Art Reflection

I’m proud of how creative I was when in the making of these triangles, it looks really cool. I would add more paint so it has lots of colors so that It would look more creative. I learned how to see negative and positive space.


Images ABOVE

Art 1 Point Perspective Piece Reflection

This is my art 1 point perspective reflection in art blog post, I learned that I can draw 1 point perspective really well because when I draw all my pictures it always points toward the dot in the horizon line. What I need to work on is drawing 3d things because when I drew this piece I didn’t know how to draw the beds so then I just used the flat bed which dosen’t look good to my 1 point perspective. When I first learned 1 point perspective I didn’t do really well  and some of the drawings weren’t pointing to the dot on the horizon line but now I can measure the drawings and it will be accurate so It will look like a true 1 point perspective.

This is my drawing:

Design Cycle Weekend Reflection 😊

Today I will be writing a blog post on reflecting of one thing that I did during the weekend and how I use the design cycle on it. So I played Minecraft on the weekend, I played on a Skyblock server. so first I imagined to go slay some mobs on someones island, then I planned what I am going to do, I also planned that if that island wasn’t available then what island I would go to. after I decided the plan. So then I searched up the player’s name and the name I was looking for was online so then I pretend to draw an image in my mind where I am going to go in order to get to the place and how I am going to locate it. I teleported to the player’s island and I started searching, Finally I found the place and I slayed mobs. I evaluated on what I should do next if I ever come to slay mobs again and how I am going to do it better than this time.

Anyways Thank you for viewing this blog post have a great night or morning!

Welcome Back! 🤗😍

Welcome back guys! this is my first blog post in fith grade. I am back to post again after a great summer! On this blog post I will explain what I will be posting this year, I will be posting about what I have done in the units. Reflections will probably be most of my blog post for this year. This is my third week of third grade while doing this post, so far it’s been really fun this year. Also I will try to do even better on my blog posts this year than last year, anyways I will be seeing you guys in my next blog post bye!

P.S What do you think I should improve in this blog post?

My Book Review #2 No More Dead Dogs ?

This is a book review on the book No More Dead Dogs. I rate this book 5 stars because It talks about no more dead dogs in a book and thats interesting to read why there are no more dead dogs in a book. I would recommend this book to my friend Tom because he likes books that are like realistic fiction and a little bit of mystery also it is interesting to read what will happen next to Wallace in the book will he get in detention forever or will he find a way to get out of detention?

This is the book cover:

My final edits of the ship

This is the last day of working on my ship. What I enjoyed about the the age of exploration was that we got to study about a explorer we liked and research as much as possible. What I learned in this unit was how it was like on the ship and what the ship of the explorer looked like.  We took the final picture of the ship, and here it is. ( This picture was after we painted the ship so it was wet.)

My Explorer Ship

This is my Explorer ship, the explore I am doing is John Cabot.  I enjoyed this project because we got ti make the ship by using a lot of materials like cardboard to make the ship. From This unit I learned that John Cabot’s real name was Giovanni Cabotto, I also Learned that the ship John Cabot Sailed on a ship called Mathew. This is my ship picture: