Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup Migrant Labor Abuse

I feel that overall I did a lot on the project. However, I feel that there are a lot of skills, both tactical and presenting, that I need to improve on. I like the researching part of the project because it have a lot of interesting and emotional article about the specific project. For example, when I found an article about Qatari authorities didn’t allow the Nepalese worker to attend their families funeral after the earthquake. The part I dislike about the project is presenting. I am usually fine with doing a presentation, but after seeing my teacher point pinning so many tiny details on the previous group got me nervous. Assessment of the project is mainly trying to give us the experience of high school. I felt that I need a lot more preparation. I think the most important way to make people be call to action is emotion. Each group have a different way of accomplishing that, but for our group we created two slides the first showing of how rich Qatar is and the other showing what Nepal looks like after the earth quake.

Sickness Unit Reflection

During our third quarter of this year, in mandarin we learn about sickness. The vocabulary are like doctor, drugstore, nurse, hospital and etc. In this project we have a lot of quizzes. The main project or grade is our grade dialogue. We work in a group and create a dialogue about sick people. I learn a few vocabulary and what to say if I go to a place where that speak mandarin. I find this quite interesting and quite similar to English. In the future if I go and live in a place with people speaking Mandarin I can help a friend if they are sick or when I am sick. It think it very important, because if I don’t know how to speak with the doctor my friend might be in serious trouble. My partners in this group are Celine, Lauren, Roh and me.


Celine – witch doctor医生

Lauren – sick person 病人

Roh. – sick person’s older brother 病人的哥哥

Noh. – pharmacist 药剂师


Story: Once upon a time, Jackie Lulu was sick, headache, and coughing. Jackie Lulu’s friend took her to the witch doctor (Celine), where she was diagnosed with a high fever (101 degrees F) and recommended to rest for two weeks. Lauren’s friend immediately called her manager to tell him that she was sick and could not attend to her important concert practice.




Andy R: 你好吗?

Lauren: 我不好。

Andy R: 为什么?

Lauren: 我不舒服。我的头很痛还有我咳嗽。

Andy R: 你要不要去看医生?

Lauren: 我要,谢谢。

Andy R: 好。



Andy R。:您好。我的朋友不舒服。她早上头痛和咳嗽。

Celine:我来量一下体温。(checks her forehead)

她生病了,发烧。 她的体温是摄氏四十度。



Lauren: 医院的药房在哪里?

Celine: 药房在那里. (points to pharmacy)

Lauren: 谢谢,再见!

Celine: 再见!



Andy N: 你好! 我可以帮你吗?

Lauren: 可以。我需要吃药。我生病了,发烧。

Andy N: 每天早上饭前你吃一粒药。(gives the medicine)

Lauren: 多少钱?

Andy N: 一百美元。

Lauren: 谢谢,再见。

Andy N: 再见,祝你快快康复。


Andy R: Nǐ hǎo ma?

Lauren: Wǒ bù hǎo.

Andy R: Wèishéme?

Lauren: Wǒ bú shūfú. Wǒ de tóu hěn tòng hé wǒ késòu.

Andy R: Nǐ yào bùyào qù kàn yīshēng?

Lauren: Wǒ yào, xièxiè.

Andy R: Hǎo.



Andy R.: Nín hǎo. Wǒ de péngyǒu bú shūfú. Tā zǎoshang tóutòng hé késòu.

Celine: Wǒ lái liàng yīxià tǐwēn.(Checks her forehead)

tā shēngbìngle, fāshāo. Tā de tǐwēn shì shèshì sìshí dù.

Lauren: Wǒ qù yào bù qù yào chī yào?

Celine: Xūyào. Nǐ yīnggāi měitiān chī yào hé xiūxí liǎng xīngqí.

Lauren: Yīyuàn di yàofáng zài nǎlǐ?

Celine: Yàofáng zài nàlǐ. (Points to pharmacy)

Lauren: Xièxiè, zàijiàn!

Celine: Zàijiàn!



Andy N: Nǐ hǎo! Wǒ kěyǐ bāng nǐ ma?

Lauren: Kěyǐ. Wǒ xūyào chī yào. Wǒ shēngbìngle, fāshāo.

Andy N: Měitiān zǎoshang nǐ  fàn qián chī yī liyào.(Gives the medicine)

Lauren: Duōshǎo qián?

Andy N: Yībǎi měiyuán.

Lauren: Xièxiè, zàijiàn.

Andy N: Zàijiàn, zhù nǐ kuài kuài huīfù.

Lifesaving 2014

I learned three types of lifesaving when someone is drowning in the pool. Front, Rear and Reach. My favorite is reach rescue, because all you need is something to extend to the people and save them. There is not a lot of work needed. My favorite game is water polo, I like it because it is like scoring accept you are in the pool!!! I think my effort in this unit is a 9/10. At times I would sidetrack and talk to my friends, but I think I put a lot of effort in trying to save people!!!

History C.S.I



It is almost Christmas Break and we were to pick one of the three words: History, Protestant Reformation, Industrial Revolution and make a C.S.I. C.S.I stands for color, symbol and image. In this assignment we were supposed to work on Google image and use the noun project and color lover for image reference and colors. My C.S.I is about History. I chose the colors black and white, because for me History means the TV is in black and white. My symbol is a scroll (primary source). I picked a scroll, because I imagine when historians usually analyze scrolls. My picture is about two different historians analyzing the scroll. Each have their on view of what the scrolls mean. I pick this image, because historians in real life always argue and sometimes agree on a certain piece of source.

Vehicle EVOLUTION!!!

During the design process, I learned that when making a vehicle it is best to make it as simple as possible. First, it would be easier to complete efficiently without much trouble. Second, it might be simple, but it would be functional(hopefully). Lastly, when the vehicle is simple it can be easily be improved. If I can do this project again, I would focus more on getting our materials and quickly, then start on the design, because when working, it took pretty long in order to get our materials, which wasted a lot of time. What I learned about Newton’s Law during this project is of course the Three Laws and what they state, but also Newton’s Law are everywhere and it impact our daily live. If I could have done this project again, I would have change our vehicle’s wheels and to balance the wheel length on both sides. It turns out that our wheel was a bit small so it didn’t go as far as we thought and sometimes the length of our stick that holds our wheel are unbalanced, which made the vehicle turn. If we do another project that is like this project I would experiment with a pull back car, instead of a balloon car.

Motion Vehicle!

Newton Vehicle #2

After brainstorming our ideas, it’s time to start building a prototype. We designed a four wheel vehicle with only two thin layers of carton box as our body. For our thrusters or power source we picked a balloon. The idea of having a balloon as our power source was to blow air, stick it on the vehicle and release it. Our group tried it a few times and it worked fine. The question is how does each part of our vehicle incorporate with the 3 Newton’s Law of Motion. According to the first law of motion, it states that an object will be at rest and will continue to in that state, until an external force acted upon it. For the first law we have our balloon. If we put our vehicle done it will remain at rest. However if we realeased the air from the balloon as a result an external force will push the vehicle forward. Newton’s Second Law of Motion states that force equals the mass of an object and the accerlation the object is in. This means that a bigger vehicle and a faster accerlation of an object then it would exert more force. This applies to our vehicle, because we tank that if force is equal to mass multiply by accerlation then it means that force divided by mass is equal the an object’s accerlation, which means that a lighter mass means more accerlation. Therefore instead of huge carton boxes we chose to use only a thin layer, and hope that it would increase the accerlation of our vehicle. Action and reaction is the most important concept of the Newton’s Third Law of Motion! What we found out when testing our vehicle was our straw was to small, so it pushes only a little bit of air out, so there is no accerlation. If we have a bigger straw more force will be exert, meaning that if we exert a force going to opposite direction there would be a reaction force that pull our vehicle forward.

Newton’s Law of Motion Interpretation


Screenshot from 2014-12-08 08:13:16

During our Physics unit, we learned about “motion”, motion is an object’s movement relative to another object. Then we learned about speed, acceleration, velocity and etc. Once we got out basics, we learned about the 3 Newton’s Law of Motion. To get started, first we learned about these vocabulary. Gravity, friction and inertia.

What is gravity? Gravity is a force or a net force that pull matter together. Gravity is acting a force upon us right now! Ask yourself how can we stand on the ground? What keeps energy from going on forever? Friction. Friction is everywhere; it is the resistance of two or more force when it exerts against each other. For example, when you rub your hands together it is a type of friction, you can even feel your hand starts to warm up, thats because forces are pushing each other. One of the hardest words so far for me is inertia. Inertia literally means a tendency to remain at rest, which means not in motion.

So now what are the Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion.  Newton’s First Law of Motion also know as Newton’s Law of Inertia states that an object at the state of rest will continue with that state, unless the state is change by a force or a net force. Newton’s Second Law of Motion states that an object’s accerleration depends on the mass of the object and the net force exterted upon it. In other words, Newton’s Second Law of Motion is basically the force equals to the mass of the object multiply by the accerleration (the velocity and the direction) of the object. The final law or Newton’s Third Law of Motion shows us a concept of action and reaction. When the first object exerts force on second obejct, the second object will exert the same amount of force upon the first object. If the first object’s force is greater than the second object’s force then the first object’s force will penatrate the second object’s force. However, if the second object’s force is greater than the first object’s  force then the first object will be push back.

With Newton’s 3 Law of Motion equip, we will start a project that uses the law to create our own vehicle. Physics topics I think my group should focus on are the ability of our vehicle to accerlate well, which means that we need a force that is great and the mass to be as light as it could get.

The Encounter By Andy.N

Bruuzzzzzz! Bruuzzzzzzaaz! My ear throbbed as loud sound rang through the wheat field. It was nearly the Harvest before the brutal winter. The bright shooting star, wasn’t a shooting star at all but rather a large round sphere with razor sharp edges and columns of flame bursting out of it.

It was awkward looking. Carefully, I tip toed and just barely touch it. “BOOM!” I jumped back sprawling on the floor as the sphere was realising fog and opening a passage for the “unknown”. I wanted to run away; to get away but it felt like a strong force was holding me back, a mixture of curiosity and fear. The moment I got my head right and started to leave a small crystal looking tier jumped out of the mist of fog. Its skin was a sort of mixed with cyan and purple with a small slumped body, the head shaped of an anvil wearing a suit. The tier was beyond any artist imagination; a perfect masterpiece. Then it started to speak…

DarBarraBfBrerUoer?” It said with a voice edging up, like an expression to ask a question.

“I don’t understand.” My voice waver.

The tier did not answer and started playing with its watch, until it was finally satisfied. A moment later it speaks.

“My name is Weisheit. What is your name?”

Shocked I couldn’t reply how could it know our language was it the watch that help with understanding?

“What are you, who are you and why are you here?” I demanded

“Now now, don’t be too worry, we are different doesn’t mean that we are harmful.” It speaks gently, “We have been observing you for a while and we are curious when we found out that our creation have a religious conflict among themselves.”

Wait, does that mean we are their puppets and nature is them?  All these thought made my headed started to feel dizzy, before I know it, my vision blacken out.


The sun was shining at its highest when I finally woken up. My eyes struggle with keeping my vision back.

“We again mean no harm and we are here to know what is going on.” The voice suddenly ringed into my ear. “Let’s start again shall we? My name is Wei-she-it”

“My na… Ei..Einstein Gu..gutenburg.” I stumbled.

“Ahh! Nice to meet you, now please explain to me about your family.”

In schule we wouldn’t suppose to talk to strangers, however, Weisheit’s voice was encouraging, like an aura of protection.

“My family lately is a disaster.” Pausing a moment to regain my breath. “My parents are trying to convince our grandparents to convert into Lutheranism, which is founded by Martin Luther, a Catholic monk, who was banished by the Pope for going against selling indulgences.”

“What is indulgences?”

“It is a piece of paper that cost us a fortune and it is said that the paper will guarantee us a chance to go to heaven.” I said. “Should I continue?”

“Yes, of course!”

“Later he translated the Bible from Latin to German. He did this because he wanted to spread his critics about the Church’s doctrine. My parents converted into Lutheranism, however, my grandparents remain Catholic. It was a long argument between them.

“They said that Father Luther is only a liar, cheater and a fake. ‘The man just wants his own power’ they said. ‘Since my Father is also priest in Lutheranism, it was almost impossible to cool off both sides.”

Speaking of this matter water drops wetted my eyes; blurred my vision… the world is so unfair.

“This world cannot be fair for then it is not a world.” Weisheit seems to have read my mind. Then he indicate to continue. I nod.

“With this movement the Catholic will lose a lot of power. Their stability will break and soon most Catholic will convert.”

“Thanks for answering my questions, ever since our system breakdown.” Weisheit now standing up. “I have to go and we will come back, I can guarantee your Einstein family will prosper. I wish I would see you again and learn more, but I fear that time will never be in our favor.” Then he started laughing. What does he mean? After a moment that felt like hours passed as I slowly walked home and thinking. It was hard to remember what happened. It was like a blank, unfilled spot in my head. I just can’t remember.

Slowly my brain started to formulate a weird equation. E=MC2

The 7 minute Epic Run

Running The 7 minutes challenge is a run where you try to get cover as much distance as possible within seven minutes. We have 4 flags post and from 1 to other flag post it is 100 meters. This challenge is to train our cardiovascular and as well as to train our determination, endurance and most importantly to encourage people to run. My goals where to achieve 1.6 kilometers in a trail and to reach the Platinum rank (10k) before the running. My second goal is still pending, unfortunately I haven’t achieve 1.6 kilometers yet. The challenge for me is to keep a higher pace, since I am pretty good with keeping a pace. I so far I have at least 1.4 kilometers every 7 minute challenge and I also achieve a bronze level(2K) and silver(5k). I like just running itself and it is fun trying to achieve and beat my last score, a competition with myself if you will.

14 minutes run: 2.41 km

Sep 15 Sep 17 Sep 19 Oct 6 Oct 8
Rest(bmps) 68 56 62 52 64
Warm Up(bmps) 74 92 86 98 78
7 min. Chal bmps 160 140 146 146 118