I was a helmsman on a ship. Suddenly I saw a big whale jump out of the ocean. It smashed my ship I accidently jumped overboard. I didn't know how to swim but then I saw land. Luckily I found a piece of wood from the wrecked ship. I held onto the piece of wood and I kicked to an Island. Later when I was on land I found food and a small house.

listen to my poem about what happened!

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Yesterday we were acting to sail the boat it was fun. The funniest part was being in a storm I was a helmmsmon driving a boat we were in a huge storm ms. chau  use a water spray to spray at us she was try to make a water waves coming to drowned are boat I feel like I'm on a ship getting wet from the wave. Today we were on a green screen taking picture of we were sailing I had fun on being a sailor.  

Today is our second day of sailing. I feel tired  because boat swan cade is bossing us by swap the deck. I was wondering I were the sailor on a ship. The weird thing about the ship is we use a chair for the barrels. On the first day of sailing I was force to store all the bunch of food. I got walk all around are ship. Its really fun being a sailor. 

This is my first book club book


In book club I chose a book called 'Song and Dance Man' and 'The Black Snowman' because I wanted to find out more about the book and they were 'just right' books.

Sometimes I read out loud to practise my fluency - to read faster and pronounce the words better and to read with expression. Sometimes my partner reads and I follow with a pencil to help me focus and read more quickly. We discussed about the characters and what happens in the story. We wrote down my thinking. like stepping in the characters shoes and making inferences.





When i start at learning about decimals is a little bit hard. In the first test there were decimals. It says smallest to largest i could not tell witch one is smallest and largest. But now i could tell witch one is big and small. I feel really proud of myself. Well i always practice at decimals thats how i get better. Practice make's perfect. The things I find challenging about decimals are changing fractions into decimals. I used place value charts, number lines and Hundreds chart to show my understanding.


Do you ever wondering about scratch the hummingbird. You know coding is for you to programing the robot. So this is how you do it you make project with a cardboard  that want to use. After you finish your project you put a birdbrain in your project. But its not always easy in coding because the coding part took me like maybe 12 days to finish the project. I love scratch because you could make a game in scratch.

When percy jackson book stop I'm so sad I feel it's like the end of the world. But the good things is the story is awesome! oh! the funny part is the bald guy name is gabe he got turn into a rock and it's really different from the movie that i watch. In the book says percy mother put gabe on the garden for the garden statue.


My group with the finished project

When I started to make my project I feel nervous because I was worried this project will be difficult. At the end I felt proud, because we passed through some really hard parts and we were successful

Our prototype was called the Light Master. The problem we wanted to solve is at home so many people forget to turn off the light when they leave the room. When there is no sunlight it turns on. When there is sunlight it turns off

The coding part is kind of hard to tell what things you want the robot to do

The things that I love about our project are painting the cardboard house for the prototype

I'm painting the house

The challenging part is the cutting part because we cannot cut in the same side.Also we make mistake on cutting straight and we cut the inside.



Today at sports day i have fun with the frisbee because they could curve and i made it through the hole.Also one game is really hard to play is like there's the bean bag we try to knock all the cups down if you don't knock all of them down you lose. The one that i don't like is the soccer because they put a punishment in the game. In the punishment we have to crawl and use our head to push the ball.       My favorite one is the sponge. We could make ourself wet and go crazy. Today i have fun on sport day.