Living Wax Museum

I think Amerigo Vespucci is a kind, brave, trying hard explorer, because he helped Christopher Columbus by preparing the ships for his voyages for years. When Amerigo Vespucci was little he wanted to explore Asia like Marco Polo. Amerigo Vespucci impact was to discover North and South America. I enjoyed the Living  Wax Museum because we get to research a lot about one explorer, and the facts was amazing. Something really interesting I learned was that he discovered 4 countries. I found searching information difficult with this project because sometime when we try to find facts it might be fake.


3D Drawing

This is a picture I drew of a mini mannequin and Miss M taught us how to shade and draw 3D. I really like this one because the shading was very good and I really tried my best on the sketch. Miss M also taught us how to do the background.

G4 Talk Reflection

Last Wednesday was the G4 Talk, first I was so nervous to present but after I preformed I felt proud of my self and I wasn’t nervous. When I was on stage I was a little nervous so instead of looking at the audience I looked at the stairs, that worked really good. I really miss working on the G4 Talk and learn new thing along the way. I wish we can do another presentation.  

I learned that not drinking water can cause headaches, fatigue and decrease your attention span. I think I did a good job with memorizing my script. I think next year fourth grade should have more time to work on their G4 Talk.  If you are doing G4 Talk next year then heres a tip, Fake It Till You Make It!!!

My Knowledge

Today my post will be about smoking and the effects. I learned that when you smoke the smoke will go to your lungs and make it black every time you smoke and the microscopic hairs, called cilia, which is hair that keeps the bad air you breath on your lungs will die and you won’t breath in fresh air. When you start smoking it is very hard to quite and when you smoke it makes your skin wrinkly and your teeth will slowly fall away and you will also have bad breath, the worst thing is that you will die faster than people who don’t smoke! Luckily there are Electronic cigarettes which have many scent and it is not bad for you. When I knew about this information I never want to smoke and never want to start smoking. I know one thing that you shouldn’t do, and thats smoking! 

Guest Speaker

Yesterday the whole fourth grade went to the HS GYM to see the guest speaker which is Mr. Sylvester. We did some tag games and the first one we did was Toilet Tag because we were waiting for Ms.Sylvester’s class, then we played Octopus Tag and we did a lot of running. The last one we played was People of People. For the lesson I learned that 60% of our body is made out of water, 20% is healthy fat, and 20% of our body is our body tissues! Doing the activity was very fun and I also learned when we exercise we get more energy and when we sit around and do nothing we get more tired. Our body needs at least 60 minute of exercise! It was a fun experience at the HS GYM.

Unit 3: Understanding Our Environment ‘s Post on Friday, February 24, 2017

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Topic: Observation
The last two weeks we have been observing our school. I saw a fan looking tree. It is very smooth, the texture in the middle is very cool because it has a zig zag line, it also has a red line. One of the coolest thing I’ve seen this week was a very light gray dragonfly. It was very close to camouflage. Last week we saw a dead barn owl, we think it hit it’s head on the glass very hard. Today we saw our buddies and we got to do some bar graphs, we also get to eat 10 M & Ms!

Unit 3: Understanding Our Environment ‘s Post on Monday, February 13, 2017

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Topic: Nature Tale
This Wednesday I returned to school. On Wednesday we also saw a dead barn owl. The barn owl hit it’s head so hard that the owl died.Thursday Andrew built a tower out of base 10 blocks with Brooke and Sangeun’s help. The tower was taller than Ms. Weiss! I was also absent until Wednesday.