Caravella field trip

Today we went to a five star hotel called Caravella. We went there because we were learning about systems, so we went to Caravella. It was interesting because backstage in the hotel, it wasn’t as nice as the inside where it was beautiful.


1. In this photo, Mr. Khoa is showing us what we are going to see in the tour and the showing the price of the electric bills, and the electrical bill price 2 BILLION DONG!

2. We used a Bicycle generating system.

3. In this photo, we went to a heating system that creates cold air.

4. We went to a  Cooling system on a roof that uses reclaimed water.


5. Here, 4DR looking out at the city.

6. We did a class photo.

7. Then, we did a silly class photo.

Viable Vietnam

Today we did a cultural fair. We did the cultural fair in the auditorium. We did it so we can learn more about the Vietnamese culture. The first station we went on was the Fish sauce station. The second one was the Ao Dai station. The third one was the instrument station. The fourth one was O An Quan game. The fifth one was the  rice station. And the last one was the Non la station. My favorite station is the fish sauce station because you get to eat. These are the facts; fish sauce is only made by fish and salt. Ao Dai is made by silk worms. Musical instruments is made by bamboo. You only need to things to play the traditional game. There are more than 1600 kinds of rice. Conical hats are made by stitching together palm leaves.