Vietnamese Craft Village

Vietnamese Craft Village


My favorite part is when we got some free time and got to play at the playground, and my favorite playground equipment is the swings and I played with Ha Chi, Tracy, Crystal, and Seung Won. When we are at Nha Hue, Tracy and I took a selfie and then Ha Chi came in, we took a selfie with three people. After that, we video tape and my camera was full so I stopped videoing and went on. while we were on the bus we played UNO , first we played two teams , team A  Oliver, Ha Chi , and I team B was Tracy, Crystal, and Seung Won. Later,we added anew teammate Guiliano so Oliver was with him and Tracy is with Seung Won and the last team was me and Ha Chi and then Seung Won’s team won. We finally we got back to school and get to go home.




Geology Models Assesment

In my model, the main part was the rock layers. The oldest rock is the blue layer, 2nd youngest is the yellow rock and the youngest is the red layer. The top part is wavey because of erosions that haveoc·cur. The top part of my model is wavey because water might desolve the rock the rock and glaciers might have also washed away some parts of the rock, when things disappear by something like water or glaciers you can call it weathering. In this case, there was no fault the tectonic plates did not bend, so there was no fault erosion. This still happens today here, right now. It is also dangerous, so watch out!! ??


This is the aleks i did in semester 1. The aleks i am on now is a lot easier.

  • describe what would you work on more if you had additional time
  • describe what you know now that you did not know before completing the artifact
  • identify strategies you used to create the artifact


  • identify strategies you used to create the artifact
  • describe how the artifact demonstrates an area of great progress
  • why the specific artifact was selected
  • 9. Claribel

That is the link to my comic for spanish that I feel really proud of. We did this as a project and this is the only project I feel proud of in Spanish.



  • identify strengths and weaknesses in the artifact
  •  what you liked and did not like in the artifact (strengths and weaknesses)
  • describe and point to examples of how specific skills or knowledge improved (or did not)

We were taught what is hauora. Hauora is things to make up a human being.


  • describe what you know now that you did not know before completing the artifact
  • describe why the artifact demonstrates an academic strength
  • identify strategies you used to create the artifacts 

This is a project about DRAGONS APPRENTICE. We did a lot of things in dragons apprentice like creating a product to sell and giving the money to the charity that we chose (Smile Bank).


A slogan is a simple, persuasive phrase or a complete sentence. The purpose of a slogan is to make people to buy their product and remember.

For example, McDonald’s has the slogan “I’m Lovin’ It.”  The slogan is very short and it makes the costumers think I should buy this.


What is Hauora? 

Hauora is Maori belief. It is made up four specific areas physical, social, mental and emotional,  and spiritual well-being. If though’s  things combined they will make up a person’s life.

All these things are really important in a person’s life, that is why you see your friends believing in different spirituals. You can see yourself connecting with people out there like friends, families, sometimes people you don’t know. Sometimes you can have mood swings and sometimes you can control it and sometimes not. 

I think Hauora is the most important thing in us because to make up me the way I am, I have all the things included in me and so do you.

When I think about my strengths in the four is that I am very social with everyone at times and I can control my emotions really well.