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Hi everyone my name is Tri Thanh. Do you guys know that I like to make collection of things that are cool to me? My favorite collection of toys are bioncles and bakugans. I like to eat mango because mangos are sweet and yummy. I also like apple because they have many juices inside.I also like to wear pajamas at night because it is comfortable. When i wake up in the morning, I eat breakfast. Then I get in my car and go to school.

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5 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. cbailey

    Hi Tri Thanh

    I was really interested to learn a bit more about you and learn about your collections as well. I know what bioncles are because my nephew used to collect them too. However, I don't know what bakugans are. Can you tell me?

    See you!
    Mr Chris

  2. ISolk24

    Hi Tri Thanh!

    Hey, I loved mangos sooooo much when I was small too!!!
    Why don't you add some more to your all about me.
    What are bakugans?

    Have a nice day

  3. dsharp24

    Hey Tri Thanh I like the way that that your All About Me it isn't long and gives most of your details I also like the way that you told people what you like to do in your spare time and also what you like to do.

    But I think you should add a little bit more about your family li there names and where you are from.

    Tri Thanh why do you like to collect bakugans?

    Bye by Dylan

  4. knoh24

    Hi Tri Than,
    I really like how you put a lot of text.
    I also like mango too. Just like you.
    Perhaps you could add some more pictures.
    Can you tell me what are bakugans?
    Can you also put up a picture of it?


    From Ki Wan

  5. yshen24

    Cool post Tri Thanh,
    I like bakugans to! I did tell you I have loads in Hong Kong right?
    I like mangos too! Or should I say LOVE mangos!
    Do you like soccer?

    From your friend


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