My Shading Art Project

Hi Guys! Today I just finished my Shading Art Project. I am very proud of my art work. The most challenging thing for me is that I needed to make the ball a perfect circle. I could work on the shading underneath more because it looks a bit messy. If you don’t know what I am drawing I am drawing a beach ball that people are playing beach volleyball on the beach. My¬†inspiration was that when I go to America. When I go to the beach I usually play beach volleyball with my cousin. At first I thought that my drawing will turn out ugly as always, but now I think that my drawing is ok compare to other people. I used shading is the ball by: Red I would shade 6B, blue I would shade 4B, yellow I would shade 2B and white I would just keep it white. I thought about shading because in art we were studying about shading now and I thought that it would be easy for me to practice if I would do a drawing. At first I thought of drawing a emoji. Than I thought that it was too hard, so I did a beach ball and restarted. I am proud of myself because I restarted last, but now I am one of the first kids to finish. I hope you like my photo and if it will give you inspiration!

My test about Order of Operations

Hi guys!ūüė鬆This week I did my Post test about order of operations. I was happy that I got a pretty good score because the three other thing I got were really good. I am unhappy because I didn’t do that good on power of ten. Overall I thought I did okay. This not the best score I did, but it is not the worst. If I would show this to my mom sh would be proud because she doesn’t care about the power of ten because it was a new skill and I wasn’t used to doing that much.The first test I didn’t explain my work that much, but on my second test it was filled with words even though the teacher told not to write a explaination. The biggest thing I learned is that PEMDAS I didn’t know anything about PEMDAS and what it meant PEMDAS and what it meant

Blog Post for the 6 week of school

Hi guys!¬†These weeks has been fun for me, but sometimes I have some ups and downs. One of the most challenging thing for e for the first few weeks are that I need to be more confident in my answer or explaining because I sometimes know the answer, but I think it is wrong. When the teacher picks on me I was a bit scared because maybe my answer will be wrong, people may laugh at me. The best thing that happened to me is when me and my friend Patty was the first students to finish our task because we were working on it while we are having recess. Also ¬†I thought that I was okay at expression and equations, but one of my friends said that I was good and I didn’t realize that I was that group. This week the class that I enjoy the most is when I did a science experiment. I love doing science experiment because they are really fun and my dream is I want to be a chemist when I grow up. The first 6 weeks I persuer of excellence by ¬†at first my 20 hour slide was not that good because I didn’t work on it that much, but I went back and worked on my 20 hour challenge and now mines is one of the best slides in my class. I still want to go back and if mine has any mistakes¬†

Super Unit homework- August 28 2017

Hi guys! This weekend I went to a dance  championship with other cities in VN. The first dance I had was CHACHACHA and I was in U15. There were 15 people at first then people they get illuminated to 3 people and the final 3 I was in three times in the final but the fist time I got first the same as second. My third dance I was in U17 so it was a bit hard for me so I got a silver medal and a bronze medal. Overall the competition is very good I enjoyed it. My sister was also competing and she 1 gold 2 silver and 1 bronze for U9. The best part was to put fake eye lash because I never did it and it was really fun. The most painful part was to put blue contact in my eyes.

Explorer’s Unit?

Hi¬†guys! Today I am going to tell you about my explorer’s unit. Our explorer is Marco Polo. In my group there is 4 people. Me, Veronica and Siena Kaya, Our play went successful. The next I will act out a play I need to keep working on speaking louder. My favorite part of mypart of my play was when Marco Polo got the Golden Passport. If I would rate the play from 1-4 I would rate ¬†it a 3 because I was the narrator but I did not speak loud enough. One of my favorite play was Christopher ¬†Columbus. ¬†I hope you enjoy watching the play!

Dancing with the high schoolers

Hi guys!? Today I am going to tell you about the dance that we did with the high schoolers. It was so fun and I the dancing was good. I will tell you the most funny part was when we did the warm up because the just dance, dance was so funny. My class laughed a lot and we had a lot of fun ?. My favorite part was the dapping part because it is so fun to do ?. I hope you enjoy the photos. This is the link to see the dance.

Unit 4 Reflection

Hi Guys!? Today I am going to tell you about my math unit 4. It seemed like I did very well this time in my post test. I learned how to convert decimals into fractions. Also I learned how to put decimals in order. I LOVE THIS UNIT ALOT.  This unit my mom was the most proud of me. I ope you enjoy looking at the photos.

Viable Viet Nam

Hi People!? Today I am going to tell you about my film festival. ? Film Festival is a night where you show your documentaries to your parents add once. My documentary is about Fish sauce and would be sustainable. We explained that in our documentary. I think the hardest part for us is to make a desition because we always fight to make desition.? After all we made a really good documentary and my mom was so proud of me and my teamates. Also I am proud myself. Here are some photo and a pad on the back that you can read.