We had an art show so we all needed to make a piece of art even if we don’t want to show it. We all had a wearable art hat and we designed it in our own way. I had a pink hat and I had a furry cloth that I cut into small circles and sow them on and I also had these leaves shaped noodle and sow them on and made a really pretty design that is simple. My hat did not have the furry ball on the top of the hat so I found one that somebody did not want and I used it I really like my final hat even though I did not have enough time to finish but I end up liking it even if I did not finish.

Caravelle hotel

We went to Caravelle hotel today we sat down to see the treatment area slideshow.

we saw the beautiful view on the Caravelle hotel balcony.

We took pictures, normal .

We  took 1 funny pictures on the balcony.

we saw how cooling system on the balcony that uses reclaimed water


we got to see how bicycle generates electricity.

We got to see how they clean the water from the dirty water river, the water is for the toilet not for sink or water to drink.

we saw how they heat the system that creates cold air.


Learning Journey

On Friday, March  23, 2018, we had learning Journey, my dad came, we talked about math, writing, how river forms, mostly the documentary. I really liked sharing my Documentary because we worked really hard on the Documentary, for my dad he was really interesting when I explain how the land forms the river because my dad thinks that how the river brakes down sands to make a path. I felt really nervous when I was doing learning Journey because I was scared what if I misstep. My dad’s favorite one was the river, and my favorite one was the river too.

Film Festival

I went to film festival, Film Festival is where you show your documentary or the things you were working on. When I went to the film festival it was about documentaries. I got to see others documentary and after 1 hour I think, you get to eat Vietnamese food and the. I was so nervous when it was time for my groups DOCUMENTARY but when it was played I thought it wasn’t bad. After all, I really enjoyed the Film festival the angle 2 things I did not like was I had to sit for so long and stared at the screen for so long.

Cultural fair

My class and I went to a Cultural fair about Vietnam. A cultural fair is about learning things about other countries. We had a cultural fair about Vietnam because we are learning about Vietnam.  In the Vietnam fair that I did, it had 6 stations 1 was about Vietnam rice it also talks about steps to make rice it also tells you what do you need to make it and facts, I also learned that there are more than 1600 types of rice in Vietnam. There’s a station about the  Vietnam fish sauce it tells you steps to make it and what do we need to make it and facts, and I learned that to make the fish sauce you need to get millions of the small fishes. There’s another one about how to make ao dai it tells us the steps and the things you need and facts, I learned that ao dai is made out of soke. There’s another one about the Vietnam hat called nóng lá that station will tell you steps and facts about it and facts, and I learned that nóng lá is for people to go to markets. The last one the bamboo flute you will learn steps to make it and facts about it, I learned that the bamboo flute is very hard to play. My favorite fair was the ao dai fair cause I got to learn about what they use to make the cloth to make ao dai.


Reflection of my exploring

I was very excited to show what I did in Drama because in Drama we make funny plays and it makes people laugh, so I’m really excited to show the parents. Im also very exited to what we did in art because there is this staytion that we make a helmet by paper and a spetiol kind of glue so how we make it is very easy but  very messy so first you need a small piece of paper then you need a ball or a balloon then you stick dip the paper into the glue and stick it on the balloon or ball then smooth the left out glue then you contineu but you need to remm=ember that you need to save a spot because if you make a helmet you need to save a spot for your face. I also liked the inphographic because we worked on it a lot and we worked very hard on it  I did not like music that much because M.s Nikki was stricked when she talks and we weren’t that ready.

IB Art Meeting

my artist was named Polly. Polly used a special art knife o paint. She also did moto printing moto printing is a piece of clay platform then you cut it with special little nife use to carve out clays when you designed the clay into what you want it to look like you put paint on it when you print it on the piece of paper then walla a pretty artwork. she used acrylic paint for her medium to create a

Amelia Earhart

What did Amelia Earhart explore?

she explored the artistic ocean and she explored islands.

What motivated her to explore?

she wanted to prove that women could do things mans can do.

What characteristics did she show?

she showed that girls can try things that boy can.

How did she go about exploring?

she had was trained to ride plains and another thing she needs to learn to be a real pilot.

G4 talks

On Wednesday I did my G4 talks on the stage I was so nervous when I went on the stage I was shaking. During my performance, I was so scared that I will make a mistake I did but no one notice. After my performance, I was so happy that I made it through the end I even want to perform again but I couldn’t.Overall I think I was pretty good when I did my G4 talks. I am proud of my hand gestures. I think I need to improve my talking to make my voice more excited. Thank you to the people who help me on the G4 talk thanks a lot.