Letter to my Principle


I came to school late today

and I’m not sorry.

I do remember
what’s written in the handbook

but I hate school

I hate every single thing about school.

It’s miserable that I can’t sleep in

on the days I want to.

And, Sir,

do you know that students like us

sometimes have to stay up

to finish a school project.

While all of the students are working hard,

you’re here complaining why we are late,

you might as well reconsider

the reason we’re late.

Behind My Six Doors


I open the first door and see a big wild heart.

It beats so loud, it pumps my blood.

I open the second door and hear life rushing through the veins

Just like a river running down a waterfall.

I open the third door and taste the bitter scars,

the pain that she was hiding.

I open the fourth door and touch her face,

and swiped her tears away.

I open the fifth door and smell the beautiful smile.

Which probably hide her smile.

I open the last door and sense a girl crying for help.

Yet pushing people away because of judgments.

AOW – Clothes Factory Fallen Down

“Clothed In Misery” Article written by M.T. Anderson.

The article highlighted the recent building collapse in Bangladesh, a country where poverty is still a rampant, it’s people, in their quest for a better living standard, in short, ‘Survival’, risk their lives to put food on the the table. The article also contains the horrid memories of the past where similar disasters happened in the US. These incidences occurred, where sacrifices are make and new rules and regulations implemented, has been largely ignored. In their quest to make better profit, owners go for cost cutting measures, compromising on workplace safety, even corruption to get around legislative issues.


Based on “THE collapse last Wednesday of a Bangladeshi factory complex — the latest, deadliest chapter in the story of miserable labor conditions in the international garment industry — must seem distant to many Americans. Their tragedy is not ours because their working conditions, and construction regulations, are not ours.” and “But the story of manufacturing half a world away is as close as the Lycra-cotton cloth that swaddles us. It is as intimate to our private interests as our boxers are, stitched in those bunkers by hands we never see and rarely consider.”.It is interesting to see that while we are living half the world apart, people ignore their own moral standards when acting as consumers, searching for the cheapest electronics, fashion or food. Thus, the markets reduce moral concerns. Retailers, whose sole responsibility is to return a profit to their shareholders, have to source for lower cost, crooked manufacturers will cut corners, bribe a weak government into allowing them to create factories that are death traps, using cheap and child labors to churn out consumers’ demand. The deaths of a thousand people just shows the glory of the free market. The author gave examples of many accidents that has happened in the past in USA, but it is long forgotten until this latest incident reminds us again, our moral responsibility.


This article makes me reflect on basic moral values and responsibility. I think that in every Organisation, in every action that one makes, one needs to go through a series of obligations in order to achieve our objectives. It is the society’s responsible to help workers have a better, happier, safer environment to work and live in. I had opportunity to visit some garment factories in Vietnam, and surely I’ve seen a similarities in living and working conditions as written by the author. Some factories were constructed according to government regulation on workplace safety, workers, mainly from the province, were given proper space and conditions to work and safety of utmost priority. However, there are some sub-contractor  who provide workers poorly constructed garment factories. Workspace were cramp and poor lighting. Plus, workers were paid the barest minimum. Many people asked the owners why they are operating in such environment, and the reply was, facing stiff competition, with buyers only willing to pay the minimum for their products, with cost of materials up, they have no choice, but to look at cutting cost in order to not reach their budget. If I were to face such a situation, I would look at tightening , safety conditions at factories, likes the United States did in the early part of 20th Century. an invitation to buyers to visit and inspect our workplace, as I believe that if everyone plays a part in the process, from material to manufacturer to buyer, and finally consumer willingness to pay for the products, I would succeed in making this, a liveable world to all. What surprised me about the article is, there has been similar disasters in the past lives lost, less learnt, new regulations enforced, buyers and sellers all vow to follow, but in the end, what I see is, history is repeating itself.


Introduction To Piano


I ask them to think of pianos

as the most beautiful instrument there is


or think of them, as a magnificent sunset


I say drop a bucket of paint,

and just let everything flow


or walk inside a opera,

and just listen for the perfect melody.


I want the notes to slide smoothly

across every page of the piano book,

screaming elegance and grace in my mind


But all they want to do is try

kidnap the piano and pressure it

to teach them how to play.


They begin smashing the keys of the piano,

and leave with anger, silence and frustration.

AOW: Boston Society Causing More Trouble Or Helping?


Is the Boston citizens creating more task for the police to solve or just giving a hand? The article I’m will be talking about is written by Connor Simpson named “F.B.I. Released the Tsarnaevs’ Photos Because of Reddit and the Post”. The article highlight the issues that investigators faced working on hard facts and evidence vs. media and “internet detectives” in tracking down the suspects. Both the New York Post and Reddit, in their race to catch public attention, has wrongly identified suspects, the number of deaths and injuries. In order to prevent further confusion, as well as not to disrupt public harmony and suspicions, the FBI finally released images of their target, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan, in order to stop the confusion.


The author’s purpose/message of the article is to bring to us the importance of responsible reporting. Any news or reports should be thoroughly verified before broadcasting to the public. The author highlighted the initial reports from the Post regarding a Saudi suspects and 12 people were killed in the initial blast. When the Post finds that there were wrong, they immediately identified two people on their Thursday BAG MEN cover as FBI suspects, which was also not true. I find that these details when published out to the public will create social problems and misunderstandings amongst the people. These false findings may also lead to foreign relations problem, between USA and Saudi. It may also lead to religious misunderstandings.

The author’s message in important to consider because I think there must not be wrong information or conclusions make by irresponsible people or organization, until a full and proper investigations done by the FBI. Any false reports may lead to very big social discord amongst the people.


If I am in this situation, I will follow what the FBI did, stressing all information or reports to only flow to 911 or official investigators in order to cut off freelance sleuthing. I will feed regular reliable information to the public thru newspapers and television, in order to keep the public update in the investigation, at the same time, not to let go too much information which are important in continuing the investigation. I am surprised by what the media and social internet can do in order to catch readers’ attention and their profit, with such false reporting. This will not only create confusion with the public, it may also lead to sour foreign relations and create religious disharmony. For SSIS, I think we are an open, united society, everyone in school should be taught about social responsibility, no rumors in school, no irresponsible reporting. Everyone are treated the same, (I quote our Singapore pledge) “regardless of race, language or religion, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for the nation”. If we can achieve all the above, there will be peace in this world.

This article brings to us the facts that everyone must be accountable for one’s acts. We should not jump to conclusion, any forms of reporting until the truth is out. As a responsible citizen, we must assist in providing reports as accurate as possible to official investigators in order to target the correct suspects. We must not make any false reports or rumors to confuse the public in order to attract public attention, and such reports may be harmful to the society.

Social Networks Leads To Racism

Different people uses social media for different purposes. Some are to be updated and keep in touch, some are for time killing, some are for fun. There’s many purpose of using a social media. An article name “Spreading Racism via Facebook” by Tom Jacobs talks specifically about racism spreading through Facebook. He did a research to get to the bottom of this issue, explaining how the researchers disguise them self as a 26 years old, white male, under the name of Jack. 623 users were asked how often they checked the site, reporting their usage on an eight-point scale. The researchers viewed three notes post on Facebook, and they are considered as  “egalitarian message” and  “victim message” along with a “superiority message.”.

The author wrote to express how he feels, and explain that racism does happens online and we should be aware of our usages online. Frequent social media users like me should have be careful of what we like, every action will appear on other people’s news feed, and therefore they are viewable to any racist post that we have liked on purpose, or just by accident. Therefore we need to be aware of our actions online.

My opinion is that social media should stop developing racist jokes, photos, etc. and if people see post like that, I hope they won’t just ignore them, but they should report the post. Some people just wanted to fit and not ruin other people’s joke, but truly you should understand that standing up for it is a right thing to do. After reading the article, it helps me understand that sometimes racism just by clicking  like button, it can travel every where around the world and everyone can see it. Society shall get together and stop online racism.

Article of The Week ~ Lance Armstrong Bullies ?

Have you heard the latest gossip? Lance Armstrong was to be reconsidered bullying. In the article named “Lance Armstrong Admits Drug Use, Bullying Tactics” Written by Lance Pugmire, Lance Armstrong who survived from cancer and won Tour de France 7 times in a row, admits that he has use drugs. Lance Armstrong had let so many of his fans down, despite knowing that doping and any other forms of stimulants  in sporting industry is a no-no. Lance Armstrong continues to deceive the judges, sponsors, his fans, family members, and most importantly himself through out his cycling carrier, wining titles after titles until he was caught. There were previous instances were doubts of his winning was brought up by some officials, he continues to denies all this years, racking in million of his winnings through an nautical sportsmanship. On the other hand, Lance Armstrong, fought a successful battle against cancer and created a charity foundation in his name. After he was caught recently, he then ( openly ) admits that he was under stimulants  for  a couple of years. During his confession in the Oprah show which was add to world wide viewers, he again confess the truth. There will despite his open confession, doubts still arise on whether he was under stimulants throughout his cycling carrier.

I didn’t quite understand the point of the article until I had a close read at it. Lance Pugmire whats us to know that there are people out there who would do anything just to let us look up upon them, by using money to cover up his secret, people won’t stop until they reach where they possibly could. The author pointed out a person like Lance Armstrong as a model we shouldn’t be following. Lance Armstrong did not admit by himself, he was caught, he wasn’t guilty about it, he knew that there were other cyclist who also did the same. Lance Armstrong had sued a girl who stood up for the truth, he completely destroyed her carrier, and all he can do is say sorry. Wow. Sorry.

I have never really thought someone like Lance Armstrong would cheat through out his carrier, if I were in his situation, I would have not think of such things that could destroy my reputation, at least be regretful of my mistakes. He was brave enough to face cancer, I’m surely he would have done so much better, instead of using cancer of an excuse due to his illegal actions. This is honestly really hard for his fans to forgive him, I doubt that himself could ever forgive himself later on when he realize everything he has done to build up his name. Lance Armstrong was over the board with the girl he sued, he totally destroyed her carrier. Lance Armstrong will have a big problem with earning his trust, money, carrier, fans back.

Article of the Week ~ Teenage Who Change the World

A 6-years old boy, who is battling through cancer  with an idea of saving penguins. Can you still keep the passion in you even while you’re suffering a disease ? An article written by Stephen Messenger name “6-Years-Old Who Beat Cancer Fights To Save Penguins”, Aghelos Kouvaras, the 6 years old boy, with passion to save the endangered penguins. A report from NBC New York said that, as  Aghelos was undergoing a chemotherapy treatment to fight his cancer, he spent his days reading about the plight of endangered penguins. The strong passion of wanting to save the penguins has overpowered his cancer. As soon as Aghelos was cured from the treatment, he made action to his passion, he got his friends and teachers to be involve and support him, just by running a 5k race called ‘Run For The Wild’ that is held by Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). Aghelos earn $3,000 towards the project. How fascinating ?

Such a young boy, but such a wise mind. This article  makes me realize that no matter at what age I am, I can make a change to the world, because there are people out there who is younger than me that made a difference to the world. The author of this article wants to share this story to us with a purpose to let us know that even though the boy is at his worst, he still wants the world to save the animals, because animals matter, the boy is full with courage. John Calvelli, who helps organize the race said “His work to raise money to save penguins while fighting his own battle is inspirational, He has become a role model for an entire community.” . This quote brings so much inspirational feeling to me. Even when I’m in the dark, with passion I could make a difference. The author’s last word, “I suspect, however, that the scope of his inspiration will reach much further yet.”, the boy will go much further than just saving the penguins, there are other endangered species out there who is still waiting to the next action of Aghelos. Would you make a difference to the world even when you’re trying to get through your own problem? Be strong. Author’s point isn’t direct, but we all know he wants us to make a difference even when we think we’re not strong enough.

To be honest, I would have never thought that there would be a boy like Aghelos, even for his own benefit to get anything he wants, but he didn’t take that advantage, but he wants to save the animals, even though he is young he has full society responsibility. I wouldn’t have thought about the society, neither the animals if I was suffering from cancer, Aghelos made his passion means so much to the world. He truly is a role model to everyone, including the one who is suffering from cancer with a strong passion towards something. The thing that surprise me that Aghelos is still so young, and the way he overcome the cancer. Pure inspirational.

Diving Into Tsunamis

Would you ever sacrifice yourself in a tsunami’s cold waters that are full of debris just to save someone that really matters to you? Well in the article called “People Are Awesome: This Guy Scuba Dived Into the Tsunami to Rescue His Wife and Mother” by Cord Jefferson, a 43-year old man named Hideaki Akaiwa dove into the waters of a tsunami just to save his wife and his mother. It all started with a tsunami in Fukushima Daiichi. Hideaki rushed to higher ground and called for his wife that’s only about twenty years old. When his wife didn’t answer he went around looking for her. Hideaki even ignored his friends telling him to just wait for a Military Rescue! He started looking for some scuba diving gear and dove into the water. After swimming for minutes, he finds his wife struggling. He brought her back to safety. But for four days, Hideaki worried about his mother. So he took his scuba diving gear again, and looked for his mother. Fortunately, Hideaki found her in the second floor the neighbor’s house.

I think the author wants us to know about Hideaki and somehow mimic him. Since right now in the real world, there aren’t that much brave people around saving people from tsunamis with only a scuba diving gear. “Armed with a backpack, a flashlight, a Swiss Army knife, and some water, he rides his bike around the wreckage and makes his own destiny.” With more people doing this kind of act, I think more people would be saved.

After reading this article, I was amazed by Hideaki’s bravery. Not that much people would go get a scuba diving gear and plunge into the cold, dark waters full of dangerous debris just to save someone that really matters to them. Or just sacrifice themselves to save other people. This changes my view of the world because I thought that people would just save themselves (every man for themselves) and wouldn’t care about everybody else. But Hideaki changed my whole perspective. I really like those people who would just sacrifice themselves for other people. In my opinion, it’s not easy being brave. There are some things that are too extreme to even handle. People who plunge into a burning building to save someone else? People who lead others to safety? People who would save someone from drowning? I call them all heroes. Therefore, I think Hideaki is one of those brave heroes around the world. There are rarely anyone who would go and won’t care about themselves and just save people. As for me, I think that it would take a lot of courage for me to do something like what Hideaki did. I actually think that people should start acting like Hideaki. Because Hideaki’s a hero, and as I said, there aren’t much heroes these days. Overall, I really admire Hideaki and him for being really courageous.

Science TED Talk Response

Global warming has been a great impact to the issues of the world, and it surely can lead to many other problems. Heat is constantly coming in, is it going anywhere? No. The heat that the sun has provide for us is trapped in this atmosphere, and it can’t get out. Because of this, as result of heat trapped inside this atmosphere iceberg and glaciers are melting. Which leads to another problem, the glaciers and huge junks of ice keeps on melting which causes the sea level to rise up. Parts of land has been covered up because of the sea level rising. Examples of where the land has been covered up by water; Southern Vietnam, Europe, and some coast line in America.

95% of the glacier in the world are melting and shrinking. Sea level are still rising. We need to have a stop to this, the more the sea level rise the more land would be covered up. Glacier and ice berg are melting too fast.  In 75 mins, the glaciers can be broken down and moved by 3 km. Don’t you think it’s ruining our habitat over time? Where are we or our next generation going to live over time?

In my opinion, we have to start caring about the world now. Global warming has already been here for a long time, and barely anyone is putting in the effort to care and make a change. I want us to work together a the world’s society to make a difference to global warming. I know there are people out there who are willing to help. By this, I don’t to just use my words, I want a plan and an action to this.

I think we should create less heat to this world to reduce heat in the atmosphere. As before people says that we should reduce using cars, they create to much pollution, we should stop burning fossil fuels, etc. In addition, what I’ve been thinking is to let students reduce using oil pastels and erasers. By this way, we avoid using oil. Using oil is part of global warming. We should persuade parents, and other parents to reconsider about what they’ll be buying anything for themselves, kids, family members or friends, etc.