Math Test Reflection

Today, we got our test back and see the scores, and I made a couple mistakes in one area. Even though I made mistakes on that section, we’re all going to learn it again.  On the test, there were division problems, exponents, and you must explain how you got the answer.  I only got 3, 3’s, and a 2, that was worst than last year :(.




Blog Reflection

During this week, I conquered my quest to draw a 3D / Illusion drawing, I manage to draw one using this tutorial |  My challenge during next week is trying to draw a 3D Cube.  I had intentionally pursued excellence by correcting mistakes during drawing an illusion.  I think I can accomplish drawing another 3D / Illusion next week without making many mistakes.  I think I did I also did Balance in life because I did drawing equal as other stuff like sports.





Difference Between Expressions and Equations

So basically the difference between Expressions and Equations, is that equations have the equal sign and has the answer.  Expressions have no answer or an equal sign but they do have the problem.  Example | Expressions are [(8×3)+8)x1 and Equations are [(8×3)+8)x1=32.  See the difference?  Equations have an answer and an equal sign.  But an expression doesn’t.



The first week of Grade 5


First week of school was pretty cool, we got to learn about each other.  I also met some new people that joined our school.  We created a puzzle that represents our class ( A 409 ).  I started reading this book called “The True Adventures of Homer P.Figg” The book was pretty interesting but its kinda boring so far. Our class started reading Freak the mighty.  Its about a blonde boy named “Kevin” and he’s really cool.  We made class rules like “Respect everyone” and “Take risks and learn from our mistakes”.  So far the first week was great mostly.



Book Club Book Post


I wouldn’t recommend to anyone because they book isn’t very interesting and it’s very hard to understand.

My summary was Moxy trying to read Stuart Little but she didn’t, also another summary was that she was a petal in the seven petals.



Marco Polo Skit

We did a skit in front of all 4th grade.  I prepared our skit by creating a props and I also created the script with Bo.  I was doing this skit with Bo my, class mate.  Our skit was about Marco Polo and his barber travelling on the ship and reaching China.  I am proud about my skit because people seem interested watching me and I tried making face expression to get the audience attention.  I feel like I could of faced the audience more, because I was kind of turning my back to the camera, also I wish I could make more parts because it was fun doing it. I’d give a 3 out of 4 because I did make some mistakes like pausing randomly in the script.  I like the Sacagawea group because they are really funny. But the in my opinion the best group was Christopher Columbus (4DR).




Boat is an average model, its pretty well created.


Explorers Name : Marco Polo

Country of Birth : 1254, Venice

Date of death : January 8, 1324

Where did this explorer sail from : South of Venice


Book Review

Rating : 2 out of 5.

I gave this rating due 2 out of 5 because the ending made me confused.


A story about a kid, interviewing Micheal Jordan, and he becomes popular because of his interview.  He was a poor kid & he was in a public school.  He had friends like Blister. He only could afford apartments with a lot of roaches.  He created a TV show called ‘ Jonah the Whale ‘.


I think people who like reading about kids being popular should choose this, because this kid is becomes randomly popular.


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