The three things I learned about geography and early human settlement. Is that the Nile river is a gift to ancient people. And also the deserts helped Egyptian people block the invaders from coming. Vegetation also helped early human settlement like the reeds and papyrus. Papyrus and reeds gave them resources for them like boat paper and more.

      The 2 things I am proud of in my project is that my building is quite good in my opinion and that I worked quite hard for this building like the mediterranean sea and the Nile river. The second thing I’m proud of is that my planing is good. It really helped me make my Minecraft map.

.     One of the things I would like to change if I did this project again is that make my script better and more clearly and more information if needed. Down below is the video.


I can't believe that 5th grade is over. And we are moving to 6th grade already. I can't wait to go to 6th grade but I am also sad that we are leaving 5th grade. 5th grade was one of the best grade I had ever had, and all good memories from the beginning to end. I learned how to protect the environment more and to keep it healthy, and learned why the moon bears were endangered. The most challenging thing in 5 grade was the Shark Tank. The reason why it was really challenging for our group was that we had to prove to Mr.Style that  our product can clean the surface almost as much as the cleaning product that we use in our school. We met our challenge by researching a lot about vinegar and baking soda mixed together, and how they killed bacteria and if they can kill bacteria. My plans for the summer are going to many places in Europe, like Germany, Italy, Spain and France. I'm looking forward to meeting new teachers and new friends. I am also looking forward to Week Without Walls.

     We worked on organic cleaning products. The reason why we chose organic cleaning products. Because lots of people complained that they are had headaches. And we think that the cleaning products we are using in our school are causing people to have headaches. So that's the reason why we chose this project.

     This project is very sustainable because all these ingredients we use to make the project is all natural ingredients. For the proposal, we wrote our own proposals. When we were done, we had to start reading our other partners proposal, so that we could take parts from their proposal and put it into one proposal. In the infographic, we took some important information that we researched and interviewed and added it in the infographic. For the shark tank pitch, we just wrote sentences about the problem, solution, budget, timeline and equipments and facilities. The most interesting thing I learned was how to write a proposal. The most challenging part was answering the judges' questions because they were very challenging. We worked very hard on our project to success to the next level. I think my group did very well but sometimes we wondered around and talked to other people and didn't focus on our work.

Final Proposal

On February 23, 2017 we did a project named Hackathon. A hackathon is an activity where people work in groups to come up with and develop ideas to improve something. When we were in the auditorium to work on our hackathon, we had to pick what groups we wanted to be in. Our project was having pigs at school to eat the wasted food from the cafeteria. As you know everyday we had a lot of food left over.

Also we had to do the Star poster witch S means Situation: our situation was people are wasting to much food in the cafeteria

T means Task: Have a miniature pigs at the school campus to eat the leftover food.

A means Action: our steps are to put the cages for them behind the cafeteria (where the buses are) and give them the leftover food.

R means Results: If the pigs are growing, then that means we are wasting less food. Also we can ask the ladies if there are less trashing than normal.

Our project is sustainable because we don't have to waste so much food. And instead of throwing the food to the garbage, we can use the pigs to eat the food for use.

Ecology: It could be very good for the environment because we don't waste to much resources which we used to make the food for example water, electricity, oil and Vegetables ...  And if you throw wasted food into a garbage and leave it for a while, then it can smell bad and make the air polluted. That effects the health of animals and us too.

Economics: Maybe it could not be expensive because we will buy the small pigs.  The pigs will eat the left over food that we had wasted. And when some pigs are grown up, they can make babies and we can sell them.

Politics: I don't think the project is possible because it might take a lot of place in the garden, therefore the shark tank said no.

Culture: I don't think the project is possible because some cultures might think that we can  harm the pigs.

On February 14 2017,  the whole grade 5 went on a Trip to Cat Tien for 2 nights and 3 days. For our new unit called Green Dragons.

The most interesting thing we did in the whole Cat Tien trip was the moon bears, because we get to watch them eat the foods that we gave to them like fruits and peanut butter. For the fruits we just threw them where ever we want but it has to be challenging  so the moon bears can grow more strength and get their habitats back.

My most interesting thing I learned in Cat Tien is Moon bears because some of the moon bears have to be kept in a cage for years or maybe until they die. People also use them to make China's medicine.  Also keep them as pets.

My challenging was Micro-ecosystem because we had to find the right spot to find where to put the letters and take a picture. Like the cricket it always jumped and we had to catch it and put the letter card on it and take a picture of it. Also it will jump of and it is very frustrating for me and my group. So we decided to hold the leg and another person hold the letter card and take a picture quickly. Then put it done and let it free.



In the last few weeks, we had to make our reading goal that we could finish by Tet break. My goal was that I had to read longer books. I didn't meet my goal, so i think in Tet break time, I should read about one hour per day. My book is called Fablehaven.  So far ,where I am reading is very interesting, because there is some magical witch. And the grandma is trying to protect  the kids from the magical creature. I would really recommend you to read this book. My favorite part of the story was the kids coming in the witches house. If you love adventure stories, then you will like this story book.

My topic for my research article was polar bears. The reason why I chose polar bears is because it was the most interesting idea i had. I searched up the five question I had, then I found lots of articles. Then I went to the library and searched for polar bears. It wasn't that hard for me to find my level of books because there were a lot of easy words. I learned how to write notes in my own words from other articles. I think I did a good job of hooking readers with a few sentences. I think I need to work on more with transition words. For publishing, i chose Pages, because it is the easiest for me. I learned how to do alignment. I think i did well on the photos and the alignment. Here is my article.

Polar Bear Project

This unit we were learning about Science.  I learned that the water is more dense than the vegetable oil but when we added Citric Acid and Baking Soda into the cup of water and vegetable oil and started to make bubbles in the water. The most interesting part of this experiment was when we added the Citric Acid and Baking Soda into the cup filled with water and vegetable oil. I could make the experiment better by having a different oil. And we could make this more interesting by adding more citric acid and baking soda like about 10-15 spoons of Citric Acid and Baking Soda. But so far it was fun and I hope I can do this experiment next time. Down below is a slide show on what we did before we had started the experiment. 

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On October.12,2016, we went on a field trip to District 1.  Our first challenge was at school. We had to run across the field to a cone. Then we had to figure out how to spell the word to find the next clue. After we found what the word was, we ran there. It was the Big Top. We had to find a pencil case with our color on it.

My team was dark blue. Our members were Kelvin, Elzia, Fahim and Grace. We had from 8:00 am-1:15 pm to finish. So we had to go quickly. We couldn't  use the taxi.  The only choice we had was to walk, so we had to walk for 5 hours and 15 minutes.

The best challenge was snack, because we got to rest for 30 minutes before we had to walk again for another few hours. My hardest challenge was the code challenge, because we didn't know the numbers for the letters. We had to put the letters on the numbers to figure what was the next word. For our group, I think we should have looked at the instructions better, because at the finish line, all we did was run across the park and win the Amazing Race. We didn't look at the picture before we went, so we ran around the whole park until we saw another group running. We started to look at the clue and started to run faster, but we had a tie. One team went there first before we did, so we had a tie in  second place with the light blue team. After all the fun times and running, our group still had fun, even though we lost.

img_0234          img_1125 img_1121 img_1113

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On September 22,2016 we went on a field trip called Buu Long. In Buu long we played building blocks and other activirices. when we went to Buu long i was so excited because we get to go zip lining, abselling and rock climbing. The most excited one was Zip lining because a lot of people say it's fun for them so i am excited. Onces we arrived there it took us 2 hours to go. Before we went we made teams so when we arrived we can just go to our teams. The first thing that our team did was the buliding blocks. Buliding blocks was hard because you couldn't talk and you need to clap instead of talking. And it is very fursting. We also did a maze. The Maze game is very fursting too because u need to remember where u did wrong where u did correct and i have a very bad momery.

After 3 hours we went to a restruant in Buu long then we sat on the tables. And waited for the other teams to come. We had to wait about 45 mins for them to come because they were doing the outside activitices. All of us were starving. Onces they were here we started eating after we ate we went outside activitice.

The first thing that our group did was abseling. At first i was so scared to go to abselling because it was very high because we had to do it on a mountain. And we had to lean atleast 90 back. But instead i just did it. I was very scared and when i was half way there i wasen't scared so i started going down. But after all it was fun.

When we went to rock climbing i was to scared because it will be very tried and i was saving my anergy for zip lining so i so i skipped it.

After we did abselling and rock climbing. the next one was zip lining i was very excited because everyone said it was very fun. When i climbed up to the mountain i was pretty scared of the hight. But i did it. It was so fun because when u jump it is like u are jumping of a cliff then u land in a roller coaster seat then u started going. It is that fun. While i was zip lining I did a dab. It was the best outside activitices. This is my favorite field trip i ever been it is so fun. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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