IB Art Meeting

my artist was named Polly. Polly used a special art knife o paint. She also did moto printing moto printing is a piece of clay platform then you cut it with special little nife use to carve out clays when you designed the clay into what you want it to look like you put paint on it when you print it on the piece of paper then walla a pretty artwork. she used acrylic paint for her medium to create a

Amelia Earhart

What did Amelia Earhart explore?

she explored the artistic ocean and she explored islands.

What motivated her to explore?

she wanted to prove that women could do things mans can do.

What characteristics did she show?

she showed that girls can try things that boy can.

How did she go about exploring?

she had was trained to ride plains and another thing she needs to learn to be a real pilot.

G4 talks

On Wednesday I did my G4 talks on the stage I was so nervous when I went on the stage I was shaking. During my performance, I was so scared that I will make a mistake I did but no one notice. After my performance, I was so happy that I made it through the end I even want to perform again but I couldn’t.Overall I think I was pretty good when I did my G4 talks. I am proud of my hand gestures. I think I need to improve my talking to make my voice more excited. Thank you to the people who help me on the G4 talk thanks a lot.

Unit 2: Understanding Other’s Post on Sunday, January 22, 2017

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This week we learned something in math we did two step problems that can happen in real life

Before I could know about two step problem I was really confused how to do the problems

After I did not get confused again but I got better at two step problems and the two step problems was just to add 23+23+23=69

Next step I want to get better at is to figured out how to do the grammar and how to do the solving the problems and solving perimeter and solving area