Abstract’. What did you do and why was it important to you? What were your main findings from the project?

I decided to make a cruelty-free Cosmetics/beauty products scanner app. This app allows consumers to scan beauty products and in a simple manner the app will tell you wether the makeup or beauty product is cruelty free or not. This was important to me because I care for the well-being of all living things, including animals. This is not a passive feeling or passing fade with me, as I have been a practicing being vegeterian for over 2 years. And my desire has been to not harm the environment or other living things in all aspects of my life and not just with food. Therefore, I wanted to create an app which will allow consumers to buy cruelty free products, knowing that proper research has already been completed for them and they can procced with confidence that they have truly bought a cruelty free product and not just making a purchase that has a ‘cruelty free’ label on it, which will pacify their conscience. I also really enjoy cosmetics, so this app really goes together with what I enjoy and believe in.

My main findings from this product was that I found out the extent of the cruelty that animals go through during testing. I believe if this information was more widely known my product would be of great interest to people. I also discovered the fascinating technology that is required to make a barcode scanner and that it is one of most useful inventions that utilize a laser beam.

What were the main challenges for you doing this project? What were your strengths and what were your weaknesses?

My main challenges for doing this project was to make sure that I incorporated science into the passion of my project. Once I realized that I really did need to understand the science in knowing how the animal testing was done and what scientific alternatives that are available, so that no company is without excuse to be still using cruel methods in their testing. trying to find information on barcode scanning.

My main  strengths was that being already a vegeterian, I was already very passionate about the subject , so that I didn't suffer from a lack of enthusiasm when researching or writing. Also, being familiar with this subject, I already knew some information previously and I knew where to look to find additional information .

My weaknesses was in researching barcode information. Not being a technical person and not having any previous knowledge of the subject, I struggled to find information and to actually understand it fully This was especially challenging for me because I had no enthusiasm for the subject. Your final product.

Your final product.

  • What have you learned towards your research questions so far?

My research is:  "To what extend will  inventing an easy to use ""Cruelty-Free Makeup Scanner App"" make it easy for people who want to be cruelty free?"  I have found out that it is easy. If I invent a scanner that when  a product is scanned,  a green light will show if its cruelty free and red to show that it is non-cruelty free. I have learned that I could use a bar code to scan and could find out if its cruelty free or non-cruelty free. I also learn that there is a lot of scanner apps so knowing how they use there scanner apps will be really beneficial to me. I found some videos on the web to show the animal cruelty there is in making makeup, etc just to show if you want to be cruelty-free the scanner app is really helpful.

  • What has been challenging for you? How have you managed to work around your problems?

What is really challenging for me is trying to find engineering on how to create a scanner app. It is super challenging, I have been looking all over the web and there is limited amount of information on how to scan whether something is cruelty-free or not, but I just need to try harder. Another thing that has been challenging is deciding whether it should just be makeup options or I should expand more and do food, bath products, etc.

  • How is your timeline going? What have you managed to achieve and how  is your timeline evolving to meet the deadlines.

To be honest, I am a little behind on my timeline. I still need to do some extra research before I just start writing my script. So after I do some extra research, I can just smoothly write my script and then edit my video and I would be all done. I have updated my timeline now so that it is not easier to follow through.

Updated Timeline: 

  • What are you planning on doing and why is it so important to you? Research question and key questions.

I am planning on creating a cruelty-free makeup app which allows you to scan products to tell whether they are cruelty free or have been tested on animals. This is really important to me because I do want to stop the use of animals for makeup testing.  I also find this important because I am interested in makeup and so are a lot of people, and I want to find the best ways to have makeup which is cruelty free and no harm to animals.

This app will be able to scan whether it is cruel or humane by identifying the brand name, product and reading the ingredients. I decided to go with this app because it is a really simple way for people to find out if its cruelty-free rather than searching on the web which takes a lot of time.  Hopefully a lot of people would use the app because it will make more people support the cruelty-free makeups rather than the animal tested products. by engineering a scanner it will  provide a really cool and efficient way, to enables people to make animal cruelty free purchasing decisions.

Depending on the success of the cruetly free makeup app, i could update the app to include,  clothing, food, shoes, soaps, shampoo's, body products etc.  This all inclusive app would enable people who care about the lives of animals to quickly establish whether a product is cruelty free or not.   This app is only focusing on makeup, but with the potential to add updates.

My research question is: To what extend will  inventing a easy to use "Cruelty-Free Makeup Scanner App" make it easy for people who want to be cruelty free?

And some key questions would be, "How would engineering a scanner app be more efficient than reading all the ingredients to check whether the makeup is cruel or humane?

  • What are you going to make (the product)?

The product I am going to make is a documentary showing the cruelty done to animals by testing and showing how engineering to help make a scanner app to show whether the product is cruelty free or non-cruelty free.

  • Your timeline for completion - what you are doing when, what do you need to learn and when are you going to learn it.

Here is a picture of my timeline:

We found that the thinner the shape of the plane and the sharper it is, goes farther. We had two different models, one was sharper and one was wider. But we found out, that the one that was sharper flew further so we used that one.


We have learned that using a sharper edge for a plane, would make the plane go further. Also we have learned that using less paper and smaller weight would make the plane fly way further. So we learned that little joony flies further than little ruby so we decided to use little joony.

What was the experiment? What did you change and what did you measure?


We changed the size of the paper for A3,A4, and A5. To change the weight we added glue tax. Which one is 5g, the other is 10g, and the last one is 15g.


Take a picture of it!


Show the results in graphical or data format (whichever shows the results best.)


A description from what you learned from the experiment, and how you are going to use this towards your final product or next trial.


We have learned that the paper airplane that is A5 would go farther distance than the planes that are A4 and A3. Because according to the data it was proven that A5 went a further distance than A4, and A4 went a further distance than A3. We could use this for our next data if we want our paper plane to fly further we would use a smaller plane. We could see that the more weight the plane had, it would fly less. Because on the glue tack it did nto fly a lot because of all the weight on it.

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Driving Question: What is more sustainable for the environment? Eating a meat based diet or a plant based diet?

I created a video about my driving question.

I felt that I learned so much during this project. I learned about basically everything about animal agriculture  and the ways it is like one of the most leading causes for many things that destruct our environment. I had a lot of fun during this project because I researched a lot and found a lot of new things out. And my curiosity for animals made me want to try out this animal agriculture topic.

Some of my main findings from this topic was find out that cows methane is 25-100 times more destructive than Carbon Dioxide on a 20 year time frame, was so shocking to me. This was according to Scientific America. Other most important findings was finding out how bad the oceans were due to animal agriculture, how the oceans are literally getting super destroyed at this moment because of agriculture, and that we could die pretty soon.

I feel that I did face a lot of main challenges with time management, like I feel like next time I should really manage my time and give more time doing the project. Also follow the timeline more efficiently. I feel that other challenges I faced was trying to come up with a proper outline of what I was going to do, also creating the script was a big challenge for me too.

Here is my video, I hope you enjoy 🙂



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Driving Question: What is more sustainable for the environment? Eating a meat based diet or a plant based diet?

I feel that I am doing very well in my project, because I am finding tons of resources and learning something new everyday.

For instance, I have learned that livestock operations on land have created more than 500 nitrogen flooded deadzones around the world in our oceans, according to the National Oceanic and the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Also learned, according to National Geographic, we could possibly see fishless oceans by the year 2048, with the rate of using animal agriculture, and the continue consumption of eating meat and fish.

This connects to my project because, I am doing what is more sustainable for the planet, eating meat or eating plant based? And obviously by eating fish it is not sustainable for the environment because by eating fish we are going to see fishless oceans by year 2048, which causes so much destruction to the earth. According to Oceana, scientist estimate as many as 650,000 whales, dolphins, and seals, are killed every year by fishing vessels. So by eating fish you are also contributing to dolphins, whales, and seals being killed. I have also been writing a script for my video, which can be found here:

I am mostly on track on what I need to do, but I just need to completely finish my script so then I can start gathering pictures and coming up with creative ideas for my video.

I am finding tons of information to answer my question. There are tons of info about why plant based diets are more sustainable for the environment than meat based diets, for example Accoring to Johnny's selected seeds the article states that 1.5 acres can produce 37,000 pounds of plant-based food. Which for 1.5 acres, that is a lot of food. But on the flipside, refering to the Iowa State University 2012 National Report it takes 1.5 acres to produce 375 pounds of beef, so there needs to be more land in order to produce more beef. And with more demand of free range, we are wasting even more land than if we just eat plants. So eating a more plant based diet is much more sustainable for the enviornment because it does not destruct as much land as it does to eat meat.


I am thinking of doing a counterclaim kind of idea for my video. For example, I will find articles of counterclaims that go against my argument, and then try to show that my argument is more valid.

For example, A man named Allan Savory who was on a TED talk and stated that raising cattle can reverse global warming. So as a rebuttal, I will say why raising cattle to reverse global warming is dead wrong. Also states that there is world hunger in the world because we are taking all that grain, corn, etc and feeding it to the animals instead of the starving kids in rural areas.

It is dead wrong because according to Allan Savory in his TED talk, he said that the only food source that can sustain us is meat. But according to Slate, and many other resources, all the plants in the earth can feed up to 10 billion people, without meat.

Here is my timeline:

Reasources I am using for my project:

Conspiracy Facts: ,
The Leading Cause that Is Destroying our planet,
Greenhouse Gases
World Energy Outlook
National Oceanic
Ocean Deadzones
Livestock and Climate Change

I am planning on doing my research on what is more sustainable for the environment, is it a meat based diet or a plant based diet? I am really passionate about this because I care about the planet and the animals, and what the future will hold for us.

So far on my research I have found that raising livestock covers 45% of our total earth's land. This is crazy because that is a lot of forest that have to be cut down in order to raise animals. Cutting down all the forest and the methane from the cow's waste causes 51% of all greenhouse gases. Which is insane because the media likes to say that transportation is the biggest issue for greenhouse gases and climate change, but it is actually raising animals.

Also while researching, I found that according to the National Academy of Sciences, they state that if you are a vegan the land required to feed one person per year would be 1/6 of an acre. But if you are a meat eater, the land required is 18 times more than a vegan. This is a huge issue because according to the United Nations Economic Programme, up to 137 plant, animal, and insect species are lost every day due to rain forest destruction. The more we meat meat, the more we are contributing to rain forest destruction and species extinction.

I was thinking about making a video for this project, but I was also considering on making a rap song. Still not sure on what I am going to do, but I am most likely going to make a video, sort of like a documentary. The timeline for my project has already been set, I have a plan on what I need to do everyday. I will need to do more research on the counterclaims for my project, what people have to say against my vegan argument, and then argue back to them.

Sub Questions:

How will eating a plant based diet impact the oceans?

How will eating a plant based diet impact the lands?

How will eating a plant based diet reduce greenhouse gases and climate change?

Driving Question:

To what extent will eating a plant based diet rather than eating a meat based diet, be more sustainable for the plant?

In this project on Human Rights, we focused on improving/learning on speaking in front of an audience. This is an important skill because it helped show our learning for poverty and hunger.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to public speak in front of everyone. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.


  • How can you continue your involvement with this group or social issue?

Well, we worked with an organization called 'Share Your Love' and in this organization they have a forum where you can donate money to orphans who struggle with hunger and poverty. And basically what the organization does, it goes to poor people places and hands out gifts such as money and rice. So basically I could continue this organization, by working with share your love program or donating money to them, so that it could help their cause.

  • Complete this sentence: Because of my service-learning, I am....

More aware about the issues that many children and families face from hunger and poverty. I am aware that many children suffer, and that this is a very serious problem. Together, as a society we must stop world hunger and poverty because its a big issue in todays society and there are so many groups and organizations that help people in poverty and hunger.

  • Have your career options been expanded by your service experience?

I would say that my career options have expanded due to service learning, because I am now more aware on the issues that children face with poverty and hunger. I am aware that many people struggle and that we need to help them. So hopefully in the future, I can help donate money and work with organization to help children in poverty and hunger.




In this assignment, our group decided that we would focus on hunger and poverty. We wanted to focus on the people who struggle with poverty by aligning with an organization called 'Share Your Love' which helps people in poverty and hunger by providing them with food, money, and shelter.

  • What did you do that seemed to be effective or ineffective in service to others?

We made a video for the 'Share Your Love' Program which they put on there website, and if anyone is interesting, they would watch that video and we would be raising awareness for the campaign.

  • What are the most difficult and most satisfying parts of the service you are performing? Why?

The most difficult part would have to be coming up with ideas and which organization that we would work with. It was sometimes hard thinking about which organization we should work with. The most satisfying part is making the video and putting it all together.