In this project on Human Rights, we focused on improving/learning on speaking in front of an audience. This is an important skill because it helped show our learning for poverty and hunger.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to public speak in front of everyone. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.


  • How can you continue your involvement with this group or social issue?

Well, we worked with an organization called 'Share Your Love' and in this organization they have a forum where you can donate money to orphans who struggle with hunger and poverty. And basically what the organization does, it goes to poor people places and hands out gifts such as money and rice. So basically I could continue this organization, by working with share your love program or donating money to them, so that it could help their cause.

  • Complete this sentence: Because of my service-learning, I am....

More aware about the issues that many children and families face from hunger and poverty. I am aware that many children suffer, and that this is a very serious problem. Together, as a society we must stop world hunger and poverty because its a big issue in todays society and there are so many groups and organizations that help people in poverty and hunger.

  • Have your career options been expanded by your service experience?

I would say that my career options have expanded due to service learning, because I am now more aware on the issues that children face with poverty and hunger. I am aware that many people struggle and that we need to help them. So hopefully in the future, I can help donate money and work with organization to help children in poverty and hunger.




In this assignment, our group decided that we would focus on hunger and poverty. We wanted to focus on the people who struggle with poverty by aligning with an organization called 'Share Your Love' which helps people in poverty and hunger by providing them with food, money, and shelter.

  • What did you do that seemed to be effective or ineffective in service to others?

We made a video for the 'Share Your Love' Program which they put on there website, and if anyone is interesting, they would watch that video and we would be raising awareness for the campaign.

  • What are the most difficult and most satisfying parts of the service you are performing? Why?

The most difficult part would have to be coming up with ideas and which organization that we would work with. It was sometimes hard thinking about which organization we should work with. The most satisfying part is making the video and putting it all together.


Growing up In Slavery facts: Growing up in Slavery by Slviane A. Diouf

  1. Ten years after Europeans landed in the Americans in 1492, a full-scale trade in human beings sent between 12 and 20 million African people across the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. Poor living conditions and grueling work were the daily reality of the children growing up in slavery.

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5 4 3 2 1 Ch-210-exp

JOSIAH BRIGHT - 0123456789 - 13/4 Phu My Hung


Professional Summary

Experienced in fast-paced acting, improv and hot seating. Excellent at memorizing lines and teamwork skills. Track record of achieving exceptional results on script development based on devised scenes and communication.


  • Creative                
  • Entertaining
  • Clear voice
  • Teamwork         
  • Speaking


  • Study and rehearse roles from scripts in order to interpret, learn and memorize lines.
  • Portray and interpret roles, using speech, gestures, and body movements in order to entertain, inform, or instruct radio, film, television, or live audiences.
  • Write original or adapted material for dramas, comedies, puppet shows, narration, or other performances.
  • Learn about characters in scripts and their relationships to each other in order to develop
  • Work with other classmates responsible for lighting, costumes, makeup, and props.
  • Experienced in lighting, props, make up and sound.
  • Starred in 3 drama production


Saigon South International School                                                  Aug 2011 - Present


In Language Arts class, we had to make a resume and choose our dream jobs. I choose to be an Actor for my resume because I really like acting. One of my best professional qualities of writing a resume would be using clear language and writing good content. I also am able to organize and balance academic performance with social life.

I would that one of my worst professional qualities is managing time. I am really bad at managing time and being organized. I will need to work more on this, because managing time is very helpful in order to be professional.

Technology: The Driving Force of Imperialism

European Imperialism was a really important time in history because the Europeans took over the African countries and began the slave trade. The Europeans took control of the African countries which is called the imperialism. Malaria was the biggest killer for the Africans, it forced Europeans to have West African slaves. The Europeans used ships, boats, steam engines, guns, weapons, rifles, etc to go and travel to Africa to take over the colony. The driving force behind European Imperialism in Africa was technology. Although a strong case could be that economics was the driving force for imperialism because of money, however, this is less significant because technology provided weapons and transportation.

Using Technology such as transportation and weapons helped Europeans take control of Africa. According to Document C, the steam engine was the most constant and forceful source of technology, it was the fastest form of transportation. It helped the Europeans travel fast to Africa and so that they could rule over the country. According to Document A, the Europeans took over seven African colonies, without the transportation there would be no way that they could do that. The evidence suggest in Document C, states that the Maxim gun was the first machine gun and that the repeating rifle was the first gun that was able to fire multiple shots more accurately than older muskets. Weapons helped the European imperialism a lot. According to the background essay, Leopold’s managers proceeded to kill, through the horrible mistreatment and the introduction of disease, as many as 10 million Africans. This evidence shows  that without the weapons and guns to horribly mistreat and kill the Africans, the Europeans would not be able to take over the African Colony because they would not have the advanced technology to take control of Africa. This concludes, that technology such as steam engines and machine guns, it helped take control of the Africa.

Many People believe that economics was the driving force for imperialism in Africa because they helped get materials from Africa to improve their technology. According to Document D, Europeans traveled to countries like French West Africa and Tanganyika to help get resources like cotton, palm oil, rubber, peanuts, food, etc. These materials that they used helped invent fabrics, food products, clothes, rope, twine, etc. This helped because it got new inventions and the economic value increased. Although this argument sounds convincing at first, however this argument fails to consider that technology invented steam engines, boats, machine guns, rifles, and without these types of inventions, the Europeans would not be able to travel to the African countries. While it is true that economics has helped increase the economic value and create new inventions, this is weak because technology is much more valuable because it created ships to travel to the African countries, and weapons and guns to frighten the Africans and take control of Africa. 

The driving force behind Imperialism in Africa was technology because transportation and weapons helped Europeans travel to Africa and take control of the countries in Africa. Without transportation there would not be imperialism in Africa because the Europeans would not be able to travel to Africa and without weapons, the Europeans would not take control of Africa because the Africans would not be scared by them. European Imperialism in Africa was a major part in history because of its impact on how Africans and Europeans live today, in society.


A strength I showed was my selection of evidence because I used great evidence that helped support my claim. Something I should work on in my future essay writing is more cohesive introduction because my introduction was not that great and I really need to improve on that. Another thing that I could work on is to clarify my analysis to make sure that the reader understand everything I am trying to inform them in.

I was the publicist for my job, Publicist Job was an easy job because I could write down everything we did! I was the Goalie in the soccer unit. I think I did well at blocking some of the shots when the opposite team scored. But some of the challenges was that I missed a lot of the shots as well. For my running I some what improved but I some what did not. At first I was improving but then slowly I started not improving and became a lot tired. I scored 30/30 in the fair play points, I feel like my team all played fair and everyone was working together and learned how to cooperate with each other. I did think I tried my best because I would never give up and I would just keep playing but it does get very tiring out there, so that was a struggle. I think my whole team was positive and kind with each other. Overall, I did like this unit, it was fun working together. Ways to improve it is nothing, because there nothing really to improve. And yes I do recommend this soccer unit to everyone.



  • Of the goals in your learning plan, what do you feel most confident about?

I definitely feel most confident on my Stop and Jots now. Before I was kinda struggling with it but now I have decided to always do 5 stop and jots a day and it has definitely help me improve on my reading. So stop and jots is a major improvement for me.

  • Describe one of your best successes in this class. What did you do to make it so successful?

One of my best successes would definitely be improving in my planning for my homework doc. I have been more efficient with it, by writing down homework everyday and checking off the ones I complete. Especially prioritizing.

  1. Your personal learning experience

My personal learning is more of last units class where we do it independently. I think that helps more because I can watch more videos and research on my own. And I believe its more effective and useful because later in life you will have to be independent and the teacher cannot just tell you everything, you actually have to do something on your own.

2. Advantages and disadvantages to your learning

The advantages of my learning style are that I can work independently and watch videos and take notes on my own. The disadvantages is that when I do not have a plan of what to study it can get really hard because I do not know what to do. And it is hard for me to concentrate and listen to everything the teacher says.

3. Ways you could improve for next time

Ways that I  can improve is listen to the teacher and take notes while he is talking. If I have those notes I can use them for later to read through them for homework. I also need to study way more for test.