This was our class photo on the 26th floor at Caravelle Hotel.

 This was when we were in the cold room. Where people recycle  the cold heat for the whole hotel.

 This was our 26th floor in caravelle hotel funny picture it has everyones funny & happy faces!!!

 This is the cooling system water were they reclaim poop water and pee.


 This is when the kids saw the cooling system.


 This is when the classes had a meeting with Timmy/mr Khoa


  This is when mr khoa explained us how to save energy


 This is when you ride  a bicycle and it produce kinetic energy into someone thing then it becomes potential energy.












.! On Friday there we had learning journeys.My mom and dad came, and i showed them i what i have been learning.They enjoyed when I showed them my folktale script.They wanted me to do better on grammar.

MY mom wants me to do better on learning. .   MY mom likes it when i work and concentrate hard.

My dad likes the stream table project because it was cool and awesome!!!!   

My mom like's the stream table project because i can learn from it.