I don't always agree with people; in fact, I like to be stubbornly set in my way of thinking. I always have my own point of view and In that point of view, I'm correct! Even though I might not always be right, I still maintain my own opinion. Many people tell me I'm stubborn. But there is one person who keeps telling me over and over again and that is my mom. She is constantly giving me tips on good study habits and time management skills. I'm trying to slowly change my ways but it's difficult. A very stubborn fictional character I can relate to is Daffy Duck. Stubbornness is what we both have in common. In Daffy's case, sometimes his extreme stubbornness leads to the point of him being destroyed! Of course in the cartoon world, he gets revived: but for my case, I hope that I will heed my mom's advice, sooner than later, and "de-stubborn" myself for my own good.


I love sports. I can't live without it. There's just something about it that is so fun, and not to mention the adrenaline rush that comes with competitive sports!. I'm not that type of guy that likes reading and indoorsy stuff. I am the "outdoors-and-do-any-kind-of-outside-activity" kind of guy. I can relate myself to Bart Simpson because he is also a sporty kid like me. He is always outside - playing basketball, skateboarding, running, swimming. And he is never indoors, except when he has to go for classes or to watch TV or play computer games.



I love gaming. I don't think I would be able to live without games. Although I know gaming is not very healthy for you, I still think it's fun, and a little won't hurt or make a huge impact in life. A person I can refer to is Greg Heffley from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. Greg Heffley is the father of all gamers. He is such an avid gamer, he could probably beat anyone his age with one hand tied behind his back!

This picture represents a fault in rock strata made of Duplo blocks. A fault means a crack or a fracture in a rock. It happens when the plate boundaries inside the earth move. Plate boundaries move because of tectonic forces. Tectonic forces are when plates in the earth are shifting or crashing into each other. As you can see the different colors of the blocks represents different types of rock layers. Since there is a fault in the rock, the layers are not matched properly. Rock layers can still form after a fault. Like for example, the yellow layer is perfect and matched up. This is because it was formed after the fault. The rocks are dated by the layers. The top one is the youngest one, and the bottom one is the oldest one, but rocks with faults are harder to date because the layers of the rocks are not matched up properly. In the picture above, the oldest rock is the red layer, then comes the blue layer which is the second oldest, the green one is the third oldest and the yellow one is the youngest. You can find rocks with faults in them under the ocean, in the mountains, and in the caves. Faults come in many different sizes and shapes. Some are very small, like a hairline crack, and there are some faults that are really big and are very long. For example the Saint Andreas fault, that fault goes on for hundreds of miles.

In is skit is me and my good friend Cedrik telling each other our daily routine. I've learned how to what time and what time of the day I do things. Enjoy! Since I learn Chinese outside of school, I can do mostly everything in the class without a problem. I didn't really face anything hard in class, except for the time where I forgot to bring my poster to class and had to use Cedrik's poster. But no matter what I still do my best.


This is my daily routine poster.