My art reflection ✏️

My art goal was drawing a TARDIS (google it if you don’t know) from a bottom angle and use good shading. 

I chose this because I thought it was an easy shape to draw and I wanted to use shading.                                                                                                                

When I was drawing the box I had some trouble because the bottom part was not lining up properly and it was looking wonky and weird, then I redid it and it looked better.

When I was doing the windows I had some difficulty because I had to draw it at an angle so it looked like it was part of the box and not just stuck on there. With the roof layers it was sort of easy, sort of hard because I had to draw the same angles as the others.

When I was doing the shading it was sort of hard, because I the blending stump (shading tool) it wasn’t blending properly and it was just looking like rust, but I then did some more pencil lines and it was fixed!


The Design Cycle!

Today I played Minecraft and i’m going to tell you how I did it in the design cycle!

So I wanted to play Roblox but the internet was very slow so I played Minecraft instead. so I imagined  what I wanted to do. so I wanted to go to my Minecraft house and update it. so I started Minecraft and selected a world and went to my house. I updated it ever so slightly so there’s not much of a differences. If I had to evaluate my self on it i think i did pretty good following the design cycle! I’d give my self a 4. so i have one thing to say:


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😃Wassup Homies! I’m Back!🎒🚌

Hello everybody! I am Ryan for those new viewers! But for those old viewers, hello again! It has been a while and I am a 5th grader now and I don’t think it is horrible. (yet.. But anyways, it is fun in grade 5 (even though it’s like the first couple of weeks)  we get to do fun activities in the first week or so like pick a side, blobs and lines which is like the teacher says “get into a blob of..” then a category of age, years at SSIS etc. So overall, there’s not that much to talk about cause basically there is not much to talk about so I have one thing to say,


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Hello! How ya doin? Today I will be doing a book review AGAIN  And Today my book is “Love, Star girl” however it’s not written like                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Love,                                                                                                                                             STAR                                                                                                                                             GIRL         

No, it’s like this:

Image result for love stargirl book  So this book is about a girl named Stargirl and she moved to a new house and met a 4-5 year old girl named Dootsie and she thinks she can be invisible. Stargirl had a boyfriend named Leo but they broke up and also Stargirl has a pet rat named cinnamon and Dootsie calls him cimumim. Overall the book is pretty good and is about 200 pages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Thank you for reading this blog post. GOODBYE!


Team James Cook

Hello viewers! Today I’m going to show you my explorer video! So remember the last blog post? Well this is an add on so enjoy! P.S Watch video before bottom part So did you enjoy it? Well i hope you did and here’s how I made it!                      We prepared for the skit by memorizing the lines.                                                 My partner was William. You can see his blog post on his blog.                          My skit was about James Cook who nearly collided with the the Great Barrier reef                                                                                                                                 I was proud of everything in my play.                                                                             I think i did pretty good on it so if there was 1 thing that I had to improve 1 thing it would be louder & clearer talking

The Age of Exploration!

In fourth grade we are learning about the age of exploration. It was a time where all the famous explorers once lived. Explorers being: James Cook, Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan, etc.                                                                              My explorer is James cook, born on October 27, 1728 in Marton-in- Cleveland, Yorkshire, England. He died in February 14,1779. His ship, Endeavour, sailed from England.                                                                            His ship, Endeavour.

Yeah, we made a ship based on the ship that the explorer sailed on.


 About one week ago, we had book clubs!

And today I’m going to review that book!

The book is called: “Who Put That Hair In My Tooth Brush?”

This book is about a sibling rivalry between a brother named Greg and a sister named Megin. They also give each other nick names (not for fun) which are: Megin=Megamouth, Greg=Grosso.

The message in this book i think is don’t fight with your siblings.

I would rate the book 5 out of 5! because it was funny, serious, and, EVERYTHING!!!!

I think the type of people that should read this are people who don’t have siblings because they could see how siblings are like.

So that was my book review I hoped you liked it! BYE!

A visit from an eco artist! (Lee Tracy)

today, on February 23rd, Lee Tracy came to our school!


Wait…you don’t know who Lee Tracy is? Oh, well, Lee Tracy is an eco artist which means she uses nature for her art.

Lee tracy has been doing a project called “world rivers” and it’s about Lee Tracy going to rivers all around the world and dipping sheets into rivers.

So basically, she’s trying to spread awareness to not litter in rivers because some rivers have trash and dirty things and today we did it!

My field trip in Vietnam to a water puppet show

I went on a field trip and it was absolutely AMAZING! We went to a water puppet show and it was really funny and hilarious and we learned how to control a water  puppet and we had lunch at a tourist place and we had a excellent lunch and I had fried rice and we interviewed people about what they like about Vietnam and what part of Vietnam they were from.      



Netiquette and cyberbullying

In G4 we are learning about netiquette.

Netiquette is having manners online, 114868969  netiquette is made up of 2 words which are net repisenting internet and ettiquette

Netiquette is very important because if someone writes a bad comment the other person won’t like it and he/she will send back a bad comment and so on and it won’t be nice so don’t be mean online.