These passing weeks we worked on the Spray Paint Sculpture. We chose a picture and drew it to make the shape that we like and want. It was really cool to do all the steps because we don't have to make the exact same thing as the picture.The most interesting part was when we spray painted it because we got to blend the colors and choose our colors. The thing I would improve next time is making a hot glue not that obvious. 


In these Art classes we learned about different types of Drawing technique. I chose 2-point perspective for my Drawing goal. I learned about precision in my 2-point perspective drawing by using a ruler and making it go straight and going to the vanishing point. I want to improve in 2-point perspective by getting more ideas in the windows and having more details. At the beginning of the year when I learned about 1-point perspective I remembered about not drawing very well and having a lot of precision mistakes. Overall I think I did a good job on my drawing. I really like my drawing but I still want to improve. 

Today I saw my score and my tests. I also compared my tests and I figured out that I need to read over my tests over and over again because I forgot to explain a problem. I think I need to learn more about the powers of ten and I think I also need to memorize the place value that are larger. I learned a lot by when in my pre-test I didn't know what N and A and these mystery letters because before I thought that it is a number but it actually represents a mystery number. So, on the post test I think I did well and I understand it well. I think I did pretty well but I will need to improve in some parts of Order of Operation.

This is all about my 6th week of school. I have learned about order of operation. For example I learned about PEMDAS. I had a bit of challenge when writing class I started out like this: One day... but now I learned that there was a better way of starting a story. For me it connects to pursuit of excellence is a intentional effort by when it was pre-test time I did not understand what PEMDAS means but now when I learned it I knew and could explain it to other people. My goal for next week is to read more books and write more creative about the topic. I also think I should be balanced in life because I only do school homework and music but I think I should also do sports. 

At math time I learned what was the difference between equation and expression. I learned that Expression means a equation but without a equal sign and the answer and it also means it can have variable answers. A equation is a expression with a equal sign and a answer. It can only have a answer. I also learned that (8+2=20/2) this kind of math also counts as a expression. I think this kind of math is important because we can mix up expression and equation in a test.

I hope you learn something new about math!!!

We learned about the Design Cycle! So I decided to use the Design Cycle when I am drawing.

The Imagine Stage: In the Imagine stage, I thought about what I was going to draw. So in this case I am drawing one-point perspective.

Plan Stage: I planed what I needed for drawing and prepared them so when I need it I don't have to get up and get it. 

Design Stage: I designed that picture so I got the idea of what I am going to draw. 

Create: I draw what I imagined and designed and make it look very nice.

Evaluate Stage: I write what succeed and what I need to improve to make this drawing a lot prettier.

So this is how I use the Design Cycle for drawing. The Design Cycle is a very useful tool if you want your project to be organized.

Our book club book is called Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key. I liked this book very much because it gives a good understanding for the reader. I would give this book a rating 4 out of 4 because it explains one problem in the whole entire book. It talks about joey having a sickness that is ADHD. ADHD is a sickness that people get. You can tell if they have it by them jumping around and not focusing. One part I liked was the part where joey goes to school and the Mrs. Maxy (teacher) gave joey a job, and that job was sharpening pencils, then he became silly that he even put his own finger in the sharpener. Also, when Joey and his class went on a field thrip they went to Amish farm and they offered a cake called molasses shoofly pie and the teacher said that joey must not eat it because it was not good for his body. But he refuse so the teacher sent him back to the bus. I would recommend you to read this book if you did not yet.

Our super unit was explorers so we made a play that connects to the Age of Exploration. We found out that there was a sickness called Scurvy. Scurvy is a sickness that people get bloody teeth and gums or they might get diarrhea.  I also had a partner called Danbee. Our skit was about about Scurvy however we did not mention Scurvy in the play because in 1488 they did not know that the sickness was Scurvy. I was proud of saying my lines in a clear voice. I felt that I need to spend more time memorizing my skit. On a scale from 1~4, I would give myself a 2 because I did not do very well on memorizing. I enjoyed the Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea play. I think they did well because they made it very interesting and they memorize all their scripts.

Our explorer is called Bartolomeu Dias. He sailed through the tip of Africa and named it the Cape of Good Hope and also Bartolomeu Dias's ship is called Sao Cristovao. Dias is from Portugal. Dias was borned on 1450 in Algarve, Portugal. And Dias died on 1500 May 29. I enjoyed studying about Bartolomeu Dias and making out boats. I also had fun working with my partner Danbee. I think this explorer is intresting to explorer.

       This book is called The Pinballs. I give this book a rating 2 out of 5 because I think that this book has a very strong feeling you can feel.  This book is about Carlie the girl is like in the pinball machine because Mr Mason kept telling her to get things and she is going crazy like a pinball. And they were at a foster home and Carlie made 2 friends Thomas J and Harvey.Thomas J also had 2 twins. They are called The Bensons Twin. Now they now that they can depend on each other.  So, that they do not have to be running around like pinballs. Thomas J was sick at 1 part and he had to go to the Hospital. And then Carlie and Harvey got a puppy for Thomas J to make him feel better.