Memories I will never forget

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Taken by the onlookers in Loola beach, watching students walking around the low tide beach with joy. Photo by- Ms. Mcdermott, 2014

“When I jumping off from the boat, I was having the best time of my life.” – Sean, WWW participant   Have you ever thought about how it feels to get caught by a fisherman? I had an experience during the 2014 Week Without Walls to get caught in a fisherman’s net. This activity is called the ‘Boomnet’  and it is an activity where it is divided into 3 different parts. First, the speedboat trip. The speedboat was fast as you could have ever imagined. I never felt so fast in my life. The boat was fast and furious. The salty water splashing to your face, and when I put my hand in the water, I felt like I was slicing the water in halves. Next, the Boat. Speedboat may have been a fun experience, but it was just the beginning of the word fun. When I got off from the speedboat to the bigger boat, I was fine, until the waves got stronger and the boat shook a lot. If you ever try this, I wouldn’t tell you to not talk to your friends and move around but I wouldn’t encourage it. If you do, theres a higher chance of getting sea sick. When the sea calms down, the best part of the activity begins. The boomnet jump. When the tour guide told us to jump from the boat to the net I was afraid. I was scared that I would drown. However, I was stupid. When I did it, I had the best time of my life. I jumped down doing silly things like 360 spin, Air Jordan pose, and I even imitated a cool picture I saw in a magazine.  If I had another opportunity to try this again, I wouldn’t dare to deny the offer.

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Taken by the onlookers in Loola beach, watching students walking around the low tide beach with joy. Photo by- Ms. Mcdermott, 2014

“I never felt like a kid for so long…the tide walk was a great experience.” – Rei, WWW participate   My feet made contact with the wet, soggy grass land that I thought was never there. It was just the beginning of my low tide walk. The beach is located at the Loola Resort Bintan. The beach is called the South China Sea and a part of it is placed in Indonesia. During the low tide walk, I saw many sea creatures. For instance, there were many different type of crabs, sea cucumbers, and even a dead fish caught in man made traps. The hairy crabs were my favorite. It was hairy, calm, and it really liked me. This entire experience were just so fascinating to me due to the fact that I’ve seen creatures that I never saw before. Also, when I first saw the sea cucumber, I had no idea what it was. It was basically a cucumber that can squirt water. If I ever get to go back to Bintan, I would love to discover more about the other side of Earth.

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Anxious onlookers watching frightened students flying towards the cold sea water. Photo by- Ms. Mcdermott, 2014

“Flying fox was scary experience, but I would still do it again because it felt great when I was in the air flying.” – JK, WWW participant. My heart beat is rising rapidly. I have to go, but I’m to scared. Anxious viewers watching me from the ground and supporting me. I take a brave one step and I flew like a flying fox. This activity was the scariest activity I’ve ever done. I never felt so scared in my life. When I first heard that we were going to do this, I wasvery hyped up and thrilled. However, those excitement disappeared as soon as I started going up the ladder to do the flying fox. As I reached to the platform, I felt insecured just standing on it. I had a harness on, but I wasn’t able to just depend on it. The wind was so strong that it moved my body a bit as it went pass by me. When it was finally my turn to jump off from the platform, I hated myself for even thinking that I could do this. I probably wouldn’t have done it, if there were no supporters who were cheering for me. I closed my eyes and I took a giant step, I jumped down and I felt like I was going to die. It was then when I realized that I was at least 15 meters off the ground, and it felt great. I was flying like those in the comic books. Flying fox, located at Bintan Loola Resort, gave me an experience that I would never forget and that helped me to get a step closer to becoming a true man.

Balling is my life

image by davidd
image by davidd










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My love for b-ball eclipses the sun

I always knew basketball was my thing

Last year, my basketball career begun.

You hang on tight to me like a nose ring.

Bouncing the ball is like reading a book,

I jump, shoot, usually nothing but net

He stole my ball and I gave him the look

He runs towards, stops in his triple threat

I love my pick and roll, just like my bed

I started off from bench, now I’m sweating

“Try your best and become the best,” he said

I ball everyday like he was saying

What a ball wants is just a normal boy

It is basketball, I play and enjoy

Food story

This food is called the “volcano dumpling”. It is made really simple, from dumplings that are sold in convenience store, with a lot of amount of cheese. This dish was never made from long time ago, and these were made by my family’s idea. This food is very, very cheesy, but the kimchi inside will make it better. This dish is very tasty and if you like kimchi you will love it. This dish is very special to me and my family because this is my favorite snack but also a snack that we bring to all the time to the pick nick. Most of the families in Korea bring kim bab, but we found that very common, so we decided to make our own recipe. A recipe that is very unique. Like every family has their own recipe, this is our family’s favorite snack. TRY IT OUT! I promise you its worth it. Here is a recipe to make your own.  Hope you enjoy your snack 😉


8 – 10 packaged dumpling (plain, no filling)

4 spoons of mozzarella cheese

1 slice of cheddar cheese



1. First defrost the dumplings.

2.Make criss-cross cuts into the defrosted dumplings

3. Put kimchi inside the dumpling

3. Then, you put small amounts of mozzarella cheese inside the dumpling.

4. Cut small strips of cheddar cheese, and put it on top of dumpling.

5. Put the dumpling into the microwave for 9 – 10 minutes.


Bento Box


  1. wash your hand

  2. prepare the ingredients

  3. Wash all the fruits

  4. shape the purple bean rice into a square and place it at the bottom of the box

  5. then shape the white rice into a shape of a circle

  6. take a little bit of the purple rice and shape into a circle

  7. After that place it on the white rice

  8. Cook the ham (spam) until it is fully cooked

  9. cut the spam into pieces and place it into the bento box

  10. Cut the leftover of the ham into triangle and place it on the rice to make it look like its eyes.

  11. Cut the seaweed into a shape of a dog’s ears and stick them onto the face

  12. then use the leftover seaweed and stick it on the eye

  13. cut out a small piece of cheese and stick it on the seaweed.

  14. finally cut out some fruits u want and place it on a left or right corner

  15. enjoy your bento box



I chose to make bento box because of 3 reasons. The first reason was because it looked fun and it was fun. I liked all the things I did making this bento box. The second reason is because it was based on my ideas which means that it’s based on my imagination. Last reason would be that it’s not hard to make. Even Though, I’m not a very good cook, I was able to make a tasty bento box. I really enjoyed making bento box and I will try it again later on. I really encourage you guys to try it out because it’s really easy, but mostly because it’s tasty.

 bento box

40 book challenge reflection-almost the end of 7th grade..

I read about 17 books total for this whole 7th grade year. I have read less than what I read last year. I’m very disappointed in myself. However, I found my favorite series of books last week. I had a challenge to be accomplished by the end of my 7th grade year. I may have not achieved my challenge, but I experienced, and learned how fun reading books is. Last year, I had no interests in reading because it was too stressful and I didn’t like it no matter what. On the other hand, I find it really joyful now and this goal has changed me so much in such ways. It changed me so much that I made a goal for myself to read at least 30 mins per night, no matter how tired I am. In short, I really liked everything about this  challenge and if I can, I’ll be happy to continue this goal.

image by Mckinnon

Last free write of the year

I’ve been living in Vietnam for many years. I personally like living in Vietnam because it had basically affected me in every single way. I changed. I take a bath

at least twice a day, go jogging, study, and I eat junk food. You might think to yourself, this guy is weird because I do that everyday. This might be normal for you,

but for me this life is a life that I wanted for years. When I was in Korea, the life was different. In fact, it was so different that I was tired and exhausted. I had

to go academies until 10 PM and it was just to much for me to handle. Then suddenly, I came to Vietnam and my life got better and better each year. I may

have had the hardest life among the little kids in Korea, but I’m enjoying my life in Vietnam. Furthermore, the school I’m in right now is really good.

image by bsmethers

40 book challenge self assessment

Well I read about 20 books total during 7th grade. It’s about half of the books I was suppose to read. I read a lot of realistic fictions because it was my favorite, but I was lacking on historical fictions. My goal starting of the 7th grade was to experience all different kinds of books, so I decided to achieve that goal. My goal for the last two weeks of the school is too read historical fictions.  I’m going to read about the world war two, which can be very fun to read about. To achieve this goal I have to read at least 1 chapter per day. This might be easy for people that likes to read, but the problem with me is that I don’t really like reading books. This might be hard but I think that it would benefit me in such ways. For example, when I’m choosing books, I’ll be able to find out what books I like because I read all different kinds of genres. This goal is very important for me because like I said. I think it will be very helpful .  Also I would be able to know what kind of books are my favorite in order to get interests in reading books.

Reflection about “ The Other Side of Truth”

The book was pretty good. On my first site I thought that it would’ve been boring, but later on I started to find it interesting. I liked how it started because the mom’s death. It gave me interest and curiosity about what had happened to Sade’s mom It was sad and miserable at first but later it got better. I think it would’ve been better if the ending could be more logical because sending a letter to grandma wasn’t really a good ending. I find it that way because the grandma wasn’t the main characters in this book “ Other Side of Truth” On the other hand, I think that the 6th graders this year going to 7th grade next year should read this book. The main part of this reason is that there are so many good words to learn and the author is really good at making sentences with good vocabularies. In short, I personally liked this book and I strongly suggest that the 7th grade students next year to read this book.