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The Intense Showdown Between The B Team Dragons

The game started on 3:35 on The 12th of September in Saigon South International School High school gym. Due to the cancellation of the game with ABCIS, the September 12th game was turned into a co-ed scrimmage game between the boys and girls B teams. While this wasn’t the expected game, it still was an opportunity for both players and spectators to enjoy a game of basketball. Despite not being the main event, the game was not without excitement from both teams.
The first quarter of the game saw the boys take an early lead. The girls seemed a bit overwhelmed by the B team boys size and speed. Consequently, the Girl Dragons did not score.
During the second quarter, the boys extended their lead by 8 points. The game right then was intense and the B team girls managed to score their first points with a nice jump shot from Vanessa. During a short timeout in the second quarter, Claribel, one of the players said, “It’s really tiring running since the boys were faster than us, I was just panting the whole time but, this was hard and a fun experience.”
In the third quarter, Alexis scored a three-point shot which is any basket from a shot taken from outside the three-point line. After this small triumph she said, “I was just happy that I managed to score against the boys.” The score at the end of the 3rd quarter was 18 to 6 in favor of the boys.
The last quarter the girls didn’t score and Tessa, another player, said “I learned that defending is sometimes more important than offense.” Most of the players said it was a good experience and exhausting. The game ended at 4:30 and the final score was 20 to 6. Later, one of the assistant coaches, Miki said “The girls improved a lot and I think they work together really well.”
Even though the girls lost, it was a good experience for the girl’s B team. During ta post-game interview with Mehar, one of the players, said, “I felt really nervous, (because) they were all bigger than us but I gained confidence after playing. “I thought that for their first game played very well, they did a great job of putting together things that I taught”, the coach, Brian Benck said, “We have to keep working on our basic skills and getting better at those because that’s the job of a B team.”


Hardest Part about Journalism? Why?
〉The hardest part about Journalism was making my article more interesting and adding more things that happened during the basketball game. My article was okay but, it didn't really feel that exciting and like a basketball game article so I'll try to improve on that. During the game, I should have paid more attention to what was happening on the court so I can talk more about who was doing what.

What was your greatest achievement? Why?
〉My greatest achievement was getting nice quotes which helped me in making the article more meaningful I guess with them. In addition, I think I made a pretty okay clickbait title/interesting title.

What Will you work on in 2nd Quarter?
〉Something I have to work on is making my work more interesting and having more powerful adjectives. Also, I have to improve on linear equations and coordinate geometry.

-The video we watched was a talk by Hans Rosling, a Swedish physician, academic, statistician, and public speaker. He talked about ending extreme poverty in 15 years. He showed a lot of graphs about things like population and people that are in poverty.
Some interesting new things I took away from the video is that even though it has decreased, many people today are still in extreme poverty but, there might be a way to end it.
It might show us what other people's lives are like where they are from or learn from their past which could somehow help me.

Throughout the Middle Ages, religion was perhaps the most important aspect of a normal life.The Pope had enormous power over both the king and the king’s subjects. The Unam sanctum was used to force kings to obey them. This ended when boniface died but there was schism when clement became pope. There was also a great deal of religious persecution. People who weren’t seen as devoted Christians were also persecuted. The pope and other clergy used this to enforce their political power. People were burned at the stake and tortured. The church was seen in high regard and men and women who joined the church as nuns and monks were seen in high regard.As many poor people had difficult lives, being in the clergy offered safety and shelter. They were pretty much guaranteed food and shelter for life. The downside was that they were not allowed to have their own families and always had to be devoted to the bible and the church. As we can see, the church wielded extreme power doing the medieval period. Both Kings and commoners had to obey or face severe punishments.

MEDIEVAL CHURCH. - Woodcut from 'The Nuremberg Chronicle,' 1493.. Fine Art. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Accessed 15 Feb 2017.

Basically, this is a project where we are trying to make the mystery water drinkable. The requirement for this project was to remove all the contaminants in the water (that includes salt, copper, and sediment). The water must fall between 6-8pH and we have to use materials that would be available to people in rural Vietnamese villages or on a limited budget.

Our first ideas for this project was to get an empty plastic water bottle and first plug the place where you usually screw the cap on with fabric so the sand doesn't fall out. Then, we start filling it in with sand, charcoal, gravel, and cloth on the cap to filter out small sediments still inside. Next, we would boil the water and somehow make a copper filter.

Our first prototype design managed to make the acid go from 3-4 pH so, that was a good start. Also, the copper lowered by 50 ppm and there was no turbidity left. The problem was that there was still salt in the water and still copper. Next, we decided we would do more research on how to get rid of salt, copper, and make the pH drinkable.

We made a lot of changes in our design. Some worked out well while some just didn't do much difference. Like, we try adding a small filter on top of the cup to filter out the smallest bits of sediment but, it just slowed down the water. I think a change that made a difference in our water filter design project was baking soda because it neutralizes the salt. On the last two trials, we tried using a boiler to try and get rid of salt but, every time there would always be a crack on the bottom of the glass beaker or we are just using the same broken one. I think the boiling does help remove some of the salt. If our group were to continue this project, we would try and remove all the salt and copper again.

Our final results of our prototype actually worked out better than I thought it would. The pH was 7, the copper level was 400 and at least we removed some salt. Also, there was no turbidity in the water.

Overall, I actually liked this project because I learned a lot of things but, I think we should have more time for this project so we can keep improving it. Anyway, this project was really fun trying to make a water filter and doing research about things that can remove everything from the water so it is drinkable.

What challenges did you have with the process of this assignment?
The challenges that I encountered was first, I didn't really make my theme of my poem clear and my poem didn't really add up together. I also made my pronouns unclear and it was just confusing for people who read the poem.

Why did you choose your image?
I chose the flower image because, in my poem, it says beauty is hidden and it could be in nature so when I think of nature, I usually think about trees or flowers. Also, one of my poems verse has the word bloom and things in different colors. Usually, things that bloom are flowers and all flowers are in different colors.

Which of the parables appealed to you most, and why?

In my opinion, the parable of Two Builders appealed to because I could understand the moral of the story better. Which is, those who hear and act on his teachings to obey God are wise. While, those who hear and continue to disobey are foolish people. In the parable, there were two builders. One of the builders built his house on rocks with a great foundation. While the other builder heard but, didn't listen to Jesus, built his house on sand. When the rain fell, the floods came, and the wind blew the foolish builder's house down.

How do parables relate to the spreading of ideas?

It spreads ideas by telling a story that relates to what the author is trying to tell you. Usually, the moral in the parables are easy to remember so you will remember it for a long time. So, the teaching of Jesus is memorable. Then, the people that Jesus taught will spread the stories. His parables are also somehow related to your daily life so Jesus's parables are easy to relate to which makes you remember it more.