10th Grade 1st Semester Reflection

January 18, 2016


  1. What did you manage to do well this quarter? I got an A- on my Physics exam.


  • What are a few concrete things you did to achieve these outcomes? Maybe you got all your homework finished and turned it in on time, success on a particular project or test or a particular way that you studied that contributed to your success. I studied a lot for the tests and exam during the semester.
  • Write about the specific actions you took to be successful. Study



3.What areas do you want/need to improve? I want to get High Honour


  • What are a few choices you made that resulted in these outcomes? Maybe you did not complete all your homework or you struggled on a particular project or test . Didn’t study enough, studying is life.
  • Write about what you could do differently to be successful. Study more.



  1. Do you see any trends in your comments? If so, what are they. I work hard and I’m quiet.


  1. Do you see any anomalies (stands out as different from trends) in your comments? If so, what stands out and why? I should talk more and not be so shy.


  1. What activities am I involved in? After school activities like Cricket and Computer Science. Also things outside of school like Saturday Football with friends.


  • Am I over involved? No
  • If so, what can I take away?
  • If I am not involved in extracurricular activities what is one that I could join?  



  1. What is your goal for Q3? some examples are:

-Turn in all my homework on time. this

-Meet with my English teacher 2 times each week for additional help.

-Raise my hand in class at least one time per day. this

-Meet with a study group one time per week.

-Use my planner every day.

-Limit my outside activities to two after school activities each week this


  1. Did anything happen in or outside of school that negatively or positively impacted my learning? no


  1. Are your grades an accurate reflection of your ability? Why or why not? No, because maybe if I wasn’t so shy, I would do better and ask for more help.


The WWW Chronicles – Bintan, Indonesia Edition

While eating, students help each other get water to go along with their meal in Bintan, Indonesia. Photograph by Ms. Mcdermott, 2014


“I like chicken nuggets.”

  • Min Kwan, WWW Student


Ask anyone sensible. The most critical thing about travelling 300 km to an island in Indonesia for a school trip is whether the food is going to be any good. Luckily for me, at any rate, was that the food was actually good. Everyday there was something to my liking that satisfied my hunger. The dishes that tasted best to me were Fried Noodles, Fried Rice, and Chicken Nuggets. Where we ate, the air smelled salty and the scenery was just peaceful. This was because we ate so close to the beach and the breeze blowing into our faces was so refreshing. The only bad thing was we had to wash our own dishes; I thought I did enough of this at home. Apart from that, there were also healthy vegetable dishes to balance out the unhealthy dishes. To go with that were good drinks, such as fresh fruit smoothies, which were delicious. Actually, the food was fine, every meal I had was delicious.



Watched by cheering onlookers, students wearing life jackets jump into the the cold, clear South China Sea from a boat platform in Bintan, Indonesia. Photograph by Ms. Mcdermott, 2014

“It was wet and dizzy.” – Giang, WWW Student


Have you ever wanted to be like a brick, smashing down from high above into the water? Well the Boom Net activity was just that! The Boom Net activity also was, without a doubt, one of the best experiences I had on WWW. What we did was jump into a net in the ocean at two different heights from the boat. Then we would swim over to the ladder and get back aboard the boat. We needed a life jacket to participate in this activity and we had unlimited turns. From personal experience, jumping into the water was not scary at all when I jumped from the first level, but the first time I jumped from the second level, it was a quite terrifying. But after the first try, it was just be super fun over and over again. The air there smelled salty, which helped me because I enjoyed the smell of salt. Mostly because I grew up going to the beach a lot as a kid. Some people even got seasick, which wasn’t very pleasant at all. So altogether, the boom net was an activity I would reccomend to anyone who wants to have fun. Unless you get seasick easily, then just don’t go, for your sake, and for others sake.


Cheered on by watchers from above, a student wearing sandals zip lines down to the cold, salty water of a swimming pool in Bintan, Indonesia.

Photography by Ms. Mcdermott, 2014


Cheered on by watchers from above, a student wearing sandals zip lines down to the cold, salty water of a swimming pool in Bintan, Indonesia. Photograph by Ms. Mcdermott, 2014


  • Cynthia, WWW Student

What would it be like to be a bird? Up high, zooming down to earth? Well, the Flying Fox let us experience just that! In the Flying Fox (also known as Zip Line), we needed to first of all climb up a really high ladder to the top of the platform. Not to worry though because it was safe, we were harnessed at the top. Yes, we needed a harness to do this for safety reasons. Then when I was at the top. It was incredibly scary, jumping off was a huge step towards facing our fears (if we were afraid of heights like me). My mouth was completely dry when I looked at the way down. This was when I just wanted to quit and felt like I was going to regret this. Looking down made me breathe slowly and made my heart beat slow down. But that was too bad, it was too late, I told myself, there was no going back once I was there. I felt like I was on the top of the world and there was no way down except jumping.  So I finally jumped off. I free-fell for about two seconds which was absolutely horrifying, but then also very thrilling. After that I zoomed down to earth on the zip line, while enjoying the adventure, and remembering in time I also had to make sure to make the right posture when I landed in the water, so I wouldn’t get injured. Finally I crashed down into the water and took in the unbelievable experience I just had. Jumping off the platform and being airborne for two seconds was something I will never forget doing. Being airborne was extremely fun and I would do it over again and again if I had the chance. Also, from personal experience, if this activity is done correctly, we wouldn’t get hurt whatsoever. All in all, I would recommend this to anybody who wants to have fun and anyone who wants to fly.


Time runnin out, ain’t no more you can hire.

So many faults and so many regrets.

Leaving you, feeling like I’m holding fire.

Our once great love was pure as empty threats.

But I gave you up, leaving with disgust.

It was, and still is my biggest mistake.

You gave me every bit of your trust.

And I gave you not the slightest snowflake.

If only you were here, so I could say,

With all my heart, that I am so sorry.

Although you would tell me to go away.

I would come, and restart the love story.

So I beg of you, please forgive my fault.

Take it and lock it away in a vault.

Chinese Story

我叫Peter, 我是医生,我的工作是在医院,这个是故事是我死亡的故事。



奥你好Peter!” Katy 招呼到。

Katy是护士。Katy是美丽,可爱,敦厚,聪颖的人。 她很高。

“你好Katy!” 我回答,“今天的天气下大雨,我不喜欢。”

“我同意,” 回答Katy。






Wǒ jiào bǐde, wǒ shì yīshēng, wǒ de gōngzuò shì zài yīyuàn, zhège shì gùshì shì wǒ sǐwáng de gùshì.

Yītiān, wǒ qù gōngzuò.
Ào nǐ hǎo bǐde! “Kǎi dì zhāohū dào.
Kǎi dì shì hùshì. Kǎi dì shì měilì, kě’ài, dūnhòu, cōngyǐng de rén. Tā hěn gāo.
“Nǐ hǎo kǎi dì! ” Wǒ huídá, “jīntiān de tiānqì xià dàyǔ, wǒ bù xǐhuan. ”
“Wǒ tóngyì, ” huídá kǎi dì.
Wǒ zǒu dào wǒ de bàngōngshì, wǒ zhāohū dàjiā.

Wǒ de yīgè bìngrén shì ǎi nánrén, tā yǒu fāshāo. Wǒ bāngzhù tā zhěnggè báitiān zhídào wǎnshàng. Wǒ bìngrén yǒu késou, gǎnmào, tóutòng, hé sǎngzi tòng. Wǎnshàng, wǒ shì zuìhòu yīgè rén zài yīyuàn. Wǒ hěn è, yīnwèi wǒ méiyǒu chī wǔcān. Wǒ méiyǒu chī wǔcān yīn wéi shuǐguǒ bù hǎo, huài píngguǒ, huài lízi, hé huài xiāngjiāo. Zài wǎncān wǒ shì xiǎng yào chī niúròu, wǒ yǒu 400 kuài qián. Dāng wǒ suǒ mén de shíhou, tiānqì xià xiǎoyǔ. Wǒ tīngjiàn qiāng de shēngyīn. Wǒ dào xià sǐle.


Math 7 Back In The Day

During the math 7 with Mr. J, I had lots of fun and learnt a lot in class. The Lunch In The Park project was really fun too, getting to buy your own loots to eat. My amazing teacher also filmed it, heres the link. It was also the first math project I actually had fun on. The hardest one was probably The Zen Obelisk Challenge which you can watch here. I was with a team that made some jokes but got a lot done as well. It was probably one of the hardest problems related to math I ever had to do.

One other fun one I did was the Explain Everything Video and the Bridge Project. Explain everything was really fun because we had a lot of fails they were really funny. The Bridge Project on the other hand was pretty fun, my group joked around a lot while we worked which was fun.

Sensational Spaghetti

Picture by Cookingclassy.com

I’ve always loved italian food, especially if it had some kind of tomato sauce. I’ve always wanted to go there as well (for the food that is). I normally went to italian restauranta with my family and relatives for a special evening. There was french fries, pizza, and many italian dishes. My favorite was the Peperoni Pizza of course, and I also really enjoyed the Spaghetti, but pizza was still better.

Then one weekend, my mom made her very own spaghetti, she said she but different goods in it and made it diffrently, at first I wasn’t so exited anymore, but then when I tried it, I couldn’t stop, I kept eating untill all of it was finished. And I was so full I barely could walk, but I will always know that it was worth it. At home I eat it every now and again, proberly once in 2-3 weeks or so. Wanna try it yourself? Well heres the recipe:



Minced Beef  500gr
Minced pork  300gr
Leeks    01 pcs
Celery   ca. 150-200gr
Red bell pepper  1 small
carots   2 pcs or 100gr
potato   1 small pcs

Oregano   01 tea spoon
Thyme   01 teaspoon
Laurel leaves  2
Basil   01 soup spoon
Spaghetti  1 pCKAGES/0.5 KG. (100g per person)

Cut all vegetables and onions into small pieces
Put Tomatos into the boiled water to unpeel them, then cut them into pieces
Mix beef and pork with pepper, salt, red paprika and two spoon oliver oil ca. 30 minutes before the cooking/MEAT
Put 02 olive oil into a big pot which is used to cook the past for Spagheti, then the MEAT, turning it with a cooking spoon till it gets a bit dried.
Then add onion, fresh tomato or , tomato paste,ingredients (Basilikum, mazoran, Thymian) and all vegetables into the pot.
Add some water and salt into the paste.

Cook it for 2.5 – 3 hours in normal pot or  Steam pot.
In normal pot some times stir it.
Boil the water with 2 teaspoons of salt, and put the spaghetti into the boiling water. Cook for about 8 minutes, or the time stated on packet.

If you can eat a lot, more noodles can be put in the boiling water

Interviewing A Red Blood Cell

scienceHi, I’m a red blood cell and my job is to travel through the body everyday. My headquarters is in the right atriam, I live there. I leave everyday and come back within a minute. First I pick up used oxegen poor blood (contains carbon dioxide) and go through Tricuspid Valve st. to enter the right ventricle. Then I wait till it contracts so I can leave to enter  Pulmonary Valve st. which I use ti enter the Lungs. On the way in the capillaries, I drop off my carbon dioxide and pick up oxegen and glucose (oxegen rich blood). Then I travel trough some big wires, the Pulmornary Veins(only veins that carry oxygen blood in the body) . Then I enter the Left Atrium, one the other side of our head quarters, the Right Atrium. Then I head through Mitral Valve road and enter the left ventricle, the other side of the right ventricle. After they contract, I go through Aortic Valve st. and end up in the Aorta, the biggest st. in the body. From there, I travel through many diffrent places in the body and provide oxegen for the cells that need it. Then I go through some small vessels and the callparies. When I’m in the callparies, I trade off the oxegen and glucose and get carbon dioxide in return. Then I head throught either the Superior Vena Cava or the Inferior Vena Cava, 2 entrances, to get back home in the Right Atrium. After that, my mom gives me some milk and cookies and I head back through the body. 

Daily Life Writing

I woke up at 6:00AM, changed my clothes and brushed my teeth. Then ate breakfast, I had potatoes for breakfast. After that I made my way out of the house to work. It was pretty cool outside, a little sunny, and cloudy.  My friend was making his way to work too, his name was Kagawa. We said “hi,” to each other  we walk to work together everyday. We almost arrived at the market, that was where we worked, we were both traders. I sold maize and he sold pictures of gods that he made, he was amazing at it. Our shops were next to each other. We opened the place up. Not many people were here yet considering it was still pretty early. About 10 minutes later, an old lady came to my shop, she was willing to trade a pot for 5 pieces of maize. I accepted of course, since it was a pretty good deal if I do say so myself. After, she went to Kagawa’s shop, willing to trade another pot for a picture of the Sun God. The pot that she traded him almost looked exactly like mine, just a little different with straight lines, mines had curved lines. He accepted the trade and immediately put it in his chest.

It was about 12:00, time for lunch. We each had a good day so far, each of us gained some new amazing things. We went and traded in some art and maize for some lunch to “chow down” on along with some of my maize. It was about 2:00 now, we just went and took a walk around the city, look at how others lives were going. He said he was going to go home to make some more art to trade tomorrow.
I decided to tag along since I had to go harvest some more maize to trade. He asked me if I had any new ideas of what to draw, I told him to try drawing some maize in a bowl. We said “bye,” to each other as we parted.

After I picked all the maize and placed new seeds, I some maize and let me tell you this, it was absolutely scrumptious. It was about 8:00, but I was too full for dinner anyway so I just went to bed. Looked at some of the art that I traded for and just went to sleep. Good Night!