Ancient Egypt Minecraft World

One thing I learned from Geography and early human settlement I thought that when the nile floods its a disaster but actually it is and advantage and a gift because it watered the farmers crops and made there lives easier. Another thing I learned was that I thought the deserts surrounding the nile was bad but then it was good to protect them from invaders. Also I thought the Mediterranean sea was freshwater but then I realized that it was saltwater.

One thing that I am proud of from my Minecraft world is that I made good use of time always stayed on task. Another thing I was proud of was that I found a good plant that could represent reeds because in Minecraft there are no reeds.

One thing I would do different next time if I do it would be talk louder and clear so that people could hear me better.

End of The Year!

The most interesting thing in fifth grade was going to Cat Tien and exploring in the woods and finding out new things about nature and animals in danger. Feeding the moon bears was really fun, because first we went in the place that they stay and eat, then we put out the fruit and honey. When we finished, we went outside the place were the food was and watched them eat. The funnest thing we did was Buu Long because we got to rock climb, zip line and abseil. I did the zip line about 3 times I think and rock climbed to the top.The most challenging thing for me that we did in fifth grade was the Shark Tank, because you had to present in front of three judges and explain why your project is sustainable for SSIS, and it was hard, because you had think of an idea and work on it, and make it good for SSIS. My advice for the next fifth graders is to enjoy and not have too much TECH BREAK! This summer, I am going to Spain to visit my aunts and uncles and grandma and grandpa.



Green Dragons

Our group chose to do the project called paper towels. We wanted to use air driers and hand towels instead of paper towels because we were cutting down to much trees and wasting to much money. I think that our idea was sustainable because for politics I think that people will like it because hand towels are easier so dry for me and I think its easier. Culture it would help because it would waste less trees. Ecology because It would be easy to wash the towels and do everything else. Economics because it doesn’t really cost much. Our group had to divide the work so each of us did a part of the infographics and the we checked it to see if all liked it and agreed that we should keep that one. The most interesting part of this project was the cool infographics we could make I really liked that. The most challenging part for me was the infographics because it was hard to work on it at the same time. I thought that the question that the shark tank where going to ask were going to be hard to answer but then I could answer them. I think our group did really well at dividing the work because we took turns working on the infographics and good at choosing a good final proposal. If our group this this project again we would improve with our proposal.










Hackathon was a project we did on the 23rd, it was about making our school a better place for everyone. Our idea was to have reusable cups so that when you finish your smoothie you give it back to the smoothie people.

Our problem was that a lot of people where leaving their cups outside or not in the trash.

Our task was to make reusable cup for the smoothies so after the finish the can give it back to the smoothie people, they wash it and you can reuse the cup.

Our action part was 

1. Go to fun fruit world

2. Tell the managers about paper cups or reusable cups.

3. Ask them please can you use reusable cups so that they can sell them.

4.If they don’t want to then we encourage them to reuse their cups.

Our result was there will be a better, neater and cleaner campus. Less litter around campus.

Our idea would work because:

Ecology: because there would be no trash around the school.

Economics: SSIS could afford it because cups don’t cost that much.

Politics: I think our leaders would accept it because it’s safe and it’s good for our school and it doesn’t cost that much money.

I think we did good but not amazing. We didn’t get chosen to go up on stage.




Cat Tien

The first most interesting thing was the trail in the middle of the forest because, there was a lot of plants and a lot of interesting insect. The big tree was really big and cool and I would say that it would take up the whole class to make a circle while grabbing hands. The second most interesting part was the night safari because, we saw so many deer a moose and a porcupine and when you flashed the light at them they usually stoped moving and it looked like it was frozen.

There was a really weird part about Cat Tien is that the was a snake in one of the girls room because there was a hole in the wall. We thought it was a banded krait but it wasn’t it was a Laotian Wolf Snake

The most interesting part that I learned something from was that I didn’t know that the moon bears eat dragon fruit it was really weird and now I know why they are called moon bears, because they have the shape of the moon on their chest.

The hardest challenge was the Micro-Ecosystem because you had to take notes and pictures and you had to put the letters that they gave you from A-Z and then we checked how much each group had, our group had 5 the highest group had 9 or 10. Our group had a really cool and a little big spider and it jumped in our 1 meter circle.

Next year if they add another day to cat Tien I think they should add more hikes like the one we did in the middle of the forest.

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Research Project

My research topic was computers, because I really like technology and I know a lot about technology. The way I found resources is I just went through books and researched on the computer and read some articles. It was kind of hard to find resources, because some of them didn’t make sense and some were not appropriate. I learned a lot of skills; for example, searching with more details, not just putting one word, because there are more than a million answers if you don´t use exact search terms, taking notes, writing only important information, organizing notes and highlighting. I chose I-books, because I am really familiar with I-books, because last year we were also using I-books for a project. You can also import videos and make 3D pictures. I think i did well with the contrast, but i think I could do better with the pictures.

Computer copy

Reading Goal

My reading goal was to read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. I met my goal. My goal was to read the book in three weeks, and I did. I completed my goal by reading every night 20-25 pages, and this week I got to my goal. The author was Judy Blume and my favorite part of the book was when Fudge, Peter’s younger brother, ate Peter’s turtle, and it was really funny. I would recommend this book to people that like funny books and people that like a bit of action

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When we learned about Mixtures and Solutions, I learned how to read chemical names. My favorite part of the egg experiment was when we rinsed off the eggs, because the egg was so soft. If we did the experiment again, I would do it with more eggs to see if I would get the same results with different eggs.

Amazing race ?

Yesterday we did the amazing race. The amazing race is a race that is all over the world and if you win you get a lot of money. But we did it in ho chi minh city district 1. We had seven challenges.

The challenges that was the funnest was ms.Kim because you had to buy a drink that didn’t have sugar. Our team went to highlands coffee and bought two orange juices and with no sugar added.

The hardest challenge was the takashimaya because first you had to find Mr.Edwards. He was in Mcdonald behind annam gourmet. And after that he had to look in annam gourmet for some doritos, milk, cheese and more.

I think that our group did well in staying together and not giving up on the race. Because we were doing our best to finish all the challenges and at least get to the end.

I think that next time the finish line would be like a red line and a red carpet and if you were first you would get to pull the red line in the finish. Because this time you just had to touch the temple and that was it.

Next year i think they could improve the challenges maybe harder and maybe there could be a choice of you choosing a challenge out of 2 or 3 maybe.


Buu long

Last Thursday, we went to Buu Long. And we did a lot of games like abseiling,rock climbing and zip line and then we had indoor games. But am going to share my favorite  one. My favorite one was the zip line because it was fun and scary because when you were dropping at the beginning but then you went up. It felt like you were going to fall and die but after 1 second it went back up and it was super windy because it was going so quick. Then at the end the guy that was waiting for you so he can grab you. When you stopped you went like up a little.

Rock climbing was also fun because it was like you were flying because if you let go you wouldn’t fall. I made it to the top and it had a great view from up there because you could see the whole mountain and the lake.

The indoor maze was fun because you couldn’t talk and you had to walk through squares and the guide had to tell you if it was correct or wrong and if you fail you had to go back the way you came so it was really challenging. Then all your team had to make it to the end.

Then we played star wars. There was loops and you had to put your both feet in the loops and there was small loops and big loops. And then sometimes the took loops out of the game. But then one of our friends made up an idea of just putting your foots in and not your body so we put our hands out and our foots in.