CAS Reflection

1)What is the project or experience that you are reflecting on?

I am reflecting on my experience in debate club.

 2) Describe what happened or what you experienced.

We learned about the basics of policy debate and about the different types of cards in a debate.

3) What was the most rewarding thing about the experience?

I think the most rewarding thing form debate club was the basis of debate and learning about the different types of issues you talk about in a policy debate, such as, inherency, harms and solvency.

4) What skills did you further develop?

One thing that was helpful from Debate Club was the development of my confidence. We learned how to stand confidently and sound confident during a debate.

5) How did you collaborate with others during this activity?

I think I did pretty well collaborating with others and specially collaborating with my partner and finding the right cards for our debate.

6) Did you face any challenges?  How did you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenge in Debate Club was understanding the language of the cards.

7) What areas / things of interest would you like to develop more?

I want to improve on how to take good notes while your opposition side is reading his/her speech.


Recently, we have been working on a activity called CSI. CSI stands for color, symbol and image. It is a great way to define a word with your own understanding and thought. I chose the ‘wage’ and then I used colors, symbols and images to describe it. ‘Wage’ means; an amount of money paid to an employee at a specified rate per hour worked for their labor.  I chose the color gold for my word because money brings wealth and gold best describes wealth and richness. I chose the the dollar symbol as my symbol for my word because dollar is commonly used to represent money. My image is of one person giving a amount of money to another person. I chose to draw this image because during the Industrial Revolution, the owner’s of the factories gave wages to the workers.


Newton’s Vehicle-Evolution

Now we have finished creating our vehicle and we have already tested it. And we were very happy that our car travelled a lot more than 1.5 meters. But still I think that it was very hard to design our vehicle. There was a lot of science included in making the vehicle and unfortunately we only learned the basic concepts of those parts of science. But we tried to use as much as knowledge we had gotten from different studies. Some of the things we did consider while making the vehicle were, making the vehicle with light materials to make the vehicle light, using wheels with proper friction for the vehicle to move on the surface and making the axles straight so our vehicles don’t turn. If we do this project again, I would add more bigger balloons so our vehicle can go event further and also bigger wheels so it can travel over rough surfaces. And I think it is important to consider Newton’s Law of Motions while making vehicle, because it helps make our vehicle travel further distances. So we used the balloon on our vehicle to form the unbalanced force that will to move the vehicle, we made our vehicle light so that less force is needed to accelerate our vehicle and the air of the balloon was the action so the reaction from the wind helped our vehicle move forward. If I did this project again, I would try to make a wind boat. So I would use the help of wind to move my vehicle.


Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 7.34.29 PM

Newton’ Vehicle-Experimentation

We are doing a project on creating a vehicle that can move at least 1.5 meters without any human or mechanical force. We are also applying the three Newton’s Law of Motion. Newton’s first law of motion states that if an object is at rest, then it won’t move until a unbalanced force is exerted on it. On our vehicle we are using a balloon and the pressure of air from the balloon will be our unbalanced force. And based on Newton’s Second Law of Motion(The greater the mass of an object, the more net force is needed to move it), we have tried to make our vehicle very light in mass so that it can cover a bigger distance with less force applied to it. And based on Newton’s Third Law of Motion; every action has a opposite reaction to it, we using the pressure of air from the balloon as our action and the force that will move our vehicle forward will be the reaction.

Below is a image of our design of our vehicle.

Screenshot from 2014-12-11 21:02:33

Newton’s Vehicle- Discovery and Interpretation

So this year we have been studying about the Newton’s Law of Motion in ourPhysics unit. And now our task is to create a vehicle made out scrap and the vehicle has to move at least 1.5 meters. But we can’t apply any human or mechanical force onto it and it is actually our biggest challenge for this project. But our goal is to make a vehicle that can cover at lest a meter more than 1.5 meters. Based on Newton’s first law of motion(An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force), we are going to use the air inside a balloon as our unbalanced force. And based on newton’s second law of motion(the greater the mass of the object accelerated, the greater the net force is needed) we are planning to create a light vehicle using chopsticks and tinfoil so it is easier for the vehicle to move. And based on Newton’s third law of motion (For every action there is equal and opposite reaction) the balloon will push the wind and the equal opposite force of the wind will help the vehicle move. We also need to be aware of friction because we don’t want our wheels to have too much friction otherwise the vehicle won’t move and we don’t also want too less friction otherwise the vehicle will move but very slowly.

Screenshot from 2014-12-11 20:13:35


Hour of Coding Fun

Today in science class we did a hour of just coding. We used a website called You can sign up and go through their tutorials to learn the basics of coding. First I went through the basic tutorial and then I made a flappy bird game of my own. It was great fun even though I thought coding was not the thing I would like. But I really enjoyed it and looking forward to moving on to advanced coding later in the future. If you haven’t tried coding yet, I highly recommend that you do try the hour of code website. It’s ok if you have never coded before just like me, just have fun with the magic, computers have to offer for you.

Below is a image of my Hour of Code certificate.

hour of code certificate

Unidentified Dinner Plate

It was a hot summer day in Witttenburg, Germany. I was on my way to school rushing through the path. Only ten minutes were left before the class would start. I rushed through the central park and sprinted into the western wheat fields. The wheat leaves tickled my face and the muddy path stained my new white shoes. Suddenly, a large shadow covered my whole path, making me feel dizzy for a second. As I glared up to see the huge object, a bright shining force of light beamed on my face. It looked like a dining plate except a thousand times bigger. A set of stairs popped out of the dining plate. And a figure in the light started walking towards me. My heart pumped as I took a step back every second. I was ready to sprint back but a sudden confidence inside me forced me to stay. Then out came a green figure.


By the time I had realised that the dinner plate was a UFO and the figure coming out of it was a alien. It was a green four-legged alien. It had only one eye and always kept it’s mouth open except for when it was talking. I was shocked to hear that he knew proper english as he introduced himself.  I introduced myself to him. I had changed my mind, and so I decided to just take him home.


As I entered my house, I checked to make sure that my parents had left for work already. I served him some water to drink. But he decided to help himself with tap water. So we sat down for a chit chat. He went through my house observing each and every corner of it. After observing my house we sat on the table again.

Then he stared at the cross under my shirt and asked,”Oh! Are you a Christian?”

“No, I am a protestant.” I replied sadly.

He told me that he had never heard of the protestantism. So I explained to him that protestantism was a denomination of Christianity. I told him that my grandfather was a Christian. But during the time of Martin Luther everything was changed.

“Martin Luther was a german priest. During his time, the Christian church had become very worldly and the church officials had become more like politicians. So Martin Luther was the person to protest against the church officials. He was the brave one who had put his 95 theses on the church door, in which he criticized the church officials and their idea of indulgences.” I explained.

I also told him that indulgences was a way for people to get pardon from their sins without doing something good. “The conflict had kept going on for a long time. And then Martin Luther opened his own church. They had the same religion but they had changed some doctrines. Which later was called the protestantism.”

I happily expressed how my parents had decided to follow Martin Luther and how his idea of writing the bible in German helped us normal people to actually understand the religion and God.

By the end of our conversation it was almost the end of afternoon. So we rushed back to the wheat field to wait for the alien’s UFO. Then exactly at 6 pm the UFO landed and the alien left for it’s own home. And I never saw the alien again.




The 7 minute run challenge

This quarter we did the 7 minute challenge. The 7 min challenge is a run we did every block. We had to run for 7  minutes without stopping. We can run, we can jog and we can walk depending on how much w can take. My goals for the 7 minute challenge was to run at a constant rate everyday. So I did run about 900 meters everyday. Which is not good for my age level but I did put a lot of effort to run that long. My goal was to run 5 kilometer by the end. And I have reached my goal. Because I ran about 8 kilometers by the end. One of the challenges for me was to keep up the same pace for the whole time. Because I would not be able to keep up the same pace because after two hundred meters I kept feeling sick in my stomach. One of successes was that I was being able to move for the whole time. I didn’t get sick and had to stop in the middle. Overall I am happy that I have run this far. But I need to try harder and try stop less after I stop the first time.


Activity Heart Rate Active Heart Rate Healthy Heart Rate
Resting 90 no no
Warm Up 140 yes no
7 minute challenge 190 yes yes

Yearbook Quarter 1 reflection

In this first first quarter of the year, we haven’t actually started making the yearbook but we have focused more on preparing ourselves for making the yearbook. We first started with photography. So we just started using the yearbook and cameras and kind of getting used to the settings of the camera. We also spent quite some time on learning how to take good group photos. Then we were introduced to Photoshop. In Photoshop we learned how  to make make cutouts. So cutouts means to only take the subject from the image and cutout the background. Also we learned how to make images brighter or sharper on Photoshop. Then we also learned about how to use InDesign. We just learned how we should follow our yearbook template when we make a spread in InDesign and we also learned how to insert images and how to organize our layout in InDesign when we are making the spread.

In photography we learned about the different settings in the camera. We mostly learned about ISO and shutter speed. ISO is a setting in your camera which allows you to choose how much exposure of light do you want in your photo. ISO has many different levels. The higher the ISO, the more light you let into your photo. Now ISO is a very helpful tool for taking photos inside. But when you are outside in the fields, it is better to use a lower ISO. Also if you are taking photos of an moving object where it is a little dark. Increasing both ISO and shutter speed helps you get a clear photo of a subject rather than a blurred vision of the subject. And Shutter speed is the setting on your camera screen which has 1/100 on it. The shutter speed setting is for choosing how fast you want your photos to be taken. If you increase  the denominator, the camera will start taking faster photos. But also the higher the shutter speed, the darker the images.  Also very low shutter speed will get you blurry image of moving objects.

I really enjoyed using Photoshop. First we started with making images sharper and brighter. It was very easy to do because all we had to do is open an image on Photoshop. Then we had to make a duplicate layer by pressing command+J on a mac. Then we had open the blending mode drop down and choose the one we wanted according to what we needed to add in our image.

Then the last thing we learned was using InDesign. In InDesign we just went trough some basics. Like we learned how to insert our template into InDesign and we also learned how we should follow the template. Then we learned how to insert an image or an background into InDesign. And last we learned about how we should organize our layers. Organising the layers mean to align the text, the background and the photos.



How to take excellent photos for yearbook?

Elements to take a good photo:

ISO-  ISO is a setting in your camera which allows you to choose how much exposure of light do you want in your photo. I ISO has many different levels. The lowest is 100. The highest is 6400. The higher the ISO, the more light you let into your photo. Now ISO is a very helpful tool for taking photos inside. But when you are outside in the fields, it is better to use a lower ISO. Also if you are taking photos of an moving object where it is a little dark. Increasing both ISO and shutter speed helps you get a clear photo of a subject rather than a blurred vision of the subject.


Shutter Speed- Shutter speed is the setting on your screen which has 1/100 on it. The shutter speed setting is for choosing how fast you want your photos to be taken. If you increase keep increasing the denominator, the camera will start taking faster photos. But also the higher the shutter speed, the darker the images. Also shutter speed below 1/60 might require you a tripod because, even a little bit of movement while taking the photo will make the whole image blurry. Also lower shutter speed will get you blurry vision of moving objects.


RAW- Also when you want to take photos for yearbook, you want the best quality you can. In every DSLR there are different quality of images. By default it will be in JPEG quality. But you need you change it to RAW to get the best image your camera can give you. RAW images are best qualities for printing but it will also take up a lot more space. Each image is at least 15mb or more. So you need a SD card or any memory with a larger space available.


One of the difference between a RAW image and a JPEG image is there size. But RAW images will also have better looking images. RAW images don’t create a big contrast between the background and the subject. But it keeps the natural colors of the subject and also it creates smooth texture on top of the subject which makes the image look clean rather than showing way too much detail of the subject.