⚓?Captain James Cook play!?⚓

Hey there! It’s me, Annie, again. Sorry, I haven’t been posting recently I’ve been quite busy because it’s almost the end of the year. Anyways this is our Captain James Cook play! I enjoyed working with my teammates which were Patricia, Yuki, Victoria and me! We learned a lot about scurvy and we made it really realistic so we made it so that we were actually in the life back then. I hope you enjoy our play! I’m sorry it’s not the best quality but it’s still great?! This is Annie signing out! Bye, as always stay strong and be yourself!

Hey there! Today I have another book review but this time for THE MILLION DOLLAR KICK! I rate this book a 5 out of 5 because it got right into the action straight at the beginning so it wouldn’t be boring which I really like. I also feel like it matches me because at the beginning of soccer I wasn’t really interested so but now I LOVE IT! I recommend this book for anyone who likes action and soccer!

So close to finishing!

Hey, guys! It’s me Annie so today for a short period of time we got to work on our ships. Unfortunately, we’re not done yet so you will have to wait for the FINAL product. So here you go! One thing I’ve learned is that while making ships you have to communicate really well with your group! This is Annie signing out! As always stay strong and believe in yourself bye!


Hey, there it’s Annie again! Today’s kinda special because I’m posting 2 posts so enjoy but anyway, for our new unit we will be making a model of a ship depending on our assigned explorer. My groups’ explorer is Captin James Cook. We are making the HMB ENDEAVOUR which in my opinion is awesome. We will also be making a short play which is coming up soon so stay tuned. So far 2 things I’ve learned so far that back in the day after storms blue things would appear. They used to think that this was to warn them that they were going to die but they realized it was a sign that the storm will end shortly. I’ve also learned to work with my group better. This is Annie signing out Bye! As always stay strong and be yourself!

Hey, guys, this is my open genre writing it’s pretty self-explanatory so I guess enjoy!

April 28

Dear diary,

Today was an okay day I guess. There wasn’t much that happened other than me making the varsity team for volleyball! Can you believe it?! I, a ninth grader that barely talks makes the varsity team for junior high? I’m so excited I might pee my pants! Oh, by the way, this is my first time ever even writing in the diary and for this to happen today is just fabulous! I’m Becky, a ninth grader, what’s your name? Oh right, you’re a diary….AWKWARD! Anyways other than that meet my mom, she thinks that she’s like the coolest mom on earth but honestly the only thing cool about her is that she makes really good food. Oh and not to mention her shopping skills. LIKE YASSSSS! She will by anything that she thinks matches me. She knows me pretty well. Welp that was her! Time to eat some DINNER! I heard that she made apple pie for dessert! Yum! OMG, I totally forgot tomorrow is my M.A.P test! Wish me luck! I’ll need it ?. Welp, I better get going, catch ya later! Ya don’t worry I will never say that again!

After dinner…..

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED! I went down to eat some dinner and came up to see some random guy in my bedroom and reading my diary like what the heck then he suddenly disappeared? I went down for like 30 minutes and came up to see that? No way in hell well it kinda already did happen but whatever! Anyways, how was your day? Oh right, again you’re a diary…. did I mention Amy? She is the WORST person on earth. She always makes fun of me but the next day she does the exact same thing like what? She will judge you on everything yet she does the same thing. I know I’m obvious awesome but I didn’t think I was that much. Well, I obviously am now duh. I bet you are awesome too!

Suddenly the diary disappeared and turned into a girl. Becky looked closely at the girl. She started talking,

Diary: I’m Annie, your diary, I’ve sat in your closet for over 10 years. Your mom gave this to you when you were 5 yeah. You threw me in the corner of your closet because you thought I was just a dumb book, and so did your brother. He got the exact same thing except his was blue. You cried and cried with your brother. The guy before, that was my brother. Yeah, you’re shocked I know. I’ve been watching you for 10 years and now here I am finally in front of you. I remember when you ripped pages out of me. I remember when you threw me out of your window and I landed in the water. Your mom got mad and you and told you to pick me up. Yeah, surprise surprise I came up to you stabbing me apart with your knife that you keep under your pillow. How does that feel huh? After 10 years of ripping, throwing, stabbing and plenty of other things. I can finally be here and tell you right in your face. You should be ashamed.

Becky: I’m sorry I’ve never thought about it that way. I’ve always thought that you were just a normal dumb book but now I see that I’m wrong.

Annie: Now you say sorry? You brush it off like it’s no big deal and I bet after this you’re just going to shove me back into your stupid little closet and tell everyone about this.

Becky was speechless she didn’t know what to say. She did what her mind told her to throw Annie back into the closet and never speak of it again. It’s not like she could. This is how it would go down if she told anyone. I’m Becky I have a talking diary and I’m here to tell you my story. More specifically how I died.

That’s it guys I hope you liked it! Oh and who else had a 13 reasons why moment?


My Book Review on A Week in the Woods ??

Hey there again!

We’re currently doing book clubs and tomorrow is the last book club meeting. One of our tasks currently is to write a book review so here we go! 

I read A Week in the Woods, a story written by Andrew Clements. At first hand, I thought this book would be about a kid getting lost in the woods or something like that. But it turns out the meaning of “The week in the woods” in this case is about a spoiled rich kid going to school. This was his last year at school and wanted to make it really good. Mark, the spoiled rich kid didn’t want to just seem like a mainstream spoiled rich kid. He tries really hard to fit in but it doesn’t work. I think Mark is very brave though considering he got pushed into a wall yet he still pushed back! I recommend this book if you’re looking for more of a calm book and less action because there isn’t much action until you get close to the end within my personal opinion I don’t like those kinds of books because I like action books. Also, I would give this book 2 stars because again it was kind of boring in my opinion. I’m not intending any hate towards this book this is just my personal perspective. Anyway, I’m going to end this here. I hope you have a wonderful day and as always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn! This is Annie signing out, bye!

Learning Journey Reflection!

Hey, guys!it’s me, Annie, again! Today I have nothing really to say but you can check out my Learning Journey reflection I know this is kinda late and I had some errors but when I tried to fix it, it wouldn’t let me. :/ SoRrY! I wanted to make that kind of like a mistake but never mind lol! Well, check out my video! Oh, and I did want to address that I understand a lot of you are going through things with your relationships with anyone but just know that I’m here for you! #UNICORNFAM anyway’s. This is Annie signing out Byeeee! As always, be yourself unless you can be a unicorn!?

Viable Vietnam Documentaries!

It’s finally over! Our documentaries are finished, we’ve already showcased them and we’re now moving on to our next super unit! You can check out our documentary below! You can also find them on Youtube! We’ve worked really hard on them, even to the level where we interviewed an expert in Bánh ống lá dứa that has majored in it for over 6 years! She first came to our school then we went to interview her out on the streets! Anyway, the Viable Vietnam Film Festival was a blast! We walked a red carpet, I was an emcee and we even had a photo booth! Well sorry for the short blog post but this is Annie signing out! Bye, as always stay strong and be yourself! 

?I’m So Nervous! Ahhhh! ?

Hey there! Tonight is the big night?! We’re gonna showcase our documentary’s?! My teams documentary is about Bánh ống lá dứa! ? I’m really nervous? but I’m really excited ?at the same time! I’m also an emcee so it’s going to be a very nerve-racking! I have been practicing but I keep coming up with scenarios like what if I trip and fall on stage?? What if I read the wrong line?? What if I’m late?? Anyway, I think that it will be fun also because there’s going to be a photo shoot also?! It’s going to be really nerve- racking but at the same time really fun?! We’ve been working on these documentaries for so long now and now we’re finally going to showcase it?! I really just want to nail this and not mess up?! I also don’t want to let my team down?! My teammates are Patricia, Emre, Brian and me! Wish us luck❤! This is Annie signing out Baiiiii! As always, always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn?! Baiiii!