Lifesaving Reflection

In Swimming, we learnt 3 lifesaving techniques; reach, front, and rear rescue. I like the reach rescue the most because I think that it is the safest for the rescuer and the victim because you don’t have to go in the water.  My favourite game that we played in Swimming is Volleyball because it requires teamwork. I think I would rate myself an eight out of ten because I only engage in the games I like. But overall, most of the games were pretty fun except for water polo because the water is kind of deep.

Spanish Reflection

Reflection for Spanish Project:

DIALOGO EN UNA TIENDA DE ROPA: I think this was a very fun project because you get to work with friends whom you choose. At first, we were very interested , so we began searching for a place to film. But all the stores in cresent mall said “no filming!”, so we went home. We also had trouble with the camera, first of all, we couldn’t put it on the table and let it film by itself because we couldn’t see our heads, so after a few minutes of trying various angles, we finally did it. Second, since it took like 4 hours to film,, my camera ran out of battery, so we had to take a break to charge the camera. More problems came as the videos won’t show up in Openshot, but thankfully, we finished. Overall, it was pretty fun.

COMIC: This was the easiest project since our teacher already edited our dialogue. The only thing we had to do was download some photos and insert the dialogue and decorate the comic. Overall, it took pretty fast to finish and all the posters came out great.

ENTREVISTA:I think that this project is very challenging. First of all, to come up with the dialogue is sort of hard, because our Spanish are not great. But overall, it is kind of fun, since you get to watch everyone’s video. I learnt a lot from this video, from the speech, more about my celebrity, how to put subtitles and many more. I think that my video is not that good because I ran out of time, so my subtitles is’t very clear, and I think the flow if the video isn’t that great, since I couldn’t input the transitions for each slide.

One of my Best successes in this semester is the Comic project because I received a good grade on it. As mentioned above, we only have to write the script and then download the photos, that’s it. I think designing the project was pretty fun too, because we can explore different layouts and stuff.


Newton’s Blog Post #3

We learnt a lot while working on our vehicle. The design process was quite difficult, but we finally realized what is good for our vehicle, what makes the result better, and what materials made the vehicle go less far. We also learnt that in order for the vehicle to move, there has to be enough friction, and in order to make it go far, we have to choose materials that are light.

If we were to have more time and redo this project, we would make better wheels. Since our wheels are made out of magazines, I don’t think they are very stable, if not, we would cut the wheels better so that they are in perfect circle. That would cause less disadvantages for our vehicle.

Our vehicle must include all of Newton’s Laws. Newton’s First law is about inertia. An object will not move unless a force is acted upon it. That’s why we included a balloon, if we don’t blow the balloon up, then the vehicle will not move, when we release the balloon, the two air push against each other, causing the vehicle to move forward. Newton’s Second Law; the light it is, then the more it will accelerate, for example, if you push two objects with the same force, one is light and one is heavy, then the lighter one will go further, since there is less friction due to the gravitational force. Newton’s Third Law; if you apply force on an object, then that object will apply the same force on you. Like the air the balloon releases and the air it’s pushing against. Since our vehicle has wheels, it moves forward.

If we did this project again, I would change the wheels as mentioned earlier.

If we were to do a different project related to this one, I would include more balloons to make the vehicle go further.Dream Team Newton Vehicle Part2 - Ideation Page 2 - (Design + Laws)

Applying Newton’s Laws to Our Vehicle

Dream Team Newton Vehicle Part2 - Ideation Page 2 - (Design + Laws)


Newton’s 1st Law: We plan to include Newton’s 1st law in our vehicle by putting a small teddy bear on it. When the car hits the wall, the teddy bear will lunge forward, Newton’s first law stated that unless a force is acted upon it, an object will not stop moving, just like the bear as it lunge forward.

Newton’s Second Law: We’re making our object really light so that it is easier to move it. The heavier it is, then the more gravity will pull it down, causing more friction. That’s why we chose to make our vehicle with foam.

Newton’s Third Law: Action and Reaction. If you apply force on the wall by hitting it, the wall will apply the exact same force on you, also known as reaction. If you throw a ball to the wall and it bounce back, it’s because the wall’s mass is much greater than the ball. We are showing this in our vehicle by letting it run to the wall and the vehicle will bounce back a bit.

My Cultural Food Story

With some beef, noodles, a bit of chilly, more simple ingredients and then you can make Pho, one of my favorite food of all times. It is important to my family and I since nowadays, western foods influence our menu. We eat more international food, such as sushi, hamburger, sandwich and such. Our menu became more western instead. I think that is one of the reasons why Pho is important to my family, it’s the only Vietnamese food we eat on weekends so that we are somewhat Vietnamese who eat vietnam’s food. It’ll be strange to be part of Vietnam but to eat outside food, so my mom reckon that we should atleast once if not twice per week go out and eat the local food.


  • pho noodles
  • beef
  • Pho condiments (chilli sauce and hoisin sauce)
  • vegetables and herbs (beansprout, mint, chilli, lime,..)
  • radish
  • onions


First, season the beef with salt, then fill the pot with about 2 gallons of water.

Add the radish and onions to the soup.

Put the rice noodles in boil water for 20 minutes.

separate the noodles. Add some beef and herbs.

Pour in the soup: (How to make the soup for Pho: put some bones and meat in hot boiling water until the color turns brownish and has the flavor. Put some spices in it)

Add some beansprouts and some of Pho’s condiments to make the soup taste better.



What I Learnt in Science






Dream Team Newton Vehicle Part2 - Ideation Page 1- (Design)

I have learnt about Friction in this new Science unit. Friction is basically when two or more objects rub against each other to create heat. An example for that is when you rub to of your hands together, you will feel warmth, that is also why when you are cold, you rub your hands together. We also learnt about gravity, gravity is how much the Earth pulls us down depending on our weight. It is what keeps us floating in the air, and what makes an apple fall down the tree. Another thing that was covered in this unit is inertia. Inertia means that if a object is not moving, it will remained unmoved unless it is hit by an external force. For example, a shopping cart will stay where you left it unless you push it again, then it will accelerate and gradually slows down because of gravitational force. We are currently working on a vehicle that is suppose to run 1.5 m from the start without giving it any head start nevertheless a push. We also have to use scratch material for this project, making it harder to accomplish the goal.

Newton’s First Law Of Motion states that an object will not move until a force is acted upon it. An object will keep moving unless a force is acted upon it. An example is provided in the previous passage. To give an illustration of this in our vehicle that we are designing, we are going to put a small teddy bear in our vehicle and let the vehicle run and stops when hit the wall. The teddy bear will lunge forward, simply modelling Newton’s First Law. We demonstrate Newton’s First Law in our design  by including a balloon, the vehicle will not move a force is not acted upon it. Our vehicle stop because another force is acted upon it, in this case, it is gravity and friction.

Newton’s Second Law states that an object’s acceleration depends on it’s mass and net force. The heavier the object ( or the more gravity pulls it down), the more force is needed to move the object. The lighter the object (or the less gravitational force pulls it down), then less force will be needed to push the object. If you push an empty shopping cart and a heavy one with the same force, then the lighter one will travel further. We will make our vehicle out of foam and cardboard, the only 2 materials that are scratch and are light. Since the lighter an object, the less gravity will pull down, we hope our vehicle can reach over 1.5 m from the starting line.

Newton’s Third Law mentioned action and reaction. For every action, there is a reaction. If you punch the wall with a relatively strong force, then the wall will react to your action and apply an equal force in the opposite direction, also known as reaction. If the reaction force is less than the action force, you will push the object, if the reaction force is greater than the action force, then the object will push you.

I think it is important to keep friction in mind because if there is too little friction, then the vehicle will not move, since the wheel is rotating but is not enough to push the vehicle forward.

Alien Wondering About Religion?

As I was on my way to school, the dirty road that led me was now blocked with a giant flying disk in which I’ve heard once or twice before in books.

A green creature pops out, reaches for my hand and shake it.

“Hello”, he said without hesitation, “I saw your grannie yesterday, she’s a Catholic”

“Uh, hey”I said, pulling my hand back quickly.

“And your mom, she’s a protestant, eh?”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“Interesting, then what are you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why is your parents not a Catholic like your granny?”

“That’s a long story.”

“I got time.”

“Well, first of all, you have to know about Martin Luther. He’s a German monk who lived in the church since small age. On October 31, 1917, Martin Luther stated his 95 thesis on the door of the castle church because they were selling indulgences. Due to the printing press, more people begin to protest with him, such as Jan Hus, John Wycliffe,… the church was furious, for it was ruining their reputation, so they arranged an assembly called the diet of worms, which is where Martin Luther was asked questions. Luther did not take back his words, so he was then officially kicked out of the church. From then the reformation started.”

“Oh, I sort of get it now.”

“The reformation led by Martin Luther in 1517 divided Germany among the Roman Catholics and Protestants. Which means before 1517, all of the people in Europe are probably Catholics, but after the reformation, over ⅓ of the population is either mixed protestants and catholics or protest. During and after world war 2, the population brought many protestants into western Germany , while in Eastern Germany, the ratio of protestants to Catholicism is 7:1.”


“So my parents were Catholics because it was before the reformation, and most of the people after the reformation were protestants or mixed.”

“Okay, I get it now.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much it I guess.”

“Thank you so much. I have to go now, bye! I’ll see you around!”, and he disappeared within an instant.