For the Vibrant Vietnam topic we made a documentary. Our documentary was about 'How the weather influences traditional clothes in Vietnam'.

First, We researched on a book about vietnamese traditional clothing in Vietnam. Then,we wrote our script with our thinking about vietnamese traditional clothes. Next, we started to make an iMovie. We added  pictures our video footage, including interviews and traditional Vietnamese music. Finally, we recorded the voice over.

I found watching our finished video was great because it felt like watching a real movie.I felt proud of of my group when we finished.

I found making the iMovie most challenging. Saki had to help us putting pictures into the iMovie.  Recording the voiceover was hard and we had a practice  because in recording we sounded like a robot. That's why we have to practice on our voice .

Our class is working on Vibrant Vietnam. My group's inquiry question is "How does the weather influence the traditional clothing of Vietnam?"

I've already learned that many people wear light cloth in Vietnam because it is hot so the light cloth helps the air to flow. People wear baggy pants because the air can flow and the air keeps you cool.

I interviewed Ms.Loan and learned what materials are the traditional clothing made of in the north. It is made of cotton.



The highlight of my week was PE. we play a game call dodge frisbee. I really liked it because it is fun to play. One thing I learned is about the rules. If the frisbee hits you then you are out and if you catch a frisbee, then your friend is back . Also if you  use your two hands to catch it we call this a crocodile.



Hi everyone my name is Tri Thanh. Do you guys know that I like to make collection of things that are cool to me? My favorite collection of toys are bioncles and bakugans. I like to eat mango because mangos are sweet and yummy. I also like apple because they have many juices inside.I also like to wear pajamas at night because it is comfortable. When i wake up in the morning, I eat breakfast. Then I get in my car and go to school.

Funny Class Photo