Art! One point perspective!

This is my art piece for One point perspective. It is a candy store. I learned How to follow a vanishing point. One skill I improved on was following the the vanishing point my learning goal was to draw a one point perspective of a candy store. I also worked on 2 point perspective.

The design cycle of my art piece

Over the weekend I went to art class and painted. I used the design cycle like this:

Imagine: I thought about what I wanted to paint a carnival

Plan: I drew the basic shapes like the games, rides, and booths.

Design: I drew in the details like facial features.

Create: I painted the entire thing.

Evaluate: I outlined and put in extra details.




Welcome to my 5th grade blog!ūüƆ

Hi! Welcome Back! I can’t wait for you to see my blog! Guess what! I’m in 5th grade now and I can’t wait for you to see my posts this year! This year my teacher is Ms.Carnahan. I miss the elementary school building a lot but luckly i’m with my friends, Yuki and Bo-Min.This is going to be so fun. On the first day of school I was super nervous but after a while I got used to it. So far the year is great! How did you feel on the first day? I hope you have a great day! Bye! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†

Explorer Plays

In our explorers unit, we wrote plays about an explorer’s life. We had to bring stuff from home like costumes.My group did Sacagewea. In my group, there were 4 people: Me,Manabi,Christine and Chelsea. My role was Sacagewea. I think the play went well besides the fact that we missed a line¬†¬†but overall it was really Successful.I would rate it a 7/10 Don’t forget to watch the play!¬†P.S: When I say Bun Nuh, it means hello in shoshone language.¬†

Dance with HS ?

Yesterday, we went to the HS (high school) and danced! The HS students had to teach us a fun and easy dance and at the end we had to perform it. I liked that the dance was easy to learn. I think that they are luckier than us because they get to dance in PE and we have to play sports! I had a good time there and the dance was fun.

Teepee / Ship building ?

Our class built ships and a teepees??. My group was the only one building a teepee though. What we had to do was build the explorers’ we were a asigned ships’. Since we were doing Sacagwea, we build a teepee. We had a lot of fun. I learned several new was to stick things together in the end, it looked really amazing


Book clubs ?

In our book clubs, we read the book Joey Pigza swallowed the key. The book was OK but it wasn’t that good. It was about a boy named Joey Pigza who had problems controlling himself so he was a sent to a school for problemed children. some of the parts were funny so I liked it a bit. I might recomend this book to a person who likes funny books.¬†

Viable Vietnam Film Festival ??

The film festival was a few days ago !It was a night  where we presented the documentaries we made to our parents. I was REALLY excited because we had been working on that for a over a month ! On that night I was so nervous plus I was an MC! I think the night went by nicely  and after I did so well that me and my friends got ice cream. 

The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever ?

We had a play called the Most Epic Birthday Party Ever. I was in the play. the play was about a party and then all the adults vanished so the kids had found a way to civilize themselves but things were taken too far so there was chaos. At the end the end the birthday the birthday girl’s mom came back and that was the end. I am really sad that the play is over and i am definitly joining next year.

Unit 4 Math

We just finished our fourth unit in math. The unit was operations with fractions. I learned how to add, subtract, multiply and decompose fractions. I am proud that I learned how to multiply fractions. I think I need to work on checking my work because all my mistakes were silly mistakes!