The first picture is monarchy. In the picture, person sitting on the throne is the king. The citizens are bowing to the king. The second one, it democracy. in the middle, they are having a debate, and on the side, they are voting.

This is oligarchy. the one with yellow paper is the rich, and the one without yellow paper is poor. I did this because when oligarchs ruled, the rich became richer, and the poor became more poor.

In dragon's apprentice, we are making carton wallets. To make the wallet, we upcycled juice cartons. I wanted our slogan to show it is environmentally friendly. I came up with a idea. My idea was 'help the nature'.  I also thought the wallet will help organise your money and idcard so I wrote The source of organisation. I also thought the wallet was creative, so I wrote the 'creative box.' Then we shared our ideas, and we liked Jihwi's idea the most which is 'always in your pocket, carton wallet!'



Link to video:

Jeong Min, You Bin, and I made a common craft video as a book reflection of the book                   A Princess of Mars. We read this book in a lit circle. This book is very old, so I did not reconise a lot of words. That was a great way to expand my English Vocabulary. After reading this book, I am more interested in reading more science fiction books.

I think this lit circle was better than last lit circle because, I tried to talk and share more of my ideas. Last lit circle was ok, but I did not really share my ideas because, in the socratic seminar, there was more people listening to me and when more people listen to me, I get nervous.  I also tried not to read my notes very much. Next lit circle, I will try to write my notes more neat.

Today, we started using the hummingbird. I used a similiar thing called the maKeymaKey. I even posted a video on this blog. Inyoung, and Eric is in my group. First, we connected a wire to Eric's computer. Then we used scratch and used the led block. Then we connected the wire on the led holes. Before, I connected the wire in the wrong place, but I learned that there were words on the hummingbird. We could not get the light to light up, but if we had more time, I think we could have light the light up.

I am proud of my video, but there are a few things I would change if I were to do this vlog again. I would have read my notebook again because, I forgot what theme meant. Now looking at my notebook, I know it means something like the author's message. I would have also added a quote  to support what I am saying.

I had a great expirence making this vlog.  I think it is a great way to show your thinking. I had a tough time editing my clips because at the beginning of the clip, sometimes I make a mistake. I would like to do more vlogs in the future.

What did I learn about geography and early human settlement from this project?                            I learned how there are vegetation near the nile river. Before, I thought there is only a dessert. I also learned how people used water from the nile to grow crops, drink, and to travel when it floods.

What am I most proud about this project?                                                                                                  I am proud that my minecraft world look realistic, and I made the nile river delta. I am also proud that I talk a lot in my video.

What would I do differently if I were to do this project again?                                                                  I would have wrote a script down because,I forgot what to say. I also think I should have moved less because, it might make the viewer feel a bit dizzy.

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