Workers unsafe

Look at what you are wearing right now, think about how much you bought it, and think about who made it. Are they receiving enough salary? Are they working in a safe place? Can you imagine them; working in an unsafe place and then suddenly, they are feeling shaky AND BOOM the unsafe place collapsed. In the article, ‘’Clothed in Misery,’’ by M.T Anderson informs us that people who worked for Bangladeshi factory complex company were treated poorly, because the building they were working was unsafe. And this April 24,2013  building collapsed and 134 people died and thousands of workers were injured. He also compared this tragedy with ‘’the 1878 Washburn mill explosion in Minneapolis, the 1905 Grover Shoe Factory disaster in Brockton, Mass., the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in Manhattan — but back when New England textile mills were the beating heart of America’s mass-production infancy, the most notorious was the 1860 collapse of the Pemberton Mill in Lawrence, Mass,.’’


‘’It’s well past time for all of us to reflect on this cycle and how cheap it would be to break out of it if only there were enough public pressure on the apparel industry.’’ I think that the author’s message is that if we put some pressure onto the companies to give some benefits to their workers would be so much better. If we put some effort to help those workers, they will be safe for how long they will be working on the company.


Something I hadn’t thought about before is the workers are affected when people don’t buy the things they make, because it gives them not enough salary and it gives them no benefit from the company. Also, It’ sad, because the owner of the building didn’t bother to spend a little amount of money to fix his/her building to make his/her workers safe while working for him/her, and the result was the lost of 134 workers’ lives and thousands of workers were injured.



Introduction to what to write on the Facebook wall

I ask them to write and comment appropriate statement
on their Facebook Walls
as if they are talking to a friend.

Feel to understand someone’s deep status on their wall

and listen to the tone of the sentence or of the paragraph.

Comfort them with love and kindness
And like each other like a dog likes the bones.

But all they do is write and comment inappropriate statements on their walls
Bully and torture each other

By treating them as their mortal enemy.





I hold these truths to be self evident, that ever since we’re kids, we will meet friends everywhere we go and it’s hard to escape from them. Even when they are being out of control, you can’t avoid them. They will follow you wherever you go, because in the course of human events, you can’t  just depart from your friends without a tolerable reason. However, it’s not that easy to tell your friends that they are really disturbing and just leave, because that would hurt their feelings.


Our creator left us with  brain to make decisions in life, that being said, it depends with us if we want to dissolve with our friends. We have the right to choose who we want to be friends with, Prudence, indeed if the reason for you to break out with your friends is tolerable, like they are being bad influence to you. And not just because you don’t like their physical appearance.


There’s nothing wrong about being friends with everyone especially to those who have a good heart and smart mind, but when it comes to those who are having those attitude that we don’t like, well it’s another story. Here are some of the list that makes some of us depart from them.


  • Being so talkative – For example, you’re having those days when you feel really down and you just don’t want to talk to anyone even with your friends, and you try to tell them that you’re not in the mood, but still they wouldn’t stop talking.


  • Having you as their second choice- Those friends who will just talk to you when nobody is around.


  • Making you as their secretary- Those friends who will ask you about everything, every single day about the homework, about what will happen tomorrow, about everything!



  • Being out of control- Friends are sometimes being out of control, they think that every single thing they do is hilarious, but it’s not! They’re doing something that they think is funny, but actually it really annoys you or some people. So, sometimes, you just want to have some space, especially when you’re going through a bad day.




I tried making them feel that I want to be alone, by not talking to them, by pretending to be in a bad mood even if i’m not really. Also, I tried to not give them my attention for them to think that it hurts a little if someone makes you feel as their second choice. Then, sometimes I tell to them that I don’t know anything either, even if I do, for them to think I’m not that responsible, but then some other day they will still ask me. Lastly, If ever they’re being out of control, I tell them with respect that they’re disturbing (if it’s serious). To sum all the answers up, sometimes it just doesn’t work, maybe because they thought that i’m being sarcastic or what so ever.


I, therefore, as a human being, declare an independence from ‘’friends’’ who don’t treat their ‘’friends’’ the way they should be treated. To have our drama-free life and a joyful life with the actual friends who treat us the way we should be treated.


Unexpected bombings Boston Marathon.

The most awaited Boston Marathon has come; People prepared for this special event. They were all ready to run, and give their best shot! They were all ready to finish it. They ran and ran, and sprinted towards the finish line and… BOOOM! *after 10 seconds* BOOOM! After minutes of what had happened, it immediately trended on Twitter and Facebook, with the help of the people who was in Boston Marathon who took pictures, recorded videos and  posted it on their social networks and blogs. People around the world were shocked, they were all praying for Boston, for the dead and the injured. After that, there were news that the suspects carried backpacks with explosives in it, which spread quickly all around social networks. Then, people started to post a picture and accuse people who were wearing backpacks during the Boston Marathon, without thinking the cons. In the article  “F.B.I. Released the Tsarnaevs’ Photos Because of Reddit and the Post,” by Connor Simpson explains us why did the F.B.I release the suspects’ photos.

It turns out that F.B.I’s reason why they posted the main suspects’ pictures was to stop people and blogs to post pictures of  and accuse innocent people, who were just there to support their families and friends, who happened to be wearing a backpack. “The fear was that if they didn’t head off the Internet’s Sherlock Holmes approach early…”  This all means, that if people in the internet didn’t interfere and didn’t accuse innocent people, F.B.I would not have to post the photos of the suspects, and shootouts between police and the suspects wouldn’t have happened. For instance, one police died during one of the shoot outs, and one of the suspect, as well.


I, myself, heard the news on Twitter and started to have interest on it, and I’ve watched ‘CNN’ just to know what was happening about the Boston Marathon. It is really a heart-breaking news for everyone, because innocent people were killed, hundreds of innocent people were injured. And people celebrated when the news that the suspects’ were captured. And after that, I still watched the interview of the 2nd suspect, because I want to know why they did such thing. Anyways, For me, posting the suspects’ pictures has pros and cons. Cons; If they didn’t post the suspects’ pictures, the suspects’ wouldn’t have known that they were already identified, and maybe they wouldn’t worry about it, because they knew that they were safe and just pretending to be innocent. And shootouts wouldn’t have happened. However, Pros; You see, if they didn’t post the pictures, the aunt who helped the F.B.I to identify them, wouldn’t  know that it was his nephew’s. Also, if they didn’t post it, the owner of the boat, where the 2nd suspect was hiding, wouldn’t recognize him and wouldn’t call the F.B.I  Let’s admit, it was really a BIG HELP for the F.B.I’s to capture the suspects. And I’m wondering, what would have happened if they didn’t post the pictures?

The Brave

I avert to listen to the song of the so-called sirens

That could transform us into beasts

I am the vigilant, the active, the brave

I am not to listen to it, even if it’s inevitable


Having eyes, but to see not the insidious smile of the beautiful beast

Having ears, but to hear not the song of the siren

I will cope with this snare

for there is a just God who presides me


Life is too dear to embrace the illusion of beasts

peace so sweet to think about it

just lying supinely on my back

and hugging the presence of God


I am the brave

I  won’t forget to trust the majesty of heaven

I will not anguish my spirit

I will not engage in an arduous struggle for life

I am the brave!

Cleared for release by Joint Staff Public Affairs

Racism Via Facebook

We all know that most of the people in the world have a Facebook account, or any other social networks, and some people use it to connect with others, and some use it for entertainment. People who use it as an entertainment, are most likely the ones that want to be accepted in the society, and so it could lead to worst things like, racism. Because basically they won’t care for whatever the post it, they’ll just share or like it. An article written by Tom Jacobs ‘’Spreading Racism via Facebook,’’ talks about Facebook being a weapon for racism, and also how ‘’heavy users’’ are prone to do whatever they want to do without thinking about it in depth.

The article starts out with a question, ‘’Is a Facebook a particularly powerful medium to spread racist messages? And throughout the article, he explains the study about this issue, and what is the difference about the ‘heavy users’ and the ‘not heavy users’ Jacobs shares with us how and why Psychologists named Shannon and Kimberley created a Facebook account for Jack Brown, who doesn’t exist, a 26- year-old white male, created a three notes entitled, ”Superiority message,” which talks who is better, the blacks or the whites? And a ”victim message,” which says how the white people are oppressed by the black people, and the last note was entitled, ”egalitarian message,” which gives an example of being equal. For more information, researchers says that people ”were more positive toward the egalitarian messages with racist content…” Jacobs ends the article saying, “Facebook has a diverse content,’’ means that people could post a convincing messages to other people who doesn’t really read the posts or something, and could hurt other people.


For me, being a ‘heavy user’ of Facebook, doesn’t mean that they are the ones who are just sharing or liking posts without thinking about it, because honestly, I’m always on my Facebook, waiting for my friends and family to come online, and just leave it as I work on other things, and when I do have spare time, I would scan through the news feed and honestly, I don’t really see ”racist posts,” And so, I asked myself, what do they mean by ”racist posts?” Is it just something about being black or white? Or is something about being yourself? That being said, I may have seen a racist posts but I  didn’t think that it was a racist post. Yes, it is possible that Facebook is a weapon for racism, but  I think most of the people in Facebook doesn’t know what ‘racism’ really mean, they post something that they don’t think is a racism, but for other people it is.


Slope of a Line

Difference in Y- is called  Rise

Difference in X- is called  Run

Given two points on a line, you find the slope (m) of the line.






Here are the slope that are possible and their meaning:

Positive slopes – Line that rises to the right

Negative slopes – drops to the right

horizontal slopes – zero slope

vertical slopes – undefined slope

positive slope


negative slope

Even the word ”Impossible” says ”I’m Possible”

Everyone was hopeless. Almost everyone thought H.I.V would be incurable forever. But guess what, Andrew Pollack composed an article, “In Medical First, a Baby With H.I.V. Is Deemed Cured” where he informed us that the first newborn baby, in rural Mississippi, who has H.I.V because of his mother who had the disease during her pregnancy, so the virus was transferred to the baby, was surprisingly cured,  and also the very second well-documented case in the world aside from Timothy Brown, who was cured from H.I.V by transferring a bone marrow. However that being said that these cures is not for everybody who has H.I.V and who will have the virus, because first of all the treatment that cured the newborn baby, is hardly irrelevant for adults, while the bone marrow transplant is an ‘’arduous and life- threatening procedure.


In the article, Pollack mentioned that after five months, the mother came back to meet the doctors with the baby, and the doctors expected to see high viral loads in the baby, so basically they were expecting that the baby will be positive from having H.I.V , but an unexpected result shocked them, all the tests were negative.  Anyways, I was just wondering why didn’t the mother die if she was the one who has the virus first? It was a long period of time since she labored. I mean, in the article, it didn’t mention how was the mother doing, for me it sounds like she’s strong, and she actually came back with the baby to check results, so I just wanted to ask that. Also, the message of the article is, even though we were expecting that the virus will be incurable forever, doctors tried their best to cure a patient, even though they knew that the virus was ”incurable” and they knew that they will fail but in the most unexpected time, they just found a cure for newborn babies with H.I.V Also, this information matter for everyone, especially for the H.I.V patients, because this will be the BIG STEP for curing them – H.I.V patients, so really they were informed that the treatment for them is coming through!

”One of the most exciting things I’ve heard in a long time.” Dr. Byson stated, who wasn’t involved about the findings. I think it was one of the most exciting things in the whole world for everybody. People was shocked and very very happy when they heard the news.  This information is really important to everybody, especially to those who are concerned about H.I.V This information surely helped people to be free from the thought that H.I.V would be the worst disease. And even though the information has a lot of pros about it, it will have cons, obviously. If the virus would be known curable, some people won’t care anymore whether they will have protected sex or unprotected sex. It would make some people not to worry about what decision they would make, and the responsibilities they would have, anymore. Not like the times where they knew that the virus was incurable. Also, I’m sure that the price for this cure would be not affordable for everybody, because the virus doesn’t only get attached with the rich ones, but with ”poor” people as well. 

cure ahead