Monthly Archives: August 2015


The highlight of my week was PE. we play a game call dodge frisbee. I really liked it because it is fun to play. One thing I learned is about the rules. If the frisbee hits you then you are out and if you catch a frisbee, then your friend is back . Also if you  use your two hands to catch it we call this a crocodile.



Hi everyone my name is Tri Thanh. Do you guys know that I like to make collection of things that are cool to me? My favorite collection of toys are bioncles and bakugans. I like to eat mango because mangos are sweet and yummy. I also like apple because they have many juices inside.I also like to wear pajamas at night because it is comfortable. When i wake up in the morning, I eat breakfast. Then I get in my car and go to school.

Funny Class Photo