Cat Tien Reflection

On March 12-15 2018 the SSIS fifth grade went to a national park in Vietnam called Cat Tien and I made a reflection about that trip.

My favorite part of the trip was going home, because I could go home and relax and play on my i-pad pro.

The most interesting thing I saw in Cat Tien was the trees and the animals, like the red wood and the gibbons. Also, the most interesting thing I learned was how the gibbons act and how tall and big the trees are there.

The hardest part of the trip was going there for 4 days and 3 nights. How I dealt with it was that I didn’t think about how long I would stay there and I thought about what we were doing next at Cat Tien.

I suggest going to different places each year, like this year I went to this place to hike, so next year we should go to another place to hike.

Long Walk To Water Reflection

The first station which was a head carry station I did was balacing a juge of water on top of our head and walking around a hill next to the Cresent bridge.

The second station which was a shoulder pole station. We were trying to balance a bamboo stick with two bucket of water on the side of the stick and walking around the same hill as station one.

The third station was a filtering station. We were trying to make river water cleaner with rocks, leaves, a filter, one jug of water, and a

The last station was getting water from the river station.

Art reflection

My goal was drawing my favorite soccer player, Aubameyang with shading. I learned that drawing with shading makes your drawing stands out more. I like this picture because it makes the picture stand out. I think I need to improve is making it more realistic.

Buu Long Field Trip

The first thing we did was putting on our harness. Then my group went up a mountain to do zip lining. First of all my feet and hands were shaking because when I go to high places I fell weird. Then I went to this place on top of the mountain where to start the zip line. Then that point I looked down and I wonder why I felt so normal .Then the guide hook me to the rope of the zip line with a clip carabiner. Then the guide told me are you ready and I thought about it. But I said yes any way. When I was going to the end I felt like a flying baby wearing a diaper and hooked in to a zip line rope. When my group was done we went to drink water. After that we went to practice abseiling on a small rock. When I was finished practicing I told myself I am not doing the real one so I did not do it. When my group was finish with the abseiling we went to rock climbing. I did not know how to rock climb so I did not do it because I’m scared I will hit the mountain. After that we went to a restaurant at Buu Long the food was good the one that I like the most was the beef. I dip the beef with soy sauce and ate it with rice. Then we came back to SSIS.

My 20 hour project.

Hi, today I will be telling you what has happen in my 20 hour project. A 20 hour project is your own project, that you want to improve and you have 20 hours to do it. My topic is shooting a soccer ball in soccer. I am trying to shoot harder, higher, and more accurate. It is going well because my friend Kaleb was playing soccer with me in recess and I shot a soccer ball. He said it was harder and more accurate than before so I shot more soccer balls and he said I improved. So that is why I think I improved also I thought I did better too. My plan is practicing everyday for an hour or more. Maybe I will go to the gym or a park close to my house.

Design Cycle

Design cycle about my Minecraft house.

I imagined a magma block house. I planed making a water slide, hallway, 1 bedroom, and 3 more floors. I designed the water slide to get out of the house, a ladder for going in the house, and other furnitures. Then I created it and it is going well, but I didn’t finish yet.

Brian’s zip line reflection

Challenge #1

Backward-LookingWhat problems did you encounter while you were working on this challenge? How did you solve them?

The zip line was too light. We fixed it by putting more washers. But it still didn’t work.

Inward-LookingWhat was satisfying to you or frustrating to you during the challenge?

I was not frustrated in this challenge at all because, no one was mad.

Outward-LookingIn what ways did your product meet or not meet the goals of the challenge?

It did not meet the goal because it was too light.

Forward-LookingWhat would you change if you have a chance to do this challenge over again?

Make the zip line heavier, so pong will make it to the end.

Feelings: What were some of the different feelings you experienced during the challenge?

I was okay, because my group worked well together.

What did you enjoy most about this project? Tell me why.

I enjoy this project because I get to be not that shy anymore and having fun. I have fun by acting. Even I got to get to now my lines.

What is something that you learn that you found really interesting?

I found some stuff interesting like what was life on the ship, what they ate, what they wore, how hard to get crew members and get a ship.

Book review

Hello, today I will tell you about a book called The family under the bridge. I will rate this book 1 out of 5 because I think this book is boring and not understandable. I recommend this book to people who like boring books.