Today when we looked at our ecodome. We noticed that there was grass growing and that one of the grasshoppers malted their skin. That shows that they are comfortable where they are. The healthy fruit has turned orange from it's bright red. The decomposing fruit are growing roots and fertilizing the soil. The tall single plant is growing more leaves. All of the grasshoppers are alive.

Top-down view of our ecodoome
Top-down view of our ecodoome before we closed the lid. 

We started our ecodome with 6 small apple - like fruit, 3 grasshoppers and some plants. There are now two plants left. 3 fruits, and three grasshoppers left. Most of the fruit are decomposed/decomposing. There is only one completely healthy fruit. As you can see above. we had several plants. They must have died or the grasshoppers ate them. We observed that there was a grasshopper leg next to the bottle cap yet all grasshoppers were alive and well. I feel that maybe the grasshoppers are slowly dying and this is an indication. The first few days, some of the fruit had a large amount of mold on them. Now you can see that a few have completely decomposed. There is a lot of condensation in the ecodome due to the bottle cap filled with water. The grasshoppers seem to like staying on the tall plant. Next time, I believe that it would be best to get a bigger container, or turn this one on its side. Or maybe put a plant with several flowers so the insects feel "at home". I also think that next time we should choose a different fruit. I think this because the small apples did not serve a purpose except keep the soil healthy by decomposing the fruit. Take note that we have not opened our current one because we are curious of how long the grasshoppers can last.

He was moving quickly as he was panicked about the upcoming fair.

"What am I going to do?" Fluenza screamed.

He was a peddler in the Renaissance times. He had spent so much time working on the farm with his father that he forgot about the upcoming fair. He had 3 days to get his mobile shot prepared for all the rich, busy people. Fluenza was born on June 4th, 1492. His father was a farmer and his mother was a peddler. He loved his mother very much so he became a peddler as well. He had also loved money so it was the perfect job for him.

In this project on The Renaissance, we focused on improving/learning _____________. This is an important skill because ____________.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to ____________. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

- What helped me stay organized?

- How did my classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?

- What did I change (revise) in various stages and why?

We changed our cards and the way the game was going to be played. At some points the cards didn't look nice and our game was played differently. Now you play it like Monopoly, where you can buy medical research and properties.

- What trouble did I have and why?

The troubles were time and design. My partner and I do not have the best drawing skills and handwriting so it was difficult to make our game look nice. We were also short on time so we could not put our best effort into it because it would have taken too long.

- What feedback did I get that was useful?

Many people told us that they liked the concept of our game. The design and look of the game was the main issue... The rest was fine.

- How did this writing help me improve as a writer/researcher/thinker?

It helps me because as I write, I get to think about what I did and understand what I learned.

- How did time impact my work?

The amount of time we had affected the quality of our work.

- How did my consideration of an audience influence my work?

It made us think about how descriptive we should be and how much we should have written.


How did you work with your group to brainstorm?

We all sat down and discussed what our options were. We debated over ideas and which ones would work. After a long discussion, we decided to have a natural filtration system with pebbles, gravel and cotton.

What ideas can you offer?

I think that our project should have a lot of tubes that require no maintenance. I also think that we could find a way to heat up the water to boil it.

What is your group’s next steps?

To plan a bit more and continue building. Right now we have an unfinished prototype. It is a large bottle with pebbles, rocks, and cotton on the inside. It seems to clear up sediment extremely well. But it does not get rid of salt and such.

What should you bring?

I need to bring filter paper and other things like bottles. I have brought a large bottle and two normal sized water bottles.

What is a "tragedy of the commons" problem?

When  there is not enough resources for everyone in the "common" area.

What situations right now are we facing that shows how water is a commons problem?

Many people in Africa are dying because they can not get enough or clean water.  If there is not enough water for people, the entire population will die in that area.

Which one is the most important for us to solve in the next ten years?

I think that we should try and get a steady supply of clean water to people in Africa first.

How can a student in middle school help their community learn about the problem or create a solution?

They can create posters, flyers and videos to spread the word. Or maybe during an assembly they can give a speech.

What did you learn from this unit?

I learned how to talk to a doctor in Chinese and I know how to describe symptoms.

Can you describe your symptoms when you sick?

Yes. I know how to describe a soar throat

Can you make appointment with the nurse to see the doctor?

Yes. If i went to a hospital in China I would be able to get an appointment

What would the doctor will ask you when you visit him/her?


How do you describe your symptoms to the doctor?

What was your learning process for this project?

I just practiced a lot. Then I made a video with my Mandarin teacher. We practiced off of our Chinese textbooks on page 54. 

What were my strength as a math student last semester?

I was great with integers and division. Those are my two strongest skills in math.

What were my struggles as a math student last semester?

I had a lot of trouble with fractions because I found it very complicated.

What topics of math would you like to improve this semester?

I would like to improve my fractions and word problem skills because they were my weakest points in math.

What “math habits” would you like to improve this semester?

I would like to improve my handwriting and "quick solving" so I can do better in class.


My goal for this semester is to become faster in math and in class. This goal is important because it can really make a change in my grade. I will try to have this goal completed by the end of the month. I find that it is a good amount of time for me. I will complete the goal by being more attentive in class, raising my hand more often, and studying and focusing more. My teacher and my tutor could help me a lot to achieve this goal.