Parts of a Poem

1)Stanza roughly 


—Enjambment – Why does the sentence break? Why is it not all one sentence? (When 1 idea is spread over two or more lines)

—Caesura- A pause in the middle of a line forced by rhythm

—Rhyme/Slant Rhyme (A little bit of a rhyme but not quite)



  1. correspondence of sound between words or the endings of words, especially when these are used at the ends of lines of poetry.

TKM Quiz 2

  1. Who is Burris Ewell? Burris Ewell is a person who does not respect authority. This can be shown when he yells at the teacher. In Chapter 3, Burris was threatened by Chuck Little which made him feel embarrassed as Chuck is half his height. This embarrassment cause Burris to call yell and his teacher and said “Report me and be damned to ye!” he also followed that statement up with “Ain’t no not-nosed slut of a schoolteacher ever born c’n make me do nothin’!”. This shows how he does not respect authority as he is being very rude to his teacher who is a person he should respect. Burris Ewell is a rude boy who does not respect authority and this is shown when he yells at his teacher and use very rude words towards her. A student should respect the teacher but Burris does not therefore he does not respect authority.
  2. Who is Miss Maudie? Miss Maudie is a very kind person who seems to see the good in people. This can be shown in chapter 5 where Scout goes to her house and they sit and talk. They talk about the house and Scout asks her questions about the owner. Miss Maudie told Scout “His name is Arthur” and by Miss Maudie saying this it caused all of the ideas of the owner of the house to go away. Scout also asked her “is he still alive?” and Miss Maudie responded with  “well I haven’t seen him carried out” but Scout asks “What if he’s dead and stuffed in a chimney?” after this question Miss Maudie cleared up everything about the owner of the house with Scout. She also gave Scout some cake. Miss Maudie is a very kind woman as she received all the rumours that Scout questioned her with and she told Scout the Arthur is not what she thinks he is and she cleared all the misconceptions in Scout’s head which also shows she is a person who sees the best in others. She also gave Scout cake which is an act of kindness.
  3. What are the kids perspective on Boo Radley? The kids think Boo Radley is dead and stuffed in his chimney but learn that they should not be nosey about his life. This is shown when Atticus finds them attempting to sneak a letter into his house on chapter 5. Atticus said “Stop tormenting that man. That goes for the both of you” followed by Scout saying “What Mr. Radley did was his own business”. This shows how now they are aware that they should not be invading his privacy but instead they should respect that what he does is his own business and none of theirs. This also shows a change from the start of the book where all they wanted to do was to see Mr.Radley but it seems after the conversation Scout had with Miss Maudie, her views on their activity has change. The kids were curious at the start but now Scout knows that they should allow him to have his privacy. Dill and Jem are told that they should not try to see Mr.Radley if he does not want to be seen from Atticus where as Scout learned about Mr.Radley from Miss Maudie. The kids have changed from the beginning of the book as now they are aware of what they are doing and how it is wrong.

Least Favourite Character of The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray

In The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray by Chris Wooding,  my least favourite character would be Alaizabel because she attracts danger and evil creatures to Thaniel and Cathaline and she serves them no purpose and is dead weight. To me Alaizabel Cray is dead weight. This can be shown when she wakes up in the middle of the night on page 72. It said “Alaizabel woke to a feeling that she was not alone” on page 72. At  the start of the book Thaniel would take his job very seriously and would never allow a monster to be in his home risking his life and other peoples life but, after he met Alaizabel monsters know where he lives which is a great risk. This shows that Alaizabel is a beacon for evil and creatures of darkness to Thaniel’s location placing him in constant danger. Before meeting Alaizabel, Thaniel never allowed another person in their home especially a being of darkness which he has to hunt and because he met Alaizabel and allowed her to stay in his home, his ways and techniques have changed drastically because of her. This shows how Alaizabel is really just dead weight to Thaniel and a hazard to everyone.

Complex Characters

In The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray, the protagonist Thaniel faces difficulties within because of his counteracting personal traits. The side of Thaniel that is aggressive, emotionless, and tough as nails is fighting the side of him which is caring, sympathetic, and kind. Thaniel has his tough-guy side because of his job as he works through intimidation as the monsters will be afraid of him and the people who pay for his services will respect him knowing that monsters are afraid of Thaniel.

The aggressive and emotionless side of Thaniel is in order to intimidate the monsters that he has to face. This can be shown earlier on in the book before he met Alaizabel. The tone and the actions of Thaniel implanted the image and impression in the readers mind that he is this lone-wolf character who would rather not make any new friends because of his life style. Thaniel’s lifestyle and actions earlier on in the book lead him to push friends away based off of their safety and their life.

Because Thaniel pushes people away in order for them to be safe and protected from his work, he is actually a caring, emotional, and sympathetic character. This can be shown when and after the events of meeting Alaizabel . He allows Alaizabel to live at his home with Cathaline and even after he finds that Alaizabel is actually a beacon for the forces of evil, he still allows her to stay in his house as he has created an emotional bond with her. He even invites her to meet clients now. Thaniel earlier in the book would have never exposed this side of him. This shows how his tough,emotionless, and aggressive battles with his caring, sympathetic side because of his lifestyle and work. On only shows either side to certain people.


Turning Points of Thaniel.

In my previous blog posts, I have said that “Thaniel Fox’s personality and values are similar to that of movie characters and superheroes such as Wolverine, Van Helsing, The Punisher, and Batman.” I said that in the sense of their behaviour. All of these heroes and heroic figures are all lone wolfs which means they act or prefer to be alone. The term of the lone wolf is commonly thought of as the person who is mean and doesn’t care about others and that is why they are alone. In media, the lone wolf is most likely going to be seen in a bar drinking his fifth bottle of beer with his worn jacket and possibly a few cuts and bruises on his face. In the story The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray, the author gives us a sense that Thaniel is or was like that. In the beginning, we see Thaniel running around the town alone doing dangerous activities which include creatures that the common folk would never imagine to exist.

After the events in which he meets Alaizabel, we can see that he revels his kind and caring personality. He shows the reader that under the Wolverine-like persona there is a kind and generous man. This is shown on page 81 which states “Thaniel, touching her arm gently” which shows his change in character and personality. Earlier in the book, Thaniel would have never done any action which could be described as “gently”. This demonstrates the change in Thaniel’s personality and characteristic after he met Alaizabel and found out the evil inside Alaizabel. After this event, Thaniel became more carefully, caring, loving, gentle, and generally not the same Wolverine-like character we saw in the beginning of the book.

Events as Evidence WD10 Wallace A

“Alaizabel hissed at him suddenly, her face into an ugly snarl of malice, and she sprang past him with an agility that took him off-guard, knocking his gun-hand aside as she did so. She was a blur of shadow as she passed him, grabbing for the handle of the front door, twisting the key in the lock and wrenching it open.” I identify this as a key event in the chapter. In The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray we see that Alaizabel is actually possessed by a demon/monster called Thames who drives her to do insane and dangerous acts.

I have chosen this because it includes the main conflict. The main conflict which is Thaniel’s love for the possessed girl and why their love can almost never happen. This passage give us the answers of earlier questions that we asked about the main conflict and the new girl Alaizabel.

The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray- Chris Wooding Central Conflicts

The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray by Chris Wooding tells the tale of Thaniel Fox, a man whom carries on his fathers work as a wych-hunter. He ventures steampunk London killing monsters or creatures who are socially unacceptable. One night as he was on a mission to hunt down and kill a Cradlejack, a woman was caught in the crossfire of their battle and was hurt. Thaniel then brings her home to recover for the night. I predict that Thaniel will fall in love or become best friends with Alaizabel but this love will leave him conflicted.

Thaniel was taught by his father and Catherine to hunt and kill these monsters that haunt the town and this could confuse Thaniel because Alaizabel is possessed. Thaniel must regard the values ingrained in him by his father if he wants to love this girl.  This could mean that he could potentially have to risk killing hero or else he will dishonour his father. Their love will be the central conflict of this story as it will make Thaniel have to choose between the family business and his heart. This might also cause him to appreciate the monsters that he hunts and can also help in making them become a part of society. The narrator said “When Alaizabel came downstairs, washed and dressed, her hair combed and neat, Thaniel was lost for words” (page 35) this shows that he appreciates her beauty and because of her beauty it left him in awe at the sight of her beauty. Another example of the central conflict was on page 36-40. Alaizabel wakes up to a small cry and “her pulse racing and her brow and back soaked in sweat” (page 36). Soon after she wakes up from her nightmare, she started to look around Thaniel’s room and look at his neckless. As she was staring at his pendent she noticed that something was happening outside and it turns out that it was a creature crawling on the ceiling and it was in the house. This shows central conflict because Alaizabel is attracting monsters and dangerous creatures to Thaniel’s house and potentially risking his life and Cathaline’s life.

Re-Write:The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray Protagonist and Antagonist

The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray by Chris Wooding tells the story of a wych-hunter named Thaniel who then meets a Alaizabel who is half-crazed, lovely, and possessed. Thaniel gained the craft of wych-hunting when it was passed down from his father at a young age. In The Haunting of Alizabel Cray Thaniel is the protagonist and his only goal is to hunt down monsters or disturbances to the residence of his town. He also has a friend who helps him when he brings home the injured or she stitches him up after battles. Thaniel Fox’s personality and values are similar to that of movie characters and superheroes such as Wolverine, Van Helsing, The Punisher, and Batman. They are similar because he cares more about the people and about saving the city than he does about himself. Another reason that he and those characters are similar is because they push people away if they try to get close to them because it is safer for them to not be friends. He is similar to Wolverine because he can be dangerous but he also has this kind and caring side. He is like Wolverine because he does things like hunting and killing monsters because he cares for his city. Both of them are only violent and dangerous when they have to be and not by choice.

The antagonist is Alaizabel and the fact that she is possessed. An antagonist is someone who gets in the way of the protagonist and his/her goal. Alaizabel gets in the way of Thaniel and his goal as she makes him choose and question the values that his father placed into him from a young age which is to kill the monsters and to keep everyone safe or his love for her even though she is possessed. This is shown on page 43 where after he witnessed Alaizabel’s possession and that she is talking to imaginary people and she is a beacon for monsters, he still denies this when he is questioned about it by Cathaline.

I predict that the main conflict would be that Thaniel will fall in love with one of the creatures that he was taught by his dad and his friend strictly from a young age that he must kill these monsters. It is lightly that we will see a change of heart in Thaniel or he will stop killing these creatures but instead help them or aid them in becoming a part of society.