A letter to current 5th graders

Dear current 5th Grader,

Your life in elementry is coming to an end. How do you feel about moving up to 6th grade? Maybe excited but also nervous? That’s how I felt also. It’s okay, middle school is just a easier version of high school. There really is not much you have to worry about.
There are a few major changes when you get to middle school. You don’t really have a homeroom where the teacher goes to your room and teach. In middle school, you have to go the classes by yourself. You have to go to the teachers, they don’t go to you anymore. It is true that you have to be more responsible, responsibility can really help you in middle school. But really, after a while, you will get used to running to classrooms for classes.
One thing you should always remember in middle school is to enjoy the most out of it. Middle school is a great experience, you don’t have to be too stressed out of school work, but you also have the right amount of time to enjoy. Join all the sports, join different after school activities, what can you lose? Also if you don’t make it to MRISA, that’s okay. You still have so many years afterwards.
You still got 3 more years to enjoy, like I said, make the most out of it.


Collaborative Narrative w/ Kim, Kaithe, and Emily

“In 5 minutes, the bell will ring. In 5 minutes, all of you will be out the door. In 5 minutes, moments like this would be put in the back of your head. Don’t forget about moments like this, though. It’s moments like this that make us together. It’s moments like this that make us want time to last longer. You have 3 minutes left, think about all the memories we have had together. Think about all the frustration you have ever had in this class. Think about all the times you wanted to punch each other in the face. Then think about the times when someone in here helped you. Think about the times when all you wanted was a big, warm hug. Think about the times when you couldn’t help smiling. Now, think about the times when you look back, you still wished everyone could have stayed in that moment for a little longer, even if it was just a second longer. Now would be one of those moments.”
“It’s your time to show everyone else what you can do. Now get out of this school and go get ‘em!”
They were free now. No it wasn’t a good thing because the thing that they are free of now is safety. Out there, It was a whole new world. Everything, it all lead up to this. It all led up to this moment where they would go through those doors. They’re our protectors now. They are the boys and girls who will march up to that wall and protect us from the Wildlings that threatened to penetrate our defenses. As much as we needed the protection. It felt like bringing pigs to a slaughter house. It felt like we have raised pigs just to grow up and then lead them to their deaths. This bunch was different though, they were strong. They could fight. The only doubt I had was would they survive. Whatever happens out there they would be remembered. The youngest of them all. Volunteering to keep their families and all the other families safe. Hah, they should even get an award. Well too late now, they won’t make it back for it. They fought for us and died for us. They are the warriors, they are the gods.
They are gods. Except for one. As I flipped through my papers, I realized a young girl remained. Even after all the students had left. She just sat there, thinking and looking at the board. I stood up.
“Sweetie, you should be going now. School ended,” I say.
“I just can’t….I just can’t go out there and be free like them,” her eyes were glassy. As if she was about to cry.
“Why? How about let’s talk and after that you can go,” I smile. But her eyes still remain so distant. I began to think she was staring into my soul.
“How can they leave just like that? Without taking everything in? Without using their minds to remember the memories that we had together. It seems as if they don’t care,” she says. She averted her gaze and set it on the goodbye written across the chalkboard.
“Well, maybe they’re just happy that they’re going to High School and they will be leaving THIS behind,” I spread my arms to point out the classroom.
“BUT that’s not it, my soul seems like it belongs here. That it’s not supposed to go away from this place. After 3 years, I feel like it’s…..home,” she looks at me. Everyone probably thought she was crazy. Even I did. But I saw something in her eyes. Something I’ve never seen before in anyone else’s. What she was trying to explain to me became clear. She needed hope, and this was her main source. She loved and depended on school. This classroom. It was part of her. But she couldn’t stay, and I had to help her move on.
“You will find that more memories and more moments will be made in your new class.” I wanted so bad to give her what she needed, even though I would miss all my students. I was worried she would see the pain in my eyes, or hear it in my shaking voice.
“But it won’t be the same. I feel like I’m about to be separated from my family. From my home” Her tears came down quickly.
“Home is where the heart is. You must remember that. As for your family, some will stay, some will go, but you will always have a family at your house, waiting for you to come home.” As I said this, I saw more tears and she began to cry even harder.
“I…don’t…have a…family. I’m in…the systems” That’s when I realized that her hope had gone when her family did. She formed her own family with what she loved most, and her heart was set in this classroom. I watched her crumble to the ground as the tears poured out of her hopeless eyes. I walked over to her and embraced her, holding her. This was my favorite moment.

Emergency drills should be practiced on a regular basis

There had been lots of plane crashes or shipwrecks. The biggest problem is trying to get everyone to safety. Although the crew has practiced the emergency drills, the passengers haven’t and so they wouldn’t know how to act when an emergency happens. Emergency drills should be practiced on a regular basis so we can know what to do when an emergency occurs.


When an emergency occurs, the first instinct for everyone is usually to panic. When you panic, you cannot think about what you should do and that ruins the rate of you surviving. When you panic, you might also do things that you shouldn’t be doing because you don’t know what to do. People should be prepared for situations like that. According to NewsFeed Sinking Myths, “the captain and crew…, were actually 18.7 percent more likely to survive a shipwreck than any of the passengers”. It is because they have practiced the emergency drills and are trained so they know how to react to an emergency.


You might think that you won’t be that person that gets on that flight or trip that happens to have an accident. You might wonder, what are my odds? Well, Discovery found out that “accidents occur at a rate of one per 1.2 million flights, and the odds of dying in a plane crash are 1 in 11 million”. Although you are most likely not to be be on a plane that crashes, you never know. You should always be prepared because it does not hurt to be prepared.


On The Art of Manliness RSS, there was an article called, “How to Survive a Plane Crash”. In the article, it mentioned that you only had 90 seconds to get off the plane. “The thing that kills most passengers in a plane crash isn’t the actual impact, it’s the fire that typically engulfs the plane afterwards.” Right after the plane hits land, it does not take long for the fire to get across the whole plane because of it’s material. The people who do not know what to do will not be able to survive.


I understand that some people still does not think it is necessary or it is inconvenient for some people. Therefore, these kinds of activity should be voluntarily. An airline could sponsor an event for the people who want to practice the drill. By practicing the emergency drills, people can be efficient during the real emergencies and be able to survive.


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Fore-arm Pass Skill & Drill

We decided to teach everyone how to do a fore-arm pass because it is the most basic but also important. The fore-arm pass is an easy skill in volleyball, you just have to get the position right and you are most likely to hit the ball right. For the fore-arm pass, you need to remember to be in good ready position. When you make contact with the ball, remember not to swing your arms. If you need power, get it from your legs. The video is pretty clear on what the drill is and how you do it. Hopefully people can learn how to do the fore-arm pass after watching this video.

He Left And She Moved On

He left and she moved on.

It has been 16 hours after the break up. I’m still curled up under the sheets. We were so cute, we were made for each other, we were the one. At least that’s how he made me feel. A text, three and a half years gone. All he had to do was send a text. No reasons, he didn’t give me any. I can’t bring myself to reality. Maybe if I acted like nothing happened, he’ll forget about it. Maybe he was kidding! He always said he wanted to work on his sense of humour! But as I think back about the past few weeks, he had to be a very good actor to pull this all off… maybe it wasn’t a joke. I look around at my messy bedroom, I almost wish I hadn’t. Right when I glanced up, I saw “our” jacket. He bought it for himself in London, but he gave it to me on the first day we met.

Looking around where I’m standing, I can’t believe it, I’m actually somewhere else other than America. I have never been to any other country so traveling to Paris is my very first time. When I told my parents about this idea, they were even more excited than me. My parents love traveling and they couldn’t believe I didn’t travel anywhere else so they even offered to pay for my flight. The thing is, I’m traveling by myself and I’m quite lost. I don’t know how to speak french either so maybe this wasn’t a very good idea. I sit down on a park bench and decide to study the map. Just when I found my hotel on the map, a stranger sat down next to me. A handsome stronger.

“Chilly day, isn’t it?” He ask, breathing air into his hands as he sits down next to me.

“Uhm… yeah… haha… hi,” I reply nervously. Why is he talking to me anyway?

“Anyway, I see you might be lost? Can I help you? You look so cold, heres my jacket.” He say as he takes off his jacket and puts it on my shoulder.

“Uhm… yeah… haha… sure, and yeah, thanks,” I reply nervously like I did previously.

We ended up talking about whether the world would’ve been the same if the thirteen colonies had not declare their independence. Time passed and we both knew inside that there is a chemistry between us that we never felt before. Now, we are just acquaintances but too awkward to talk to each other. I can’t let something like this slip away. I nervously dialed up his home number, someone answered, it was a girl.

“Uhm, hello? Is Dave there?” I asked, not wanting to hear the answer in my head.

“You mean Mr. Middleton? He already moved out a few days ago, he said he’s going back to Paris or somewhere near there.” She replied matter-of-factly.

Numb. That was how I felt. He’s gone. He left. What about me? What should I do? Move on, a voice in my head told me.

He left and she moved on.

“Luke? Some girl says she’s your girlfriend and she wants to talk to you right now! What is going on? Girlfriend? Maybe I need to talk to you too!” She shouts as I wait furiously on the line. Why did a girl pick up his home phone? Who is she? What is going on? Suddenly I hear muffled shouting on the line.

“Hey, uhm, sorry I really need to go. I can explain, trust me, I’ll call you back. Bye.” He says as he hang up.

What is going on? Is Luke cheating on me? He’ll call me back, he said he will. I pace back and forth in my living room making up scenarios in my head. Beep beep! My phone rings as it receives a text.

Hey, im so sry bout just now, can we talk now? meet me at the cafe in 10 mins? <3

What is going on? Is luke cheating on me? I’ll just meet him, it’s probably no big deal. Who am I kidding? No big deal? Of course it is a big deal! I grabbed my coat and left my apartment. When I got to the cafe, Luke already ordered for me and was waiting for me at a table.

“Hey, how’s your day? Just now I met John on the way and-”

“Just tell me what happened, Luke.” I interrupt before he could finish.

“You were gone for 2 weeks, I made a dumb mistake, please forgive me.” He sighed.

My mind went blank, he told me he would never do that. What will happen next? Do I forgive him? What if I don’t? Break up?

“Look, I know you wouldn’t want to forgive me, but please, just one last chance.” He pleaded.

I mean I shouldn’t just break him off because of one little mistake, right? Think about all the good memories we had together, maybe he is worth a second chance. I can’t think well right now, might as well just give him a chance.

“One and only one chance though,” I said, making sure we are agreeing on the same thing.

“Of course, thank you for giving me a last chance, I will not let you down.” Luke reassured me. “Look, I really need to go… er… run some errands… yeah that’s it. I’ll call you later, bye.” He says as he rushes out of his seat and leaves the cafe.

What was that all about? Just as I was about to pull my phone out and text Luke, my phone beeped. It’s from Luke.

Hey babe just talked to her, gosh she is so nice, too nice. but whatever i got you <3 everything is fine, i’ll be there in 5 mins <3

WHAT IS GOING ON? I dial Luke’s number and wait for him to pick up.

“Hey, what’s- oh no… no… please, I didn’t mean that text.” He says as he realized what he did.

“You know what, Luke? How about you go and tell that girl your stupid excuses because we’re done.” I say calmly into the speaker before I hang up.


He left and she moved on.

He’s gone, he’s gone forever. My mind race back to the first day we met. My parents gave me up for adoption,that was when he came into my life and adopted me. Memories fill up my thoughts, this is too much for me to bear. Who’s going to teach me cheesy life lessons? Who’s going to make me try new things?

I roll down the window and looked outside. I don’t think I can ever appreciate anything in life anymore. Although he has taught me to try to enjoy every second of life, because life is too short. He was 54, he didn’t know about how short life can be until he got to his forties, he started to get weaker and weaker. He had the time but no energy. That’s why he never wanted to me to waste my youth. I know he doesn’t want to cry over him, I know he wants me to live life to the fullest and enjoy it for him. But my tears didn’t listen, they slowly roll down my cheeks. He was the only one who accepted me for who I am. He left and eventually I will move on but he will always be in my heart. I take a last glance at his tomb before I got into the car.


Six Word Stories

“This is the last time, promise.”

“But…”, she couldn’t finish her sentence.

“You should leave now,” she whispered.

“That was then, this is now.”

“You trusted me, you shouldn’t have.”

“You knew but you came anyway.”

He left and she moved on.

Our Sonnet

Two little kids sat in a field of grass

The summer breeze filled their lungs up fully

They lied down and closed their eyes while they dreamed

Away from them were trees and fields of flags.


There stood men with guns in their arms that day

As planes flew over the field they fought on

As soldiers fell to their death on the field

Wives cried and mourned for their brave husbands.


A girl and a boy ventured into the dark night

They held hands as they walked below the stars

The flags blew and caught their small daring minds

Their curious hands picked up the red flags.


Explosions, just like the fourth of july

They did not get a chance to say goodbye.