Ancient Egypt Minecraft World

The first thing I learned about geography and early human settlement is that ancient humans care about where they settle. They think about safety first. I never knew that ancient humans care about their settlement so much. Another thing I learned is every environmental feature like Nile River, Red Sea, Arabian Desert etc has an advantage and disadvantage.  The last thing I learned is that geography also influence human settlement to. Like the Nile River ancient humans would stay there and the Arabian Desert and the Red Sea would stop the invaders.

I like how I build my mountains in my Minecraft world. I am the person that is bad at Minecraft. I felt like I did pretty good. My mountains looks like actually mountains. It took me forever to make all of the mountains, I had to make so much. I also liked how I Nile River it doesn’t really look like it but I tried and I sort of liked how it turned out. The decorations around the Nile River that is my favorite part about the Nile River.

One thing I would do better is my video I could change it a bit by the audio make it sound more clear and my screen record more fluent.





My Cat Tien Trip!

I went to Cat for 2 night my room mate was Yoon Hae.In Cat Tien we went to many different places like the primate center,the moon bears center etc. I had a really fun time in Cat Tien. 

Moon Bear Center

My favorite is the moon bear center. In the moon bear center we went and hide food for the moon bears to find. It is like a activity for the moon bears to practice for them to find food in the wild. When we were done hiding the food we went on to the observing tower and watched the bears find there food. I was surprised that the moon bears use there paws to eat there food out of tubes or trees and when they try to get food on trees they climb up the tree like a human. When they go up on bamboo towers when they go down they go back first. A moon bear is black with a cresent on their chest so that is why they are called moon bears. A female moon bear can be 100kg to 150kg but a male can be 150kg to 200kg.

Unexpected surprise 

A unexpected surprise is that in the rooms I though it would have one big room and have many beds in one room but instead it has many rooms with one bed. Another surprise is that The rooms are smaller then I thought and more dirty and old. I shouldn’t expect it like that because Cat Tien is like jungle so the rooms I was in are ok for a jungle. The food there was really good I did not expect that at all. My last unexpected surprise is that a lot of people live in Cat Tien I thought there wouldn’t be that much but I was wrong there is a lot of people that live in Cat Tien. Every day there will be people at the lobby checking in at eh hotel I wonder how many cabins there are in Cat Tien.

connection to sustainability 

We used Cat Tien has a case study and the beginning to our new unit called Green Dragons. We could see many things that we couldn’t see in the city like the stars different kinds of trees and animals like moon bears, deers, gibbins, lorris, scorpion and other animals too. We also stayed there for three days and two nights I can feel the fresh air and connect with nature every day I stay there. I had a really good experience in Cat Tien. How I saw the stars is that I was lying down on the road and see the stars I saw two shooting stars and I forgot to make a wish but it is still ok. I could have never seen  a shooting star in Ho Chi Minh city ever it was really cool.


Close Reading!

Describe what Close Reading is:

Close Reading is when you read a book or something but you have a purpose for reading, each time you read the text you read the same text but you have a different purpose.

Did you actually read the text 3 times?

I did not read the text 3 times I actually read it twice but each time I read it I had a different purpose.

Did you read the text again before filling out the 3 sections, or did you look at #2 and #3 and just try to answer them without rereading the entire text?

I read for the first section and the second but not the third time, because I feel like when I read something once or twice I feel like I can remember it and know where information is in the text. So I did not read it three time only two times.

What is a Main Idea?  Can you give an example in your explanation?

The main idea is what is ecosystem, ecosystem is a community of living and nonliving things.

How can Close Reading help you…think about heading to middle school and high school

Maybe in middle school and high school you have a test and you need to read but with a  different purposes you can use close reading to help you with it. Or maybe you are confused about your reading and you have many purposes on reading on the same text you can read the text over and over again but each time you have a different purpose etc, It could help you or me in middle school and high school.

Green Dragons: Sustainability Practices

Today in class we have a new unit called Green Dragons. We are learning about understanding Sustainability Practices. Sustainability means maintain or keep going. The things we need to think about is the Environment, Politics,Culture and Economics.

My questions are if we don’t work on keeping the world going how will it be like the world with no humans? My other question is If the meaning of sustainability to make something to keep going for the world why are we only helping our school not the rest of the world?

This unit is connected to what I already know is that we are having problem with the littering in Vietnam and want to make the school keep going and make it better so far the year there as been lots of changes. My ideas are we should do something to help the whole Phu My Hung or even the whole South part of Vietnam not just our school.

Innovate SSIS

In my group I only have Tina and me we are doing the VR. In my group we had to choose a school problem to solve and in my group our problem was that when new students or teachers come they don’t really know where things or places are so me and my partner choose that problem.

How we made our decision is that in fifth grade we had a new student and usually when new students or teachers come to our school they are confused or don’t know where to go. because our school is very big.

Other groups are also doing the same thing as me and partner and other groups are going different things to besides VR we also have Little bits and 3D printing.

True or False?

  1. Yes because it as all of the attributes as a quadrilateral.
  2. No because the two shape does not have the same attributes.
  3. No  because the two shape does not have the same attributes.
  4. Yes because the two opposite pairs are parallel.
  5. Yes because the shape is called a rectangle.

Read Aloud

In class we are reading the book called Lemonade war. The two main characters in the book is Jesse and Evan. They are having a lemonade war who ever has the most money to 100 dollars win and gets all of the money even the other person money that they have earned. The war ends by Sunday.

Jesse just came home from the beach and she and Evan would always play in the water together they would have lots of fun but now Jesse went with Megan her friend she fells bored because Megan wouldn’t go in the water because it is to cold. If Jesse was me I would go home and tell Evan about how I felt and tell him that we should end the war to have peace and quiet.

If I was Evan and I have stole all of the money from Jesse when she was gone going to the beach. I would tell her that I have stole her money to make it fair . I also think because he is the older brother he should be a good brother to the younger one. 

 For me at the end of the book I think they are going to become best friends again and have lots of fun together. They would have a happily ever after. 

The Amazing Race Reflection!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, we went to district 1 to play the Amazing Race, we had 12 teams in total. My team had Alexis,Saki,Ben and Kojo. My team came 4 place.We had really good teamwork.  We never argued and helped each other when others needed help. My favorite challenge was Ms. Kim’s station because we get to go to Highland coffee, we get air conditioning  and we get to drink refreshing drinks. We had to collect the envelopes with the numbers so we could open our pencil case to see where the finish line is. It was really fun.  My team had to make thoughtful choices for Ms.Kim’s challenge because we could only have 2 drinks and the cups are so small and we were still thirsty. We took risks like walking across the road walking and not running. I really want to do it again and we should do it again.