Volcanic activity and the 3 Types of Rock

A volcano is formed by 2 convergent boundaries. When two boundaries crash into each other it will form a volcano. When the tectonic plates crash or separates it will form volcanos, during these events earthquakes can occur to the surrounding area. The magma (Hot substance) that is inside the volcano can create rocks when it cools down on the surface of the earth. Magma cools down into a rock called the igneous rock. These rocks only form after a volcanic activity when the magma spill out. When the igneous rocks go through a process of heating and pressure it will form the metaphoric rock. The sediment rock is a rock that is made out of leaves, dirt and mostly leftovers. They then compact and form the sediment rock.

Gummy Bears Government

This is monarchy, one of the form in Ancient Greece’s government


This is the oligarchy, a group of wealthy men ruling Ancient Greece.


This is Tyranny, a cruel form of government.

And this is Democracy, all citizens will have the right to vote on one person to rule.

It is important to learn about different forms of government because then we will know not just about the culture and where Ancient Greece settle at, but we will also know about the laws and how Greece rules their country. We learned 4 different forms of government in Greece. Monarchy, Oligarchy, Tyranny, and Democracy. I think Democracy is the best form of government because citizens get to vote on things and they will all decide in one thing.



“Think Different.”- Apple inc.

Apple is one of the most popular tech. company on the world right now. It have different designs that are unique and popular. Apple’s slogan “Think Different.” Really impact the way of creators and people think about what they’re doing. Why not think different to come up with such an awesome and creative idea? Why not think outside of the box? The message that Apple is trying to send us is, think differently than the others you might be suprise on what you succeeded on. Apple made such awesome products, and all of them are unique. So think different, and you’ll be amazed on what you achieved.

Mummifying Fruits


One of the activities we did in social studies is mummifying fruits. We wrapped apples and tomatoes in tissue paper, and in the inside we put salt and baking soda. The salt and baking soda helped the food stay for a long time.

My TOP 3 favorite activities that we did in class was the kahoot game, the 7-12 chapters test, and the review game. The kahoot and the review game was really fun, and it also helped us for our test.

Social Studies Ancient Canaan Project

-This project teach me about the things that affects the human settlement (Water, topography, and vegetation). I also learned about what villagers does for living, some of them are farmers and some of them are herders. I learned more about the Middle-East and how everything is arranged back then and now.

-I am proud of my screencast because I think I did a great job organizing everything. And I am also proud of my Minecraft world, because I have never used Minecraft before and I think this is an awesome opportunity to get use to Minecraft so I can use it through-out the year with other projects.

-Next time I would start my world earlier and try to not be in a rush, and I would maybe plan a script for my screencast so I don’t have to stumble in some parts in the video.


Math Reflection (Quarter 1)

I think I success on learning new topics, and asking for help when I needed. I am not really happy on how much topics I finished on Aleks, because I didn’t do Aleks daily and I take a long time to work on knowledge checks. Next quarter I would set how many topics should I do in 1 day or 1 week.

Reflect on My Book Final Reflection Vlog

On my final reflection I made a few language mistakes. I forgot to include how the character changes through out the story. Next time I would  avoid saying “yeah” and “like”. I think that was the biggest issue in my final book reflection. I would read the rubric clearly before I do the reflection, and I think I would also write a script to make it easier next time.

Exploring The Designing World 1

Making a poster to advertise something is really hard work. In the first three tutorials I learned how to make the words stand out in the pictures, and adjusting them, The thing that is very interesting to me is the tutorial “less is more”. In that tutorial we learned that the more simple the design is, the more easy it is to understand. I like that tutorial because usually I would plop everything in and I think it looks cool, but then now I learned that the more simple the design is, the more you can “deliver” it to the reader.