Graphic Novel Blog Post

This certain part of my graphic novel shows the most film technique, and introduce the plot of the story the reader is about to witness. Starting with the first frame, it shows a low angle shot, with the main character looking ahead at something. This effect cause him to look bigger than he is, causing him to look more heroic. The next frame show the protagonist’s back to the “camera”, but what really makes this frame unique is that he is covered in shadows, this technique is called backlighting. The following panels shows a bird’s eye view, with him looking up at the sky laughing proved by the various “HAHA” word swirling around also proving he’s not completely sane.

Radical Invention Debate

Radical Inventions Debate

~ Intro

Statement: The battery had a more significant impact on shaping human life than the invention of the rocket.

PRO Team: Harry (me) and Thanh

CON Team: Sally and Hina

~ Links

Roles matrix: (here)

Assessments: teacher, judge, peer, self

Self Debate Planning Doc: (here)

~ Reflection

From the research, preparation and the debates themselves, what did you learn about the art of persuasion? Please explain.
Throughout the course of the preparation process, I have heard about how exceptional research could easily convince certain beings to believe in a specific cause, however, I had never experienced such an understanding firsthand. Experiencing the persuasion process in a first-hand manner was an interesting thing for me to try out. During the process, the art of persuasion was one of the many things that was clearly imprinted into the core of my head.
Information can be more persuasive when they are backed up with outstanding examples and evidences. Of course, all of these must be taken from a trustable source. The citations said during the debates (as expected) could also be a game changer if used correctly. Also, while speaking, the person debating must not show any doubts of whatever they are saying. Their face should show loads of calmness and well-composedness.
How do you establish credibility as a debater? Explain fully.
As a debater, a person needs to appear calm, composed and undoubtful. As said earlier, gaining credibility from an audience is a needed step in order to persuade them. In order to gain credibility, the person needs to be well-prepared and thoughtful in many ways. They should not show any signs of anxiousness or doubt in any way. As that is being said, being unconfident might lead to make the audience think of the person’s research as being incorrect and false.
What surprised you the most about your debate and/or the debate experience?
The thing that surprised me the most about my debate was the fact that I stuttered. Normally, (in all of the other debates that I had participated in) I appeared calm and collected. I think I appeared anxious this time because of the thought of this debate being graded and counted in my grades. Just the thought of a debate being graded could shake my mind into a million pieces and shatter my confidence. I love debates, however, debates contain loads of pressure that might shatter a fragile human being (I don’t think I am one). My experience, overall, was good. I feel like I still need to calm my brain down before the debate starts in order to get it into the best shape.
What were you most proud of in your own debate?
I was most proud of my ability to counter the other team’s claims during the debate. According to my brain, some of the claims were strong and needed a good comeback in order to be taken down. I felt like searching for the appropriate information to make a counter was the toughest challenge that I had to face during this experience. Therefore, I am most proud of accomplishing the act of searching for a counterclaim.
What would be your next steps? Or in other words, what would you have done differently?
I do not think that I would like to do the things that I did in a different manner. I like going through things once (and once only). If I would like to change things, I would have had changed it before debating against the other team. Therefore, I would not like to change anything. Everything was fine the way it was.

Attempt 1-Day 1

For our first design we decided with a small circular plastic box. We wanted a small plant so that there would be space for the 2 cricket we put in. We also put some seeds, and leaves for the cricket to eat. The dirt will fill up about ¼ of the ecodome so there would be space for the plant to grow. We also added a little bit of water in. We put some worms to help with the plants and dirt. At the end nothing lived except for one mealworm, which was breathing it’s last breath. The plants was nothing but dried up leaves, the cricket was buried under the dirt, and the whole thing was covered in mold.

In our group I brought gravel, and sand while Lissa brought a bottle. I think it’s pretty fair because the whole group brought all the important thing we need except for the charcoal which Mr. Legaspi had. We didn’t really have any disagreement because the steps was pretty simple. A water filter kind of work, but it only collected a little bit of clean water. I don’t think i’ll work in poor villages because our filter didn’t collect that much water. I think we will redesign our filter because we need to collect more water.

Food Drive Promo Reflection

My poster has some details how you should help the Anh Linh Love school and for example, our video I have talked about how you can donate the food to the school. One thing that is really fun about this project is that we have some humor in it and cool design we have made for the posters. The challenging part of this process is for example that people are not focusing enough. One thing I have noticed I need more serious for the video, for example, it makes catch the middle schooler, but for the high school, they don’t really care that much, they are more mature and want a serious video.

Hell’s Kitchen AKA School


Spanish 7 SLC

In Spanish we use a lot of website to learn, SpanishCmc, Lyrics training, Kahoot, Rockalingua, Señor Wooly, Quizlet, Socrative, Edpuzzle, Educaplay, Quia, Conjuguemos, Duolingo. For my favorite project, it was probably En una tienda de ropa: VIDEO, it was a video project, where I had to pretend like I was selling clothing, and I had to speak Spanish. I did this video with my classmate Antonio. I memorize my script, and I edit a lot, for example I put Spanish and English subtitles, also I put a lot of special effects and transitions. Also another project I enjoyed was another video project. It was called Aquí vivo yo: VIDEO, in this video I gave a tour around my house, I also have to speak Spanish. My video wasn’t really that successful, the sound wasn’t good, the lighting wasn’t good, and I had to cut out a lot parts, and I also gave in it pretty late. Something that was challenging was learning verbs, but I manage to overcome the challenge with the help with my teacher, Ms. Nevado, and my friends. Overall I enjoy the challenges and successes that is provided in Spanish class.

This is my En una tienda de ropa: VIDEOAnd this is my Aquí vivo yo: VIDEO. 



This is a video for my swimming unit. Swimming Unit Video.

A Dark Story

“Hurry along child,”

my mother said to me frantically as she looked behind her shoulder to see if I was still keeping up.

“We best not be outside too terribly long so we ourselves don’t run the risk of catching the plague. We don’t want that now do we sweetie? You definitely don’t want to end up like your poor little friend Marie.” My mother noticed I was lagging behind so in turn grasped my arm tightly, dragging me along.

“Now hurry up Charlotte!”

“Yes Mama,” I said quietly, barley more than a whisper. All I could think about was Marie. I knew where she had gone. I knew that the Black Death had taken her in his clutches and claimed her as his own. When Mama had come into my room one morning weeping uncontrollably, I knew something dreadful had happened, something happening very close to home. Around us death raged and it had taken my very best friend. Marie and I, we would never be able to play together, no more playing with dolls or going on great adventures together. I still couldn’t fathom that she was truly gone.

I walked the dark deathly streets of London and literally saw death all around me. Ghastly corpses piled up in heaps and strewn everywhere line the streets and sidewalks stretching on for miles. Houses, looking as grim as ever, are boarded up tight not even allowing in a ray of sunshine, with a guard stationed out front. No one was allowed to enter or leave.
My mother kept walking at a brisk pace, with me at her heels, until we finally reached the confines of our home.

“Mama, why did we have to give Patches to those mean looking men? Why was everyone giving their dogs and cats to them? Patches never harmed anyone.” Once we got inside and the front door was closed tightly shutting out the demise finally did my mother speak. She lowered herself down to my level and looked me straight in the eyes.

“Honey, I know that a lot of terrible things have been happening lately, specially the loss of a dearest friend.

He came for me, first only in the forms of nightmares. In my dreams I soon fell ill with the plague. My parents didn’t want to be quarantined, locked up inside our house for 4 months, or become sick themselves, so they discarded my useless, lifeless body into the streets to join the already perished. I was just another faceless victim of the Black Death; no one cared about me. From every dream I would awake screaming and crying with my mother at my bedside soothing me and telling me everything was alright. I knew my dream would never become reality, never come true. My mother would never abandon me to the wrath of him.

I was wrong. The Black Death soon came knocking on our door after Mama and I’s last outing into the gruesome world. Mama started developing dark patches all over her skin; that’s when we knew that he had entered our household. Like Marie and countless of others she had been taken by him. My mother was dyeing and there was nothing I could do about it. I sat at her bedside wiping the vomit from her face and soothing her splitting headaches the best I could. All I could do was sit there and comfort her and watch her slowly slip away from this lifetime.

Mama in the end did up abandoning me. The Black Death took her away from me against her will and mine. Soon after Mama’s death, Papa followed in pursuit, also taken by the plague. I was left all alone in the world with him awaiting for me behind every corner. I was at the mercy of the Black Death. I knew that his mercy would run out in due time and he would be back for me soon enough. I hid in the shadows, cowering behind death, just waiting for him to come.

Free Write 1 – Things I Look Forward To On Week Without Walls

In this Blog Post I will be talking about some things I look forward to on Week Without Walls. The place we’re going in year’s WWW(Week Without Walls) is Madagui. Some of the things I am looking forward to is the zip line, rock climbing, and river cruise rafting. What I am exited the most is the zip line. I am most exited about the zip line is because I have never tried zip lining before, so this is a new experience for me. Also when I have my turn to do the zip line, I can conquer my fear, because I’m very afraid of heights. Another thing I am exited about is rock climbing, I have done rock climbing before, but only for about two minutes before I went home, and play games. The last thing that I am exited about and the river cruise rafting. I am exited for this activity is because I have been on a cruise raft before, but have never actually controlled  one before, so this will also be kind of a new experience for me. That is all the things that I am looking forward for Weeks Without Walls.