C.A.S Reflection Gr9 S1


Creativity Activity Service :  Artviz

Artviz is a community where we do art for service. It means that we are using art and our creativity as a bridge to raise awareness towards global problems. Some of which are global warming, human trafficking and cyberbullying… This time, the art works are heavily based on sculptures and anything that is three dimensionalThe project I was working on was creating a small piece of art to spread the awareness of cyberbullying. Our art piece was suppose to be some kind of sculpture that could be display. We decided to create a bird cage, with an injured bird inside. The bird was suppose to be a reference to Twitter and how social media in general take parts in the growing of cyberbullying. We were trying to portray how Twitter user in general, are either using the media to bully or being bullied and harassed from Twitter.  At first, our vision of the art work wasn’t complete, and our idea was very vague. However, as we spend time trying out different materials and tools, we realized that a bird cage is a possibility. Our working time was limited due to the fact that we can only work on it for about one hours per week. We were also absent for a week since we going on a school trip. Although there was a lot of things to do and little time to actually do it, we tried our best to get something down. Our team collaborate pretty well, especially when we were connecting the parts together. At the end, we finished the bird cage and it looks quite nice. However, the birds and extra details were not yet complete at the end.





EAL Media Essay

For every three teens in America, one might be facing obesity, but the methods that these teens use to treat the problem might be the real reason that causes them to get weaker. Obesity might be America’s top concern towards health. However their biggest potential problem might be from the fact that these teens are torturing themselves as they compare themselves with those seen on any form of the media. The staggering fact is that even though these pictures might be retouched, teenagers are still very determined to pursue these unrealistic bodies. Therefore many could see that the media influences a lot of teens, but girls are more easily affected by their physique than boys. The media can be harmful because many teenage girls are disappointed by their personal features when they see models on TV and magazines, while boys are less influenced by images compared to other girls. Overall, girls are encouraged to change their looks when they view these photos of perfect shapes and features, while a hand full of boys are over working out to build their muscles like those seen on health magazines. Although some might claim that the media is a motivation to give teens a more healthy life, not many can see that these teens are doing more than what their body can take.


First of all, teens are daily exposed to the media, therefore many feel unhappy when they compare their proportion with those of a model. A large amount of girls at the age of 18 use cosmetic products to have an ideal look. To illustrate, according to the article “Does the Media’s Focus on Beauty have an Ugly Side?” 5% of teen girls are obsessed over beauty products that are shown on ads to gain unrealistic features. This evidence suggests that the media has a very big impact on their appearances and how girls feel about themselves. The information also indicates that teen girls also raise their expectation of how appealing they should be when they see beautiful girls and women on ads or even social media. In conclusion, a lot of young ladies and are witnessing artificial beauty but are still fooled to achieve that level of symmetry.


Although it is true that most teens that are affected by the media are girls, there are still many guys who are being impacted by the media in a different way. For example, as boys reach the point when they are slowly developing, they’re trying workouts and lifting with the purpose of achieving a strong, muscular build seen on ads. In the section “Pumped Up”, Marcos Cano found out that like some 14 years old male teenagers, Jason Dean is lifting weights for many hours on a daily basis every week when they see their friends getting bigger. This example illustrates that even boys are influenced not just by buffy models and advertisers but by their own surrounding. It is also logical that the media is affecting boy teenagers, making them overly obsessed with working out. This might even become a distraction towards their school work. Base on the given evidence, young male adults are continuously exercising to achieve very unrealistic ideal physiques viewed in the media.


In comparison, some might believe that the images on media motivate teens to be healthier and stay fit. Based on a graph shown by Marcos Cano, up to 68% of girls and 55% of boys are trying to lose weight, while only a handful are using diet pills and other dangerous methods. This example illustrates that many teens are seeing the pictures on media as a goal for them to achieve that physique through healthy workouts. Although this argument seems valid at first, many are still not certain how much these teens are pushing themselves. Teens themselves don’t even know if they are exercising but still consuming the right amount of food. Basically, this graph of ‘How Teens View and Manage Weight’ show that more than 50% of girls are on their diet to lose weight, and along with intense work out, they’re trying to break through  their limit even though only about 27% of teens are actually overweight. This shows that the fact that these teens are obsessively trying to work out and dieting can be misleading because the contrast between the amount of calories that these adolescents are burning and consuming are weakening and overheating their bodies. After looking carefully at both perspectives, one can see that the media can still be harmful to teens if they don’t realize their limit.


As a conclusion, teen girls are forced to apply cosmetic products to feel confident and beautiful like models, and boys are spending valuable time building up their muscles. The media can influence teens to stay in shape, however the combination of teens overly exercising to stay fit and restraining their eating is breaking down their body. All these concerns and problems are happening as teens are experiencing a large amount of retouched beauty within their daily life. These adolescents should be warned about the fatal potential from the media when they’re receiving the wrong messages. In the end, the pictures in media should be no different from cigarettes. These photo should come with a warning, “Be careful, these images are retouched and can be taken as a misleading influence to teenagers.”

Science Astronomy- Solar System (Uranus)

This unit is the astronomy unit. In the astronomy unit this year we get to self explore the astronomy field. Since astronomy overall is such a big field, all the 7 graders were scattered among the different sections of astronomy. Many did black holes, eclipses and the solar system. I also focus my field on the Solar System, but specifically Uranus. The reason that I choose Uranus for my project was because it stands out from other planets in different ways.

How was the Solar System/ Uranus formed?

The formation of the Solar System started 4.6 billion years ago due to the gravitational collapse from a small part of a giant molecular cloud. Most of it mass was gathered in the center, creating what we know as the sun. Other formed planetary disks that later grow into planets, stars and moons. This model was famously known as the Nebular hypothesis. Collision of planets and other rocks and dust was the main part in the formation of the Solar System. Uranus was among the big planets that was formed, also holding 27 satellites.

How is Uranus different from the Inner Planets and similar to the Outer Planets?

Outer planets are much more bigger than Inner Planets. Earth being the biggest of the Inner Planets is 11 times smaller than Jupiter, the largest of the Outer Planets. But in the other hand, the Inner Planets are denser because their matter are closely compacted even though they’re not as large. The atmosphere in the Inner Planets varied while all Outer Planets have an atmosphere filled with hydrogen and helium. Since Inner Planets are much closer to the sun, we can see that they orbit around the sun much faster than Outer Planets. All Outer Planets also have rings, but Inner Planets have none. A specific reason that have made Uranus so different is that it axial tilt is about 90 degree more than other planets. This means that it South pole is pointing straight at the sun. This might be the result from the formation of the Solar System. This also mean that since it took roughly 84 years to revolve around the sun, One side of Uranus will experience 42 years of continues light follow by 42 years of darkness.

Uranus’s atmosphere

Uranus main structure is split into three, the core which is the small center made of hard rock. The mantle is flowing with hot volatile (elements with a low boiling point, water, ammonia…) The atmosphere is the outer layers and is split into three section: the troposphere,  stratosphere and thermosphere/exosphere. The troposphere is the lowest and densest part, from -300 km (47 degree) in altitude to 50 km (-220 degree). It also holds four cloud layers depend on the pressure bar. The temperature decreases as the altitude increases. Then stratosphere is the second layer when gradually the temperature will increase with the altitude (from -220 degree to around 550 degree). Lastly is the thermosphere and further is the exosphere where temperature reach around 550 degree Celsius.

Voyager 2

Was the first space craft which arrived at Uranus on 1986 to study. It was launched by NASA on August 20, 1977 to study the outer layer of the Solar System. It weighed only 722 kg. By May 4, 2015 it has been traveling for 37 years, 8 months and 15 days. Voyager 1 was actually launched later, but eventually catches up and fly pass Voyager 2.


Student Led Conference EAL

Some of the things we’ve been working on this year in EAL include learning a lot about determiners, working on strengthening our vocabulary and also sentence-chunking, all of which helps us a lot in improving our writing. This year, I’ve really improved at using determiners on to my sentences. For example, before I was really confuse about which determiners to use but now I am really confident about using which determiners on which words. One thing that I am still working on is an article called, “Does the Media’s Focus on Beauty have an Ugly side?” I plan to keep working on this by trying to give out as much evidence as a can and also using my reasoning to analyze these evidences. The writing is quite difficult since I have not yet to brainstorm all three parts of the writing that I will be working on, but with my knowledge of using determiners and vocabulary will really help me to make it stronger. One piece of writing that I would like to share is called “Fashion Show!” The goal of this assignment is to practice using different determiners correctly by describing a partner’s (model) clothing descriptively to advertise. One part of it that I’m really proud of is I uses a lot of different determiners on this one short writing and I know how to use them correctly to let the readers know what I am describing about.


Swimming Experience Semester 1 Reflection

I’ve learned three life saving techniques include Reaching, Rear and Front. My favorite technique is the Front rescue, I choose it because I think I fit best with going into the water and rescue someone with an object for them to grab on. I think Front is better than the other two because Reach rescue limit the distance from you and your victim, while Rear rescue need a rescuer that is skilled and is harder to perform. My favorite game is the Water Polo where we use the doughnut floating tube. I’ve chosen that game because everyone get full participation even if you are sitting on the tube or pushing the tube. I think my effort for swimming is a 9/10 as I always listen to direct and follow all the activities. I think sometime my mind just got lost and I might lost my attention, but aside from that, I really enjoy doing the Swimming Unit.

CSI Industrial Revolution

CSI stands for color, symbol and image. CSI is a way to express a word through your own knowledge by representing it with color, symbol and image. Since this Unit is about the Industrial Revolution, my CSI is based on the word labor. The color that I had incorporated with labor is a greenish brown. In my opinion, labor is to recreate items base on an original idea, usually it is mass production or working for someone else. For that reason, I have chosen the color brown as it reminded me of something boring and not very creative. The symbol that I have picked for labor is a picture of a factory. I think that a factory is best representing a labor because I think most laborer are people who work for factories. My mind when I think of labor is working with machinery, and that is what I’ve drawn for my image. For example, labor is a lot of people working along with machine doing jobs such as harvesting or manufacturing and not so much of creating new food or inventions.


Newton’s Law Vehicle Reflection

This science unit is Force and Motion and we are required to design a vehicle that follows three of Newton’s Law. Throughout the designing process, I’ve learned that you could change ideas and test it out again and again without just sticking on to one idea. In the case of our project, we first brainstorm to use a spring as the force of our vehicle, the spring didn’t work so we decided to use the old mentos and coke method. Minh Anh test it out at home and it doesn’t seems to work (and it would have been messy if we do try it) so in the limited amount of time, we uses a balloon and straws to push the vehicle along. We could have used more balloons and use a smaller straw which will create a larger force. For the three Newton’s Law, I have learned how they can be represent by many things and if you could understand them, they would seems very simple. There are still flaws on our vehicle that we could fix with some extra time. For example, we could have level the balloon so that it won’t touch the ground (which might let the vehicle move for another meter or two). Another modification that we could have made is to adjust the wheels so that they are in a fixed position which let the vehicle roll without leaning towards the sides. If I would do this again, I wanted to test out how different designs could cancel forces such as gravity and friction and that in the end, I would have a much more improved vehicle. I really wanted to experiment with a more complex designs, maybe something to do with rubber bands and how when you turn and lock them in place, as you release them, they would turn the other way and this method could be use on the wheels instead of pushing the whole vehicle.

Newton Vehicle PictureNewton Vehicle Video

Cyber bullying Essay

School should be responsible for cyber bullying. If cyber bullying is reported as a school violation on campus, school should be responsible.  However, if it happens off campus and does not seem to affect students, then it is the student’s responsibility to solve it.


Schools should be responsible for punishing cyber bullies only if students are reporting actions that are prohibited in school. To illustrate, the author of ‘The New Bully at School’, Lucas Chen states, at what point is the student’s action considered a violation against the school regulation? It become a violation when it is affecting students productivity in a negative way that lead them into feeling depressed, because of that it is also the student’s responsibility to stand up for cyber bullying . This evidence indicates that it is also very difficult for schools to punish students for cyber bullying but instead they need witnesses or evidence to proclaim their final statement. For example sometime parents can be very defensive for their children, the school’s voice alone wouldn’t be enough to punish the cyber bullies. Therefore, cyber bullying could leave a huge impact on students unless they let their teachers know what’s going on.

School should not be responsible for punishing cyber bullies if  victims are currently off-campus and are in a state free of harm. According to Lucas Chen’s article ‘The New Bully at School’, many people believe school has no authority to take action when it  happens off campus and no crime was committed. The given data has shown that in certain cases of cyber bullying, school should not be involved. For example some exceptions could be the fact that targets show no significant signs of physical nor mental impact because it would leave minimal effects on victims after being bullied. Another exclusion might be the fact that targets are being harassed outside of school. Thus school should not always take responsibility for cyber bullying.

In conclusion, school should be able to punish cyber bullying if the situation is getting more serious and harmful. However, students have the right to act freely if most of it happens off-campus and does not cause any huge impact. In the end I wanted you to know that school do have great responsibility against cyber bullying, but their authority is limited when actions are happening outside of campus.


Science Newton Vehicle Blog Post 2

For the first law, my vehicle is staying still for a period of time, then using a spring, it accelerate and started moving. Since the first law is an object won’t accelerate unless a force is exerted on to it, the force is the spring that let the vehicle move. Newton’s second law is that an object’s acceleration is base on it mass and the net force acting on to it. For Newton’s second law, we are putting a bit weight on the vehicle, then the weight (cardboard box) will eventually fall down which make the vehicle light and let it move faster. For the third law which is there is an equal but opposite force for every force that is exerted, for this it is also the spring as when the spring hit the vehicle the vehicle also return the spring with the same force which let the spring to actually hit the vehicle, not going through it. Screenshot from 2014-12-10 13:03:52