got 3 lines wrong but no one noticed and we did mess up one time . But after all our struggles, I am proud we made it. I was with Tina and jennifer but Jennifer was absent so Selena was replacing her character. We worked together , saying our idea out loud then writing it down. I wish I memorize my script better. I admire the Marco Polo team because they put nice humor.


Here is the play:

And here is a screenshot of our script:

Explorer unit ( Sacagawea)

For a while we have been learning about explorers . Me and my group , Jennifer and Tina have been learning about Sacagawea. We made a teepee that people who travel on foot of north dakota would use. We learned that people cut wood at the place they want to stay. First they put big pole like wood into a circular shape and they tie the top and put cloth over it. Sacagawea traveled with Lewis and Clark.


Reading Time!

Lately I haven’t posted a blog post.  Anyway for two weeks Me and my book club have been reading a book called ‘ Jeremy fink and the meaning of life’. If I were to rate it, I would give it a 4 out of 5. I give it this rating because it was very detailed and it is in present tense. Most books are in past tense and present tense books are rare to find. I like this sentence ‘”Do it again Jeremy!”‘ Jeremy only hola hooped but his friend Lizzy reacted as if he did something big. The story is about Jeremy and his best friend Lizzy tries to find keys to the mysterious box jeremy’s dead father gave him for his 13th birthday. I recommend this book to young and old people how like little mystery.

Here is the book cover:

Documentaries? Am I proud?

You might have noticed but we 4th graders had been working on our documentaries. We had a film festival that was on march 28. I was very nervous since I was an MC. But turnes out I did great job being an MC even though I didn’t say much. Here is our Documentary we spent working on for weeks:


Field trips!

For the visiting artist, we went to dip some fabric in the river at the rainbow bridge. Okay. I’ll take a step back. Our visiting artist was Lee Tracy, and she was an eco artist. She usually spends her time with nature. She wanted to let people know How much we are polluting the world. The river we dipped the fabric in was the river with the rainbow bridge over it. At first I thought we would dip small pieces, but we ended up tying the fabric to log ropes and we hung the fabric over the rainbow bridge. We also made poems and drew pictures. We had to walk all the way from school to the bridge and back so my legs felt like jelly when we came back.

We also learned about sustainability. Sustainability is having habits that restore our enviorment

Here’s my poem.


Nature’s image

Nature is amazing

How things move so freely

The ants march across the green grass

The colorful fish swimming happily

The bird’s unmatchably beautiful bird’s voices singing

Nature’s beauty is a gift

we must use wisely We need to open our eyes and see the horrible things we have done

we can change it.

It is not too late

Help the world