I learned the structure and the function of cellular respiration. When cellular respiration occurs, glucose is released from the cells. Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are very similar. During photosynthesis, the plants absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide. Then they convert the reactants to glucose and oxygen.

I learned the structure and function of the carbon cycle. Carbon is found in living things and even in non-living things. When carbon moves, it is known as the carbon cycle. Carbon can be moved by a lot of things. One example is breathing, and it can even be moved through decomposition. Carbon is made out of part carbon and two parts oxygen.

I learned the sturcture and function of ecology. Biotic means living, and non-biotic mean nonliving. Heterotroph means animas eat other animals which is where the food chain comes in. The food chain shows what the animals eat. The food web is quite different from the food chain. The food chain only goes up, while the food web is where a certain type of prey can be eaten by multiple types of predator. Commensalism is where one of the members are helped, while the other is neither helped nor harmed. Mean parasitism is where one member benefits and the other is harmed.

Rock Layers- Science

This is the earth’s rock layers. The red lego brick represents the inner core, which is the densest. The green lego brick represents the outer core, liquid. The yellow lego brick represents the mantle, which is solid. and finally, the blue lego brick represents the crust, which is solid as well. The inner core is made out of is made out of iron, the outer core is made out of liquid iron and nickel. The mantle is made out of silicon and iron. The crust is solid and made out of mostly oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Without the outer core, we would die because we wouldn’t have protection from the sun, which is extremely dangerous to us humans. Luckily, we have a rotating liquid iron from the outer core. The mantle is the thickest, then comes the outer core, then the inner core, and finally, the thinnest layer of all is the crust, which is the layer we live on. The inner core can be known as the center of the earth. The mantle is where convection currents happen, carrying the heat from the internal part of the earth to the surface. Convection in the mantle forms volcanoes. So the inner core is made out of solid iron, which I had mentioned earlier, which makes it the densest. Imagine all the layer of the earth pressing against a substance. That will definitely make the substance the densest. The outer core is made out of liquid iron and protects us from the sun. Finally, the crust the thinnest layer of all, and the solid layer that we live on.

Poster Annotation

My product is bags made out of recyclable t-shirts. I want my ad to look simple, but nice as well. I also need good contrast and bold words to draw my reader’s attention to them. Also, I definitely need a picture of the product, or else no one will know what the product is!

Gummy Bear Government

Tyranny                                                Monarchy

 Oligarchy                                                                         Democracy


Before this unit, I pretty much knew nothing about this unit. I only knew that monarchy was made up of kings and queens. I think that forms of governments are important to learn because these choices had affected me and my family, and I need to know how. I think democracy is the best form as it’s fair, and everyone’s equal and gets a say.


Think Different- Apple

Think Different= Trying to get you to think that they are one of the most creative. They are trying to persuade you that they use best techniques to make their products. The company is always releasing more advanced versions of their product so that their buyers can feel happy. Some of their products that are extremely unique get sold out faster. I think Apple is one of the best companies to buy electronics from as it’s reliable and extremely popular. Apple also takes their time with creating their product. If they don’t think it’s ready to be released to the public, they won’t release it. Think outside the box. 

SS mummy inspection

photo-on-12-5-16-at-10-41-amMy mummified tomatoes and apples

In Social Studies we are doing a project where we put apples and tomatoes in baking soda and salt. We took the insides of the tomatoes out, and wrapped them in tissue. We did the same with the apples. Then, we left it for over a week, and it looked like the picture. It smells horrible, and the apple looks very shriveled and moldy. My three favourite activities are Kahoot, review games, and the chapters. I like Kahoot because it’s fun and helps me learn in a fun way. I like the review games because we become very competetive with other groups, and that makes it fun to learn. The chapters are quite easy, and help me learn about the topics, which is good for me.


I think I’m most successful in variable questions because, I think it’s really easy to do, and I understand it very well. I’m happy about my progress in ALEKS, and I’m proud of myself for going so far. One of goals next quarter  will be to finish Unit 5 before my birthday, which is in November.

Ancient Canaan Project


I learned a lot about geography and early settlement from this project. I learned about all the natural faces of the earth such as the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea. I also learned about different types of topography, such as deserts and grasslands. I also learned that people settled close to these rivers because the soil is fertile close to its banks, and some of the rivers are drinkable, and people bathe themselves and wash their belongings in them. I am most proud of my building because even though I knew it was hard, I still completed it, and I think it looks pretty good, in my opinion. If I did this project again, I would’ve changed the topic of my project to Ancient Egypt, because I did Ancient Canaan this time. Overall, I thought this project was great and fun. I think working with Minecraft was a really good idea because even thought we play it for an educational purpose, it’s still fun because it’s Minecraft!